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Yes, I am Muffy the Dough Slayer. You're not going mad XD.

Story behind Muffy the Dough Slayer name: Short version...last year at lunch, I kept getting blueberry muffins all the time. So, since I already called one friend Pizza (long story going back to freshman year of high school), she started calling me Muffin or Muffin-head. She even made me a theme song based on Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Muffin-head is coming to town...she sees you when your baking...she knows when you have dough...etc...gah...) and so we brought in my other friend, who became Cuppie. She got to pick her name of cupcake but I called her Cuppie (she's on this site btw) and so she started calling me Muffy. I told her not to because it reminded me of Buffy. And then I said it made me sound like some Muffy the Dough Slayer, and thus here I am as that name :D It just stuck. If you want more details, feel free to message me.

About Me

Hey guys! I am so sorry I haven't been more active here. I'm usually on my Averick profile, which mainly has my slash stories, but some others as well. I might be transferring these stories into that account simply because this account isn't well known, and I've been "Averick" for years now. Or maybe I will finally change the name "Averick"...hmm...I guess I could do that, too. But as it is, updates here are super slow. I do have the next chatper of Away from the Sun written, and I had the next chapter of Never the Same written, but my computer chip died and I lost everything. I am not kidding, I lost all my stories...AGAIN. So, yeah.

Life has been hectic. If you have been following my other profile, you know.

Updates come whenever I think I can write. I'm pissed that I lost that chapter of Never the Same. So. Yeah.


IF you want to get a hold of me, messaging my Averick account is probably the best bet. Or my fanfiction account, whatever works for you. Or, who knows, maybe I will actually become active here?

Call Me: Jess, JJ, Blaze, Muffy (shudders)

Age: 19

Birthday: June 12

Likes: Cheesecake! And Jensen Ackles, Supernatural, Dean, Castiel...writing, friends, hangin' out, bein' informal, bein' outta school, my lost kitty Blaze, my late papaw (well I guess that would be "loves", right?), family, werewolves, wolves in general, nighttime, alone time, TV shows, books, etc.

Dislikes: Hypocrites, people who brag constantly, preps, homophobes, my papaw's family (we are his step-family), Twilight talks (don't talk to me about it!), headaches, PMS ( should die...I wish there was a pill to give guys so they knew what it was like, just once), insomnia, writer's block, etc.

I am on fanfiction under the SAME NAME.

On Fanfiction I primarily write stories centered around the TV show Supernatural, though there are a few crossovers and snippets about other things. Feel free to talk to me there, I'm open for conversation :D

I'm on fictionpress under another account name. I got this new account because I was turning 18 and I thought I needed a change. But feel free to check out my old account, which is mostly slash, and some end of the world stories.

On my other Fictionpress account, I primarily write slash stories, meaning M/M yaoi stuff, or sibling stories. I'm a sucker for angst, too, just to let you know.



Me: I don't know what's wrong with me.

Dad: SQUIRREL! *points as though horrified at statue of squirrel, causing us girls to stare in shock*

Me: Don't forget to poke 'em in the eye!

Me: The purple lasers, Lindsey - they go up your nose and into your brain! *during a bout of insane hyperness*

Dad: Hold on, I want to see what they're gonna do.
Me: *watching baseball game* Well...that guy's gonna pitch the ball and that guy is gonna try and hit it. And oh, lookie, he missed! He's gonna try again.

Cuppie: Dude, you're freaking me out! What is WRONG with you? *while we are sitting on my bed...she is also Lindsey, btw*

Me: I smell cheesecake. I can smell it. Take it away. I smell it, take it away, I want it! *I was being tempted by shredded remains of cheesecake*

Me: *growls* You couldn't hold the door open? *climbs into car*
Dad: What are you, my date?
Me: I came from your date!

Dad: I'm only one man. What can I as an individual do?

Dad: It's Cheesus! It's the Cheesus of all the Mozarellas, cheddars, and American cheeses. Cheesus doesn't play around. *looking at giant glob of cheese on pizza*

Tina: No...the stairs...they're fattening... *while she's sleeping*

Jenna: *sits straight up and snaps eyes open from sleeping to stare at me and give me heart attack* HOW MANY?!
Me: *blinks* Um...what?
Jenna: *breathes* I just had a nightmare that I had to do 2000 push-ups...

Cuppie: I forgot your cheesecake...
Me: *gasp* How could you!
Cuppie: I'm sorry! My mom can bring it later!
Me: It's too late, the damange has been done. I was promised cheesecake and you failed to deliver! Just for that, I'm taking the cheese!
Cuppie: What?
Me: *grabs cheese container for breadsticks* Stop looking at me and my cheese! I claim the cheese! And this hotel room! Mine!

Me: OMG where are my socks?! They were here when I went to sleep!
My aunt: Well I sure didn't take them.
Me: *narrows eyes at her* You have a sock fetish, I know you took them!

Jenna: Hairy leg *singsong voice*
Me: ...did you just say hairy leg?

My aunt: *to my dad* I've been sitting in your chair all day - I only farted 10 or 11 times.

Me: Frooooostbiiiiiiite.

Me: Ah. Ah! AH! *attacks friend with pillow*

Me: WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT! *rolls toward them on rolling chair*

Me: *leans in to whisper* bacon bacon bacon bacon...

On to more important stories!

...Uhm...I am a published author. My book, Psyche Transfixed, was published over last summer. Uh...personally I think the idea is good, but I could have really fleshed it out some more. But I was sixteen and I wanted to publish it for someone very special to me (it's dedicated to them) and they were sick at the time and we weren't sure if they were going to make it, so I scrambled to finish it. As I look back on it now, I wish I could change a few things, flesh it out a bit more, give the characters more layers. I am actaully contemplating going back and rewriting it, and maybe releasing the book again later but in a volume, you know? Like with the first two or three books of the series with it. But yeah.

Now to other stories!

My Series Posted

The Other Side
1. Will of Siders (in progress, being rewritten)
2. Dark Poison (not yet started)
3. Fire Sider (not yet started

Flamboyant Outcasts
1. True Colors (in progress)
2. Airbrush Dreams (not yet started)
3. Afterglow (not yet started)

Wizards and Magic
1. When the Sun Goes Down (complete, being posted here)
2. When the Bell Chimes (in progress)
3. When the Light is Dark (not yet started)
(Others to be revealed)

Away form the Sun
This story is like a prequel to the Wizards and Magic series.

The Other Side Trilogy

Small note: I will be posting Will of Siders on here. Most of what I post will probably be related to that series, either in one-shots, what-might-have-beens, or just random fantasy things I want to have them do even though it's not actually in the story. This is also on deviantart. My name there is MuffySlayer (the name has slowly taken over my life...O.o) Also, I might be posting little one-shots or possibly what-might-have-beens to Tasteful, which is part of the Tasteful Series on my other account on this site.

Also, this series may wind up having four books, because otherwise the third book will be very long. I will post other summaries when I complete the first book.

Will of Siders is the first in a trilogy (right now) called The Other Side. It follows Robby, a girl new to school and town after moving a lot due to her mother's job, when she meets some interesting people at school. Emery and Derek, the bickering friends in her first period class, and their mysterious group at school slowly take over her life. She wants to be like them. But befriending Emery and his group of enigmatic friends may be more than she signed up for, as a secret battle rages around them, threatening not only Earth, but another side. There are two sides to every story, after all, and Robby may not be ready to face this Other Side. But welcome, readers, to the Other Side. Warnings: This story contains f/m and m/m, het and slash. So far it is not rated M.

Main Characters for book 1:

Main Bad Characters:
Darien (to some extent)

Flamboyant Outcasts Trilogy

At least, as far as I know, it's just three books. It might even just be two, depending on length. Again, I will post other summaries after the completion of the first book.

And, just to clarify - it's flamboyant as in colorful and bright.

True Colors is the first story in the Flamboyant Outcasts series. Aaron Williams is in way over his head when Chaos crashes quite literally into his life without warning. An artist by trade, Aaron sees the world in bright, contrasting colors. What he thinks is his artistic eye may be far more than that when demons start hunting him for his 'gift'. When he finds himself falling in love with Chaos, he's stuck trying not to admit his feelings while simultaneously trying to convince Chaos to stay. Oh boy...what's an artist to do? Warnings: This story contains slash M/M content. So far it is not rated M but that could change.

Main Characters:

Wizards and Magic

When the Sun Goes Down is the first story in the Wizards and Magic series. I wrote it 3 years ago and it's complete, but needs a serious revision. But that's what first drafts are for.

Back of Book Summary:

"Curiosity never hurt anyone except some cat somewhere."
"Yeah, and curiosity got that cat killed."
"What's your point?"

A strange screeching sound drives sixteen-year-old Tyler Bradford to give into his curiosity and go hunting for the source. Twenty-four-year-old Logan Gray is the man who saves him when he's stupid enough to go running toward it. When Logan discovers that Tyler, like himself, is a wizard, he becomes the boy's mentor and must train him to control his abilities.

However, when their pasts start to come back to haunt them, their lives and the lives of their friends are thrown into chaos, and a Larth, a creature of the night, is hunting them down ravenously. Now, dealing with maniacal evil wizards, a creature hell-bent on having them for supper, and their own fractured pasts, the two of them must defeat the rising threat if they want to stay alive, but things are always more complicated...

...When the Sun Goes Down.

Main Characters:

Please note!!!: This story does NOT contain slash, but does have some violent material and a few slightly graphic scenes, along with foul language. Rated T.

Away from the Sun

Away from the Sun is like a prequel to When the Sun Goes Down. I may rewrite When the Sun Goes Down later on, or delete it and start over. Keep that in mind. Away from the Sun follows teenage Logan Gray and Nathan Summerland from When the Sun Goes Down. As if living in an orphanage wasn't bad enough, the chaos that follows is actually worse. Rigorous training ensues after Logan and Nathan are discovered as wizards and are forced to control their abilities. When a darkness descends upon them and their new friends, it's going to take everything they have to stay alive and sane. However, Logan may very well have to destroy the one person he swore to protect, because the darkness is only taking them further and further away from the sun, with no light in sight.

Main Characters:

Note: This story covers several years and contains magic, violence, and abuse and neglect and general cruelty. I will try to come back and create a better summary later on. No slash.

Never the Same

Never the Same came from a dream I had one night. Humans have gotten wind of the supernatural community and hunters are a growing threat. Talk shows host those who want the supernatural threat gone by any means necessary, and none are more hostile than that of Honorable Judge Donaldson. He wants them all gone, permanently, and he’s getting the general public on his side. Now the supernatural creatures, once able to hide pretty easily and filter through society without causing a disturbance, are being seen by the little things they do that throw them off. If they want to win this brewing battle without a massacre, they’re going to have to somehow convince the human population that they’re not the real bad guys, that they’re just like everyone else, and there is a much bigger threat rising--a group of humans and supernaturals alike who have banded together to take out mankind altogether, and if they don’t put aside their differences in time and stop this threat, then they are all lost.

Possible Stories to Come

Faithless is a story I have been semi-working on. I plan for it to have a sequel called In Faith, Amen. As of right now, the story centers around two guys. Kael is a young wizard and Jinx is his familiar. Kael isn't blessed with many friends, and only a nosy family and a somewhat bossy sister to keep him company other than Jinx, so maybe it's not wonder the two grew close. Familiars can't get sick--or at least that's what they tell Kael. And Jinx agrees, and he should know. However, when familiars start dropping like flies from some unknown virus that only affects them, it's a race to find a cure when Jinx also comes down with the sickness. This story involves friendship, promises, and a need to stay together. Warnings: This story contains m/m content. So far it is not rated M. (This is the first time I've written a summary for this story, so...yeah, hehe.)

Chase It is a story I have been semi-thinking about. So far it is just a single book, probably not too long. Sometimes, chasing your dreams means willing to risk losing everything to be happy. And Chase Evans may very well have to do just that if he wants to ever see himself and have others see him as well instead of hiding behind a veil of lies as he pretends to be something he is not. Will his dreams come true, or will he lose everything? Warnings: I haven't decided if this story will be slash or not, but probably. So be warned that it will probably have m/m content. (First time I've written a summary for this story...)

I will post further information on upcoming stories or WIP stories as I develop them. Thank you and please give them a chance, yeah? I shall return reviews! :D I review every story I read, because...well, if I took the time to read it, why not take the time to review it? Hmm? Hint-hint, wink-wink, nudge-nudge :D

Muffy the Dough Slayer

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