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Hey, I'm Codiak! ;)

You can find me on under the exact same name. I write for Danny Phantom on there, so if you like that kind of thing...

I have a tumblr as well. kclarkins . tumblr . com

Check me out~ And while you're there, find Skellingtonfan1 at unicorns-barfing-rainbows . tumblr . com

Patience Game:

Summary: Thanksgiving is simple, right? Not when dinner includes a pair of devious twins, a boy fight waiting to happen, a teen interested in wooing his friend while keeping his boyfriend happy, and a crazy aunt who's against anything abnormal. Has a little M/M.

Warning: Contains light yaoi, religion bashing, cursing, some violence, and hilarity.

Oh, and did I mention it's fantabulous~?

If you've been on my FF account and have read "BTAFL", then you'll quickly find this story to be hosting some of your favorites~

Random Stuff About Me...

-I love Danny Phantom! One of my favorite shows of all time!

-I like to read and write.

-My favorite color is black, silverish-white, neon green, and icy blue... This proves I have an obsession with Danny Phantom, right?

-I love animals.

-Daydreaming is one of my favorite passtimes.

-Daydreaming about what it would be like to have a life is an even bigger passtime.

-I find other people's physical pain funny... Maybe I shouldn't write that... *watches friend walk into sliding glass door...XD* As I was saying...

-I wish all of that fake cartoon, book, fantisy crap was real... Vampires are so cuddly, don't you think? And wouldn't it be awesome to have ghost powers?

-I talk to myself about the fake cartoon, book, fantisy crap...a lot.

-I explain things I already know about or have witnessed to myself, then I yell at myself for talking to myself, and find myself exactly where started...talking to myself.

-I am between the age of 15 and 17... No, it's not 16.

-Ha! You should've seen the look on your face! Classic! I am 16, by the way...

-I don't like annoying people... They're annoying.

-The country is being overpopulated by morons... I am not included, then again, that's my opinion.

-I have one too many nicknames... I wish the group of nicknamers would get together and decide on one.

-I think that meerkats should have their own holiday. They live in the ground just like groundhogs do.

-Between Harry Potter and all of the other things I read and watch, I'm confused on whether witches and wizards should have magic wands.

-The burger king guy is creepy... I'm not alone on that decision.

-I can make my friends laugh by staring at them. Actually, now they just stare back or awkwardly look away...

-I can't stand when I have to read things with grammer issues. Do us all a favor and get a dictionary once in a while. It won't kill you to learn something new. But I will buffer through things if the plots holds my attention! Remember that.

-I'm not perfect, but neither are you.

-Simple gestures can really change a person's day. The middle finger is one of those gestures.

-I am distracted by shiny objects and sometimes find myself staring at light fixtures.

-I like to laugh.

-I hate most of the human population... They are mean, stuck up, infuriating, annoying, shall I go on?

-I am a girl, chick, lady-friend, female companion, girlfriend, whatever you want to call it... I still have different parts than a guy.

-I play the alto saxophone. Kill me. Please.

-I wonder... People say you are as white as a sheet. What if the sheet was blue?

-I try to stay calm and care free. Still working on that...

-I have a sweet tooth...and a sensitive tooth...don't forget those darn braces.

-I prefer if people keep their hands out of my mouth... My dentist is lucky I don't bite him. That brings me to my next subject... The dentist's office smells like death and I find myself wanting to hiss everytime I see their sign on the road. Sometimes I do.

-Small children sometimes scare me. They are unpredictable little monsters who often possess sticky hands.

-I learned some sign language... I can now curse you out without you knowing. I have also went so far as to finding the sign for vampire...three options of doing it.

-I hate commercials that have those stupid jingle rhymes...Injury? Call name one. I also hate that darn Acorn Stairlift commercial... Acorn Stairlifts has the solution: Just don't fall. Just don't fall? Well, I wish I had known that any one of the times that I walked down the stairs, tripped, and fell hard on my ass. How stupid can you make one commercial? Isn't it already obvious that falling down the stairs is a bad thing?

-I'm scared of spiders; high bridges; spiders; sharks; spiders; the ocean(because of sharks); spiders; sharp, pointy, sticky things; spiders; and most importantly--SPIDERS!

Other Stuff About Me...

-Hair color: Brown with two red streaks on the side and some red color in my side bang.

-Eye color: Brown (I want some epic contacts, though...)

-Sex: I'm a chick as previously stated in one of the above messages.

-Age: 16.

-Favorite Colors: Black, silver-white, neon green, icy blue- Also stated one of the above messages.

-Likes: Danny Phantom; writing; yaoi; books, books, some more books; music, even more music; animals of all kinds (except bugs because they're creatures from Hell- Nice place, by the way). Oh, and I like other stuff but whenever it comes time for me to list shit, I can't remember. Go figure.

-Dislikes: SPIDERS. Bugs; bridges; stupid-ass commercials; stupid-ass people; the dentist; the ocean; people who like to piss others off for entertainment purposes; dying (not that I've experienced that quite yet...); public speaking; mangos; peaches. Oh, and other stuff that I can't remember. OH. I hate it when toothpaste falls onto your shirt when you're brushing your teeth. And then when you wash it off, it'll fade away and come back at a later time. And I hate rainbows. SKY rainbows. I'll wear the colors and stuff like that, but rainbows in the sky piss me off. Where do they get off acting like cheery frowns?

-Personality: I'm loud, obnoxious, and all around freakish with my friends and complete strangers. Speaking of which, I love strangers because I have no shame in asking them whatever question I feel like asking. I'm also rather reserved and shy- mostly in school. I consider myself pretty damn calm and easy-going. I don't automatically jump to conclusions about people, and I don't judge people by the way they look and I really admire that about myself. Hell, I want a lip ring and I have streaks in my hair, okay? I'm very trustworthy. If you tell me to keep something a secret, a secret it will remain. However, I have extreme trust issues with other people. Funny, right? I love the dark and twisted, angst. It's just who I am. Ask me about myself and more often than not, I'll respond that I'm "a morbid and sadistic bitch". Just saying. Also, my memory is, like...just horrible with simple things. So if I forget something you said, it's not you. It's most definitely me.

-Music: Nickleback; Three Days Grace; Eminem; Skillet; Linkin Park; Katy Perry; Red; Eyes Set to Kill; and much more.

-Movies: Fast and Furious(all). I love those movies to death... Torque. I'm a sucker for action car/motorcycle movies. Um... I like a lot more movies, too... Not listing them all.

-Books: Besides the shit we read in school, you mean? Chances are that if I've read it, I've liked it. And I've read a lot of books.

-Television: Danny Phantom; Junou Romantica; Vampire Diaries; Dexter; Law & Order: SVU; CSI; Ben 10(all); Generator Rex; Nikita; Buffy the Vampire Slayer... A few more as well.

-Political Views: Why am I putting this here? People who don't suck and can actually put some effort into not running this country deeper into the hole it's burried in.

-Sexual Preference: Bisexual. And I don't care one bit who you prefer. Go for it and live a happy life.

-Religious Views: Baptized Methodist. Born Catholic. I want to believe. But there's been a lot of shit in my life that makes me confused often times. And I have nothing against anyone of another religion. Or no religion. Celebrate your beliefs however you want, peoples!

-Personal Quotes of Mine: So have you engaged in unwise sexual intercourse as of late? (I love dropping that into conversations...); What is this?!?!; FEEL MY FAT NECK. (Band...all that needs to be said...).

-Hobbies: I write every day on my laptop, working on Fanfics and my own personal works. And I read much as well. I also love to listen to my iPod, hang with my friends, and to sleep. Can't forget that.

-Location: I'm in the Eastern United States. Pennsylvania. Want to know where? 666 Noneofyourbusiness Drive. Good luck finding it.

Well, that's probably it for now. Feel free to send me a PM about whatever. I'll get back to it. ;)

On Original Poem, made by Skellingtonfan1.

I live in a world...

Where being normal is too mundane, too boring for a human being...

Where animals talk, and actually have something to say...

Where Christmas is magical, and miracles actually happen...

Where Halloween is brought my a dancing skeleton and a rag doll woman...

Where snow is because of a man with scissors for hands...

Where superheroes protect the innocent...

Where wardrobes have magical worlds inside...

Where wizards and witches are common...

Where owls bring the mail...

Where imagination powers everything...

Where half-god children go on adventures...

Where ghosts are real, and many are friendly...

Where anyone can fly, if the believe...

Where children never grow old...

Where fairies exist...

Where everyone is different...

Where the beds are made for jumping...

Where we spend the day laughing...

I live in a world different from everything, care to join me?


From my good friend, Skell. She's on my favorite authors list. Check her out. DO IT. ;)

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