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Status Updates:

7/6/11- Looks like traffic stats are still down, oh well. My motivation to continue updating daily (barring impossible circumstances such as misplacing my fingers) is fueled by the readers! Thanks again to all those that read my story often!--and even to those that gave it a try and dropped it. To those that read my story and to those that reviewed it, I can't express how much I appreciate it.

7/7/11-Whoo stats are back up! In other news, the toaster does not want to budge. Not one bit.

7/31/11-Adding new chapters have been buggy the past few days, sometimes they show up, sometimes they disappear. I'll just have to be persistent until they do show up.

8/10/11-Alright, looks like everything's working again, though I'm still debating on whether or not to just release all of the chapters that should've been released earlier all at once, or go at an even pace. Decisions decisions.

11/9/11-What little time I can find to write is terrifyingly short, no matter how I look at it. Despite this, my aim is to make the chapters longer than the usual 600 or so word count of previous ones. can dream, yeah?

3/30/2012-Been a while since I've updated my profile o.o. Anyhow, as advertised in the story description, the story of "Noka" is being updated every day now :D! Except for holidays. It gets updated with either multiple chapters, or longer chapters on holidays. Stats haven't worked at ALL for the past five months, but I've stopped caring at this point, haha. Stats doesn't matter to me when I'm updating this frequently and readers are keeping pace with the most recent chapter lol. Any writer just wants their words to be read, so there's not much more I can really ask for at this point. I just have to keep on writing :D! Which shouldn't be too hard considering I have a relatively large buffer. And to anyone reading this, by the by, at this point in time we're nowhere near close to even starting, so look forward to lots of new material in the future :3

6/29/2012-I think I may have a fix for the delays. Wish me luck.

8/3/2012-There's been an immense amount of work I've been tending to these past weeks which accounts for the large delay in updates. On top of that, I've re-read the entire buffer I've made and just didn't like where the story was going, so I rewrote it all. Twice. The first rewrite took the better half of July, but after reaching the point where my buffer was before I decided to rewrite it, I still didn't like the outcome. A second rewriting went in a different direction, but the entire feel just wasn't there. So now with my original buffer scrapped, along with two full rewrites of them, I'm writing a new buffer. I'm only a few chapters in, but I already know where I want to go this time. Also, more importantly, where I DON'T want to go. I know which plot points to keep (there's actually only a few that are staying in), which ones to toss (there's a lot of these), and where I have space to put in new material (I'd safely say 95% of everything that's about to be released is new). My new buffer of chapters is about 5 chapters deep, so there's not much wiggle room, but the delay's gone on long enough.

9/19/2012- So updates are coming in quite frequently again, though I don't have a buffer of chapters anymore :/. Despite this, I'm trying to bring update speeds back to one per day. Also started to release chapters earlier on the guild website a few days ago.

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The RPS reviews
This is a chaotic story, let's get that out of the way. Here's what you should expect: Romance, sci-fi, horror, characters that are considered forces of nature, the mortals that terrify them, zombies, alchemy, con artists, technology competing with magic, abysmal attention spans, sword fights, adventuring for the sake of adventuring... all tied together with comedy. Oh, and Noka.
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