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Hi there! I'm called Cyrokin here... just call me Cy. I have multiple accounts on DeviantART, but my main three are WolFkId27 (This is my central account, as it is not tied to a specific fandom), PoisonIVy10 (My art for my favorite cartoon, Danny Phantom, and also my oldest active account on the website), and StellarTheSquirrel (If I ever get premium on this account, I'm changing the username to something else... possibly Cyrokin. XD It was designed to be an account for my original cartoons but gained its popularity through my favorite show, Doctor Who).

In the below categories, I talk about my inspirations, stories, and the common themes and genres in which I write.

INSPIRATIONS (Fun fact: Inspire means "to breathe into")

I am inspired by a multitude of things, ranging from the works of other authors to music and more!

Doctor Who: Doctor Who has been a heavy influence on my writing since I first watched it in early-mid 2013. Ten is my favorite Doctor but all of them have room in my little world! I write for Doctor Who and other shows on my FanFiction account under the same name, Cyrokin. Be sure to check me out!

Erin Hunter and Warriors: I consider this my first fandom. I was nine or ten at the time I first started reading the books and am still a fan to this day! Warriors exerts a considerable influence in my ability to anthropomorphize animals and put them into their own worlds, particularly in my stories about wolves.

C. S. Lewis: Particularly Narnia. (I also like a band called Narnia.) I'm particularly fond of Lewis' ability to incorporate symbolism into his fantastical works. I have this very ability myself, even though I'm often unaware of it when I do it. My stories are often chock-full of symbolism if you're looking for it. Keep in mind, however, that I may not have intended it! I also love adventure and sci-fi and the like, and Lewis has written both!

Danny Phantom: I cite this lovely cartoon as inspiration because A. It's my favorite cartoon, and B. I've written more fanfiction for it than I have any other fandom! It's also the primary influence on the characters in my story The Factory, even keeping the main character's first name as Danny! However, the story itself bears no common grounds with the show.

Bands: I listen to a LOT of music, particularly in the genres of rock and metal. These powerful styles influence my often driven story plots and principles. Deep lyrics and emotional expression in the bands I listen to in particular influence my character pieces and characterization in general, giving me a "feel" for the characters I write for. Songs like "Frontline" by Pillar have been the entire basis for my major project on my FanFiction account, the Frontlines Trilogy. The first book is finished, so go check it out!

Steampunk: My latest inspiration. I adore the "genre-splicing" in this particular genre (other names for it are the general retrofuture and the more scientific name neovictorian) and have used the style as a primary basis for my Inventor series.


Below are my original stories and a short description of the ideas behind them, plus bonus facts!

Status guide: Discontinued (Never finishing), Hiatus (Officially not working on until inspiration comes), Unofficial hiatus (On hiatus but I am still interested in the story and randomly jot down stuff for it), In progress (a current project that gets updated regularly overtime), Brainstorming (an interesting idea which has progressed beyond being an idea but which still needs work), Idea (A plot or character I'm playing with

Telepath: Originating in 2009, Telepath is the oldest idea of mine you'll find here. I do eventually plan on redoing it. It was originally in comic book form, but I found that writing it was quite fun. Unfortunately, "Telepath" has gotten so tangled up and complicated in my head that I'm having a rough time getting it all sorted out! As of now, this huge project can wait to be tackled for a few more years, at least until I have time and inspiration to work on it. In fact, I may never finish it the way things are looking... but you never know when inspiration could hit!

Status: ON HIATUS.

The Factory: This story originated as a Danny Phantom fanfiction, actually, but now serves as an original story of mine with its own universe. It contains aspects of The Giver and The Hunger Games among other things, but it was actually inspired by a number of songs, including "Feed the Machine" by Red. If one is familiar with the Danny Phantom series, one will see the similarities in characterization for some characters. For example: the character of Jim Mercer looks and behaves almost exactly like Tucker Foley. Depending on how close the similarities are to the series and plot, a story like this could be considered a semi-fanfiction or an original. The Factory comes closer to being original, whereas my other story like this (The Snow Detective) is a semi-fanfiction because of its nature.

Status: Unofficial Hiatus

White: I have been told by one or two people that this story is a bit similar to the "How to Train Your Dragon" universe. Now that I've seen the movie, I can definitely see the similarities! Anyways, I've always had a fascination with creating my own world, and this is an example of such. An interesting fact is that it takes place in the same universe as Telepath, but at a much earlier point in its history. I love the characters and story to bits. However, it is on hiatus until I get interested again.

Status: Hiatus

Land of the Unfree: This story had its humble beginnings as a project done for my 10th grade Government class through a story titled "Freedom Force". "Freedom Force" is available to read right here on FictionPress. Land of the Unfree is the extended version of "Freedom Force". The first five chapters will add more details and expand on the events of "Freedom Force", and the story continues from Chapter 6 where it left off at the end of that oneshot.

Also, I think you should know that I have a gut feeling about this story. I know its message is radical, powerful, and unlike anything I've ever tried before. I have a gut feeling that this may be my defining work when I'm a published author some day, so don't be surprised if it never shows up on FictionPress. But keep an eye on the bookstore shelves! ;)

Status: Unofficial Hiatus

The Inventor Series: Book one now on FictionPress! This collection of four books (The Inventor, The Road Untraveled, The Inventor's Daughter, and The Boy and the Doctor) is heavily influenced by a fascination of mine: Steampunk. If you didn't know, steampunk is taking Victorian England, often London, and adding modernish technology to it that fits into the time period and it just... fits. It's weird. XD Though where The Inventor differs is that it takes place in the same universe as White and Telepath, though it's sandwiched somewhere in between in the timeline. It's not an action series but I love it a lot.

Status: In progress; First book being written at this time.

Diesel Trilogy: The second series in the Inventor collection, including these three books: Diesel, War, and Watch. It takes place in my alternate version of the 1940s. Basically what we call dieselpunk. It's like steampunk, only with things from the 1940s and World War II. What connects it to The Inventor is the main character's relation to a friend of Dr. Cooper's, and the consistency of the golden watch. It, unlike The Inventor, is an action trilogy with plenty of action, drama, and fighting.

Status: Unstarted; I want to finish the Inventor series first.

The Watchkeeper Series: Speaking of that watch, I've started a oneshot collection around this golden watch and its mysterious Keeper. Is the Watchkeeper who you think he is, or is he someone else entirely? Starting with the self-titled oneshot "The Watchkeeper", this collection of mysterious, thought-provoking, yet sometimes heartwarming stories meets people where they are... and throws a very strange man into the mix! The next oneshot I plan to upload is called "Midnight", so keep an eye out for it!

Status: In-progress; next oneshot will either be "Entropy" or "Elevator Music".

A Game of Shadows: A character piece from the eyes of a murderer, this, to me, is one of my most gripping and fascinating ideas. It's hard for me to think from the mind of a criminal because I don't know what goes on in their heads (nor do I really want to know, honestly), but once I connect to my character and try to imagine myself in his shoes, I can write some bone-chilling descriptions of a twisted man's mind! Just look at my Danny Phantom oneshot "Collapsing" and you'll see what I mean. (I'm on under the same username, Cyrokin.)

Status: Hiatus

Forest: A contemporary story to A Game of Shadows, Forest follows the story of yet another prisoner-- only he's imprisoned not as a criminal, but as a strong opponent to the corrupt government in this world. He is sent to the infamous and dreaded Mors Island, a place where prisoners are sent to live out their days amongst wild animals and at the constant mercy of their fellow prisoners. Think Hunger Games with insane, desperate criminals, and with a completely uncontrolled environment, and with no way of ever coming out alive. Fun enough for ya? Pair that with the fact that I have no ending for it yet! *dances evilly*

Status: Predominantly in the Brainstorming stage, I have an intro written and that's it.

Ambeon and the Battle of the Mech-Coon: This is a sort of odd anthro story aimed at older kids (8-12). I'm fairly confident in my "teens-and-young-adults" writing, but my ventures into children's literature are often less that successful. XD The setting is sort of like, um... Redwall went industrial. XD Certain animals live in the forest (like squirrels) and other animals live in the city (like raccoons), and some animals live in both locations or are freelancers (like the ferrets). There are different armies (Guards) set up to protect each habitat, and a different branch for each animal in each Guard. My three main groups are the Badger Guard (Led by war hero Ambeon), the Squirrel Guard (led by Blue), and the Raccoon Guard (Led by the infamous Dubble Switchtail). Ferrets and various other mammals are also included in this story, including a rather disagreeable skunk. XD

Status: Brainstorming

Arnold: An experimental oneshot collection about a half-alien 14-year-old named Arnold and his human girl friend Sarah. The genres in this collection will be varied from everything from humor to outright horror, all with a sci-fi twist to them... The first will be "Arnold the Alien", which is, admittedly, twisted and pretty horror-tinged. XD I can be awful. The good thing is, the series is not canon to itself in any way other than its characters. In other words... it may or may not have actually happened...

Status: Hiatus


My genres are Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), Fantasy, Historical (Mixed with Sci-Fi and a subgenre I put together myself named Industrial. I've already introduced the Industrial genre through The Factory, and am playing with another more dominantly Industrial story which is yet unnamed and unplotted.

My themes often reflect my own beliefs on morality and human nature, which are influenced by my Christian faith, more or less! My stories can get pretty dark, but come to a hopeful ending. Unless, of course, I go off on a mysterious hike or venture into scary stuff or angst (I don't write too much of this any more but when I do it gets deep).

Adding more later...

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