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So. This is me. I'm an insane (according to the rest of the world, but away with them) 13 year boy who likes nothing better than annoying people, talking to stuffed animals, talking to real animals, writing, sleeping, throwing paper towels over the stall at people, telling people that koalas will conquer the world, and singing songs that are likely to stick in people's heads, such as Jingle Bells, Happy Birthday, and Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. Yes, I love classical music. No, I'm not homosexual. What? Pfft, nah, I'm not REALLY insane, what made you think that? There are some things you should know about me before you even remotely LOOK at my work.

1. I love koalas. If you don't, go screw yourself with a cheesecake.

2. I am a annoying person. If you mess with me, I will take spam to a whole new level. I will also usually come up with utterly random replies to nearly everything sane you send me. Good luck dealing with me. Bless your turkey.

3. I like hoodies. Especially black hoodies. People who insult my hoodies will die a grisly death at the hands of my koala minions.

4. I'm Indian. No, not Native American. INDIAN. No, I don't have an accent (I'm in California, damn it).

5. I'm agnostic.

6. I love to read. I read everywhere, under the desk, at school dances, at the basketball game, on the field. I'm a solitary person, but I have two or three close friends that mean quite a bit to me. No, (sigh) I'm not gay. I am not a "cool" person. If you are one, then go die in a hole far, far away from the rest of us inferior people. All we are is cannon fodder for your insults. Wanna go up in popularity? Insult the kid below you on the list. Yeah, if you are one of those people, then go kill yourself before I get to you.

7. Yes, I play video games. No, I'm clearly not obsessed with them, as you are.

8. I'm 13 years old. If you are older than me and tell me to respect you, I'm just as important as you are, so if you think you are superior, I'll send my Mango Monkeys after you.

9. I'm a miser, a sore loser, a thief, and I happen to be tall for my age. For example, if you dropped a 100 dollar bill, I would pick it up and keep it if you didn't see me pick it up, if you DID see me pick it up, it would go in the trash. Yeah, have fun searching for your money in there.