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My pen name used to be TA Shrike, but I changed to the one I have now. Just so you know.

Neh. I don't why anyone would be looking at my profile. I guess I'll start with the basics. I'm native american. I'm canadian, and no. I don't ride polar bears to school nor do I live in a teepee. (xD) I'm going into my second year of high school, and I'm totally stoked. I dunna know why. I like school. I guess that means I'ma nerd. Well, that is who I am in my group of friends. I'm the nerdy-oddball. LOL. Yes, I can admit it. The Ninja-gerbils are attacking the Dolphin-Pirate country. At times I can be seriously immature and act like an idiot whilst laughing my arse off. But, oddly enough, I'm the most mature one in my group. Seriously. I've been told that. Many, many, many times.

My real name is one of the seasons….if I had my birthday up, it'd be pretty obvious. LMAO. I like my name. Its unsual; uncommon, even. Its like…. it's an unusual name hidden in plain sight.

So, I guess if you were looking at my favourite stories you'll notice that most of it is slashy-goodness and angst fics. The Ninja-gerbils are winning. God yes, I love me some slash. LOL.

Um, if I ever I have the guts to post a fic...please be kind….*puppy-dog face*

I enjoy reading, making blanket forts, studying, playing hide-and-seek(I pwn at this game), have epic Styrofoam sword battles, NOO, they're being pushed back, play videogames, reading slash, watching anime, reading manga, learning new things...bugging people, hanging out friends(sometimes), going for boat rides, snow-mobiling, atving, camping, going hunting, photography, admiring art, listening to music, and drinking tea.

I dislike people who force their own beliefs unto to other (bigoted) people, man-whores(lmao), arrogant people, coffee, whenever my ipod dies:(, rude people, arse-holes/female-dogs(get it?), when someone steals my tea *hulks out,(The Ninja-gerbil's retaliated with Fart bombs,) discrimination, racism, people who stereotype, my in-ability to write, and whenever I run out of tea, or sugar. Seriously, this one time we ran out of tea-bags and sugar, and I like, went through with-drawals. LOL.

Okaye, I feel that I've written enough. The Ninja-gerbils have captured two Dolphin-pirate mini-towns. I bet most whoever read this are like "TL;DR."

Haha, oh well. The Ninja-gerbils have succeeded in their mission.

That is all. Oh yeah, my favourite video games are Halo 2 and Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

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