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Hi guys, Bells here!

Some of you may know me from Fanfiction, if not, check my other profile out. It's got lots more stuff since I've been on there longer but here's a few basic facts about me.

About me

Age: Older than I look

Birthday: Don't worry you missed it

Hobbies: Reading, writing, dancing, anything music, running to avoid my younger sister's creepy kisses

Height: Finally 5'3"!!!!!! Yea baby!!

Appearance: Babyish face dark brown hair and eyes, and skinny

My favorite book genres are mystery/suspense and fantasy. I'll read anything with a good plot. The type of stories I end up writing most are romance or mystery. Don't know how that happens but it always turns out that way. Reading and writing are things that take up most of my free time. It's like a drug, I start and I can't stop and the next thing I know I've been writing all day and my mom comes in my room screamin, "Girl it's 2a.m. what the heck are you still doing up?! Go to sleep!" Guess I should work on that. . . or not! I love music, I almost always have music going if it's possible. I also play the violin, the cello and now the viola too! (I'm an orch dork I know) I can kind of play piano at times. I don't really have a specific favorite genre of music because I listen to everything, rock, country, bollywood, hip hop, rap, japanese pop music, classical. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to music. It's my second passion aside from writing.I would also like to say that I am chronically shy. New people freak me out.I absolutely loathe the first week of school and I can say that I've mainly had the same group of friends from eighth grade to now that I'm in highschool because it takes me a while to warm up to new people and talk to them. OnceI do get to know someone though and I like them you can't get me to shut up.

Weird/Funny things I've heard lately

Why do you keep moaning like a heifer in heat?!

Without it's hole, this donut is just another chocolate bun.

Ok Jennifer save some for Shamu (only it sounded like: Ya Yennifer save sum for de Chamu)

Dude you just used your only Dr. Seuss saying for the year!

If I weren't gay I'd totally date you.

They're not man boobs, they're moobs or mitties.

You're such an assface.

I'm not 5 ft I'm 4'12"

I'd give you my number if I had one.

Recently one of my guy friends came up to me and said, "My butt looks good in these jeans." He's not gay; so I don't quite understand this.

A deepfried twinkie is a heart attack with pleasure.

I told him to whip it out and he took out a bible

Toph: Yesterday my mouth tasted like mud; today it tastes like sand. I never though I'd miss the taste of mud so much.

It's hard to rob a gun store. . . They've got guns.

Sokka: I'm too young to die!

Old fisherman: I'm not but I don't want to!

All the cholos outside of my house are taking turns jumping on a pogo stick and they're standing in a circle counting.

Yukino:Why are you chasing me?

Arima: Because you'e running away!

Let me know when you're done talking so I can turn on my hearing aid.

You know the weather's warming up when the girls start dressing skanky again

Don't be silly! Wrap your willy!

I'm being chased by a fat woman in a driver's ed car!

I'm allergic to plant sperm

My middle name is toilet because I'm the shit.

I opened my wardrobe expecting to see Narnia but found Justin Beiber instsead. . .

This is a trick I learned from my mother's father's granddaughter.

You murder one of our people and we kill you back!

Your knight in shining armor is an idiot covered in tin foil.

When Chuck Norris was born, the only one crying was the doctor.

I'm pregnant; it's not an disease.

She's gotten stabbed by lots of guys. . .

If good things happen to those who wait, isn't procrastination a virtue?

You shouldn't headbang and yawn (how many of you will try this before you get it?)

Kid: What the heck is that?

Mom: That's what the doctor said when you were born.