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Author has written 2 stories for General.

Flamefox2 here! Yeah, I deleted some stories, but I have enough going on as it is on Fanfiction. Deviant Art is still being screwy with me, and that completely sucks, 'cause I want to comment, too sometimes...!

I hate that website, awesome as it is.

Anyways, I deleted two stories of mine, one of which was a prologue to dragons, the other of which was a stupid little thing that had to do with Gaia, the Earthen spirit, being trapped outside of the Earth itself as a human and needing to get back as soon as possible before the Earth dies. Meanwhile, the other planet spirits also turn into humans and hunt down Gaia due to jealousy of her being the only planet with life in the solar system.


I know it's stupid.

As for the dragon part, it's just a stupid little drabble that I gave up on a while ago.

If I didn't like Twilight so much, I'd probably also cancel Game Over, too. Seriously, nothing's going on in there. Absolutely nothing.

You can probably tell from my profile pic that I'm a Hoshi no Kaabii fangirl. Yes, I am a girl. So what? Meta Naito Khu's awesomesauce! And Kirby's cute.

For some reason, even though I'm a girl, I also like dark, bloody, gory anime, like Black Butler, which I just got into, Bleach, Inuyasha, some other anime with killer teenage girls in a small town and a boy who's a friend of theirs (only watched several episodes, can't remember the name), and a few other things.

However, like only girls know how to like, I also like cutesy anime, like Lucky Star, even though the plot is absolutely pointless. I like the blue-haired girl. She's cute, and I like blue, anyways. We both like anime. *heart*


I'm serious.

He will kill you and enjoy it.

And Fear will laugh.

...More on him later.

Gotta go, I'll add some more later on. See ya, folks!

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