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REAL name: Anissa


Parents: married 30-something years (i's all good)

Sisters: 3 all over 21

1 annoying brother but I do admit it pisses me off when anyone hurts him.

2 dogs: German Shepherd-mix, Chihuahua (both act like cats)

Writing is one of my many talents so I decided to give it a try.

My first and only on-going story is Everchanging Tides. I'm working on the other chapters as I speak...type?

Pictures for the characters: http:///albums/bb186/rebelangel1130/everchanging/

Kaila's Home: http:///plankey_35bf98501edec1431e0c2fabe948da66258728030711 (I know it's iffy)

I'm a Kpop fangirl to tell you the truth. The group I'm currently obsessed with is SHINee and if you don't know who that is just look them up on google and after you've done that you can decide if you want to vote for one guy and hopefully that guy will have a fanfic written for them.


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