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Yo ho ho, hello there, profile viewer! :D Welcome to this cat, bus, rain, bookstore and the colour blue maniac's little lair. Hope you don't get crushed by the stacks of oranges I hide in the wardrobe and please withhold from being fed to the dragon. For some reason, he hates dairy products. :/

I'm 18 years old, female, living in Zagreb (...which is in Croatia) and can speak English, stutter German and count to twenty(badly) in French.

Music: It's not about the style, it's about the song. And the video counts, on the odd occasion. :P In random order, the current top five:

1.Hotel California by The Eagles

2.Istanbul by The Four Lads

3.That's Life by Frank Sinatra

4.Runaway Train by Soul Asylum

5.Her Name Is Alice by Shinedown

Games: Depths of Peril(dose stories *O*), The Sims 3, Kingdom of Loathing and... umm...(*checks desktop*) oh, Chicken Invaders :D

Books: I read mostly fantasy but do not shy away from sci-fi, a good mystery, or anything that is well-written and original. Terry Pratchett, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, George R.R. Martin, Guy Gavriel Kay(although...), Jack London(White Fang), Markus Zusak(The Book Thief), Susanna Clarke(Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell), Margaret Atwood(The Blind Assassin), Michael Chabon(Gentlemen of the Road), Mister Tolkien, of course, and about a thousand more, even though I'm horribly picky.

Movies: Hachiko(never before had a movie a made me cry), V for Vendetta, Howl's Moving Castle(

Arts: writing, drawing, howling to the sounds of various musics and calling it singing, giving people silly nicknames and emoting them to hell and back :D

Instruments: laptop, mechanical pencil, couch.

About the Cookies on the Plate: Due to 'real life'(that fabled place AWAY from reading and writing... it's a myth). big gaps in between chapters are often. However, I try to make them at least six pages long and also pay attention to their quality. As it is, most of the stories in here are in dire need of editing, but let's face it, when is a book truly finished?

The Last Sunrise: When Jiroux received an invitiation to visit his sister, he was suspicious. After all, you can never be too careful with the likes of his siblings, and that standing was only confirmed when his (mis)trust was awarded with a knife through the heart. But it's alright, he recovered soon enough. Intrigued by this sudden(even if expected) turn of events, he decides to do what he does best - snoop. However, what he finds is well beyond anything he ever faced in his near-eternal life, challenging the very forces that kept his mysterious, alluring family alive for centuries. And to think this whole mess was started by his mother...

The Song of the Crimson Moon(
TAKEN DOWN FOR EDITING): There are few things Nikkolai enjoys more than his anonimity, and apparently being the hero destined to defear the oncoming Night is not one of them. Hunting down the elusive and secretive friend of the elves, the royal scribe Cair Abriz will find himself immersed in a history of old crimes, dead lovers and one meddling prophecy, all orchestrated by a Goddess that has not been seen since the last Nightfall. If only the ghosts were of more help.

There are also the side stories to The Last Sunrise, used mostly to introduce new characters but (hopefully) independent enough to be read as separate works without confusion. However, there are those like The Fool's Game that stand on their own. They will probably stay the way they are now, not extended beyond the events they describe now and only edited to eliminate any grammar missteps/sap/drama/plot holes/some more sap/other unforgivable errors of my younger self. *coughs*

I return reviews. Always. Without fail. Be it only a few lines or something more, your comment will be answered, although with a slight delay. I appreciate any feedback and am always glad when my readers have something to say - it is a sign the story gave them a reason to think, and also a reason to put those thoughts on paper, however virtual. Also, English not being my native language, there are most certainly mistakes that snuck past the proofreading, Word, proofreading before posting and just plain reading. :3 If you catch the little buggers, drop me a line!

Ooh, I forgot about the DeviantArt account! It's aaaand that's where you'll find some of the lads and ladettes I'm hosting here :) New faces as well - perhaps they too will get a place in the spotlight...

Sugar comes last and so does a note for da Flamerz: Fire away! I'm my own worst critic, so the only request I will make is to be imaginative. Give me a reason to change my writing for the better and you will be adored. :)


26.7.2012. Woot. Twenty four minutes after midnight and the first chapter of The Last Sunrise is finally up in its new form. Really, all that sap made me wince. *demonstrates* It appears that same chapter was the bone that choked 140 of its visitors. Hopefully it will be easier to stomach after this.

4.1.2013. Well now. TLS is back, as you can see, with a new writing regime! I solemnly swear not to post a single chapter until the next one is done! It'll save me some headache and hopefully provide enough motivation(read:guilt) to continue :P Also, Song of the Crimson Moon is going DOWN! For editing purposes, no less, and some seeerious rewriting! I'd like to thank my dear two reviewers, who know who they are, and also all those who took a moment to read that sorry mess :3 Hopefully you'll like the new version as well once it arrives! Cheerio, for now.

I own every bit of the writing and images posted here. You have no permission to copy, reproduce or use them in any way defying the copyright laws.

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The Last Sunrise reviews
Tell me, my friend," he spoke, taking a smoke from my pipe, blowing a perfect ring and returning it into my hands. "What will you think of me if I die?"
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Friendship - Chapters: 8 - Words: 20,257 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 7/18/2014 - Published: 4/25/2011
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Leona D. je bila napola zavučena ispod korijenja nekog drveta masne, mrvljive kore, sklupčana poput mačeta u vlažnoj tami jesenskog sumraka koji se tek počeo spuštati. Perun, lica blijedog gotovo poput djeteta ispod njih, izgledao je kao da će povratiti. Veriga duboko uzdahne i zapali cigaretu. (Moj doprinos državnoj smotri LiDraNo)
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Her hair flew in a halo as she was twirled around and grabbed by the throat. "One answer, qan Luave, is all I will take from you," Sin knew how to bring threat into his growl. "Where is Starlight?"
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As the carriage rolled on, the monotonous sound of wheels grinding the cobblestones into rubble and rubble into dirt lulled him to sleep. Maybe we even manage to get out of this only moderately mutilated...
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