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Vanguards (Unrelated Collection): Ink Mate: Although he knew he had never really belonged in the world he called home he never expected he'd wind up belonging in the world everyone else called Ariel; the after-life. When he meets a mysterious bartender in France his life turns discord as soon as he bursts through a forth story window and 'ports into the unfamiliar environment of America with two monsters playing Guardians. Although he knows he was born to die, Alec doesn't actually know what journey he will take to meet his maker, literally, or where it will end.

Future Books:

Bloodlines (Trilogy): Book One: Bloodlines: Young woman Kathryn and sister Maggie live in a post-apocolyptic world where their blood is their worse enemy.

Bloodlines (Trilogy): Book Two: Illuminarti: Kathryn will do anything to get her sister back, even diving into the heart of danger and risking those she loves.

Bloodlines (Trilogy): Book Three: Ended: With Jacob as a martyr, Kathryn will fight until she has seen the end of the Illuminarti and has reclaimed her throne.

Vanguards (Unrelated Collection): Bell Tower: Heartless warrior Kida'ri finds herself falling in love with a mysterious boy while she tries to focus on saving her world

Vanguards (Unrelated Collection): Barbed Liar: Turned by his girlfriend and the cause of his best friends existence, an endless war has started between them that will result in death

Vanguards (Unrelated Collection): Fire Eyes : Cassie has a problem, she can see everyone's worse secrets by touching them. What is she?

Vanguards (Unrelated Collection): Noose Hands : The Emere are few and sacred, but their world is dying and they need to send her to find the only ones who can help them

Vanguards (Unrelated Collection): Mind Imprisonment : When Alek and Magpie return to the world of the living, the latter notices a distinctive change in his friend. In the descent to madness.

Vanguards (Unrelated Collection): The Doorways : In order to return to Cassie, the boys must prove their pure of heart by capturing The Catalyst.

Lavender (Stand Alone): A girl develops Schizophrenia and finds she cannot go on with her life like this, then she meets her best friend Scarlet and maybe she can continue...

Inner Demons (Stand Alone): Upon moving into his biological fathers house, Arin discovers an old blocked up nursery with two skeletons under the floorboards: the skeletons of his twin siblings he thought he had forgotten. As he gathers information about his demonic ancestors and their black magic he feels the unknown calling to him at the same time the victims of his past are calling for his death unless he fixes this.

[04/02/2014] I would like to take a second to thank everyone for the attention my story, Ink Mate, has been getting (so I'm putting it here as I don't wanna put an A/N in the book). Thank you everyone who reviewed and favourited and alerted it, it really means a lot to me as I have the serious intention to become an author in the future but have a lot of personal things going on at the moment. Thank you all!

[03/04/2014] Been almost two months since I last updated this. I'm sorry. Again, thank you for supporting Ink Mate and I'm hoping I will finish it by the end of this year, but I have serious medical problems and it may take a while. Thank you everyone.

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look at the title yes schoolgirls. Yes immortal. The usual vampires and zombies. P.s. you better thank me for this cos i hate vampires! Violence, blood, swearing. I know, i suck at summaries don't i. DISCONTINUED! uP FOR ADOPTION IF YOU WANT!
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Being Hunted Truly Sucks by Emmaa x reviews
Everyone has a destiny or so i'm told , mine sucks. My name is Grace and here's the story of how my world was turned upside down, by Vampire's, Dhampir's, Shadow folk, Zack my gorgeous saviour and a whole suckish destiny.
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Ink Mate reviews
Alec has been marked with the word 'Magpie' since birth. A little piece of ink trapped under his skin. Now he's been ripped from the shell of his past life and thrust into a turmoil of lies and secrets where he's unsure if he's loved or used. As Alec slowly begins to discover who he is, and what he's capable of, danger and insanity lurk ever closer. Can his Guardian protect him?
Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Mystery - Chapters: 8 - Words: 98,306 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 3/20 - Published: 9/10/2013
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