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Hello, and welcome to my profile! I write under the name of Mistigris.

Below this lot are quick comments on my poems- check them out :)

I love writing poetry and short stories, but have been having a poetry craze recently, so most of my stuff is poetry or poetical (cool word, hey). I also like writing fanfiction poetry, and you can check out my (harry-potter-themed) stuff under the name 'Mebina Sobriquet' at http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2825114/ (and leave some reviews! hint, hint!) I do, however, currently have one science-fiction story going (slowly) but please check it out :)

I am Australian, and not terribly proud of it except for the fact that I speak Proper English. Lolz...

I have to admit, I am a bit of a softy for happy endings (Will&Kate, anyone?) and love a good teary disney movie, and a good-old sing-song (preferably at the top of my voice with a whole bunch of totally mature friends), but I think my poems reflect my skepticism at the world of happily-ever-afters. sigh, perhaps someday my prince will come...

I really enjoy reading poetry, especially fantasy-themed, love, friendship, family, sorrow, angst...in fact, just poetry in general...And I also love reading novels and other stories, though strangely I dislike fantasy as a novel-genre, unless written really, really well.

Reviewers are my favourite people in the world, up there with Dumbledore, Hayao Miyazaki, Reliant K and the plain white t's . All that I ask really is that you read and enjoy! Although preferably review, so that I can spout little happy rainbows for the rest of the day that someone cared. Specific and constructive criticisms are the most useful reviews, but please leave any comments that spring to mind.

In other related stories, I love skiing! And snow! And winter, and the cold from indoors when I am warm, and walking, and tae kwon-do, and friends, and fun, and english, and even essays (my guilty little secret). I love philosophy, and history, and ethics and art and cooking and sewing, but hate maths and biology and music teachers with names beginning with M. I love singing and playing viola and dancing and listening to music, and currently my favourite songs are 'handlebars' by flobots, 'rhythm of love' by plain white t's, 'hallelujah' by lenard cohen and sung by rufus wrainright (aka the shrek version) and 'dance anthem of the 80's' by regina spektor. But most of all, I love 'Must have done something right' by Reliant K, - it's amazing, and you should get it. :P

I hope you like my poems below!

Anyway, that's me!

Misti xx

Ok, here are the comments/descriptions I promised earlier:

'Little White Lies'- sometimes you just let slip those little lies, and slip away. They grow, and are swallowed, and you like it. And you hate it. Don't slip away altogether...I think this is quite powerful, m for self harm and mental disorder/illness references/themes (depression).

'Winter'- this will be a collection, written over the next few weeks and months, but until then it is just one, lone poem. Written as I sit on the oval, under the clouds. And the trees seem to dance...I have high hopes for this collection! Any winter-related things you would like to see written about, just write to me.

'Pretence and Princesses'- These are poems built around personal experiences (I mean, most of my stuff is, but these are current :P) They will eventually range in length and form, but are mostly free-verse, with some rhyming mixed in. I quite like these. Emotional, I guess is the word to describe them.

'The Examples' - this is a sci-fi story, and my one and only story here on fictionpress. A work in progress, I'd love suggestions :)

'Black and White' a quick poem on seeing more than the basic, clear world. This is the best of my rhyming poems.

'Tickle a Mountain Storm'- this was inspired by my fridge poetry words, which are really cool :P I like this, but it seems no-one much else does.

'The Wild Side'-this is a poem/story cross, about the inner selves of people, and how society has changed. I actually like the idea of this a lot, but the piece...is interesting but needs work.

'Weary'-written before bed this night, this shows my fears for the future. Sometimes you just get tired of everything, you know?

'Promises'- this is about best friends, and one in particular. Shows the strength of bewildered hurt.

'Sparks of Memory'- my experiences in the 2003 canberra fires, in which my house was burnt down and we sheltered in the back garden under a hand-made quilt. Yeah, it's all real.Currently undergoing some updates, re-writing...you get it.

'Perfection'- some people strive to be perfect. Why? I mean, what's wrong with just being yourself?

'Awakening'- Some guys just don't get it. And some girls need to wake up.

'Did you never notice?'-ditto above. Not really very good, I might remove it from the sight. Read though, if you're inspired by this thrilling synopsis.

'Our Forever is Over'- If I said I had a favourite previously, I lied. This is my favurite, as it encapsulates perfectly my feelings and emotions of losing a best friend.

'My Brother'- This is an ANZAC poem- look up the ANZACs, they are Australia's first war heroes, and they lost the war, but made us realise our real feelings. Also just about brothers, and sibling love. This is maybe my most serious poem.

Well, they are my poems and I hope you enjoy them! As ever, feel free to leave reviews and comments and anything that pops into your head :)

Misti xx

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