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Hello! My name is Dina (not really, but really close!). I am currently in my sophomore year at school (1st grade of High School) and in my free time I enjoy reading books, writing small stories, singing, dancing and watching TV shows with my older sister :).

My top priority at the moment is to finish and publish my novel, which I've been writing for the past three years, in America. It is my brainchild and it would mean the world to me if I could actually get it published. When I graduate from school I plan on getting involved into musical theater, because just being on stage singing and dancing is my passion and I won't let my dream slip away.

I like the series:
Doctor Who
Once Upon a Time

I like the books:
Harry Potter
The Hunger Games
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
39 Clues

I love the movies:
Harry Potter
The Avengers(Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Sherlock Holmes

Happy Feet
The Chronicles of Narnia

What am I working on right now? Well, currently I have three stories up and try to work on them when I find the time and also three others stuck in development hell.

Be aware that I am not the kind of author who makes back-to-back updates and I am prone to updating after several months and this is usually due to 1) Constant writer's block that makes my imagination run away in terror or 2) Tight time schedule that doesn't even let me write the scenes I have in mind. So please bear with me if you want to read what will happen in my stories!

Other sites you can find me:

FanFiction: VioletK

Tumblr: clara-k-stavros

Pottermore: SnitchMidnight27

Polyvore: violet1998

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In the not so distant future, the world has greatly changed. Overpopulation has caused a new government system to form, and they order a new law: The One Child Law. The children of those who break it are known as the Verboten. The illegal.
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Agent Mary West is a dedicated CIA agent, intent on finding out the truth about her parents' death. She had never known another life apart from what her job had to offer. But when she is tasked to "babysit" a wealthy CEO's son, the secrets surrounding a past she couldn't exactly remember start to unravel. Will she be able to uncover the truth before they get to her?
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Set during World War Two. When a young Jewish girl in hiding writes to her best friend, the last thing she expects is for the the letter to be replied to by a German soldier, let a lone a kind and compassionate one who is barely a boy, let alone a man. Or, the one where the German and the Jew find tragic love through letters.
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Anastasia Warren lived a seemingly perfect life. She had a rich, handsome boyfriend, and the greatest best friend in the world. But when her social outcast sister becomes involved with a suspitious group, Anastasia may have to give it all up in order to save her. And what's with this mysterious tune she keeps hearing in her head? Is this the work of her sister or something worse?
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When 15 kids are faced with a choice, they must figure out whether they will save Olympus or let it be destroyed along with the rest of the world. But how can they make this choice, when they barely even know who they are anymore...?
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Magic doesn't exist. It just doesn't. Neither do secret villages, magic circles, or secret societies feuding over age-old battles. Spell books, wizards, enchanters, secret districts – all things of fairy tales… right? Oh, and a good looking neighbor couldn't possibly be hiding something terrible..right? Ha. Right. Tell that to Aysel, whose world just turned upside down this summer.
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Valerie is 18 years old, whoever sees her will never believe what she is capable of doing. The world was unfair under the rule of President Nero, so she decided to make some changes. She took the identity of Zitana and she became the world's most wanted person
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"Look. I can't prove anything to you," I admitted straight out. "Do as you wish. Kill me, whatever. My life is screwed over anyway." I never thought that I could be in more trouble than I had been in while I was enslaved, but I had been wrong. My life had just taken a sudden twist, and now I no longer knew where I was going. That's what I get for eavesdropping on pirates ...
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She had taken to sitting in the park at night. There was a bench that was always empty. It sat under a willow tree that dangled its leafy fingers about her and held her in its hand. Nights in the park were strangely alluring.
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"If you're having troubles, you can come to me." This made more anger flow through me "And what are you going to do?" I snapped and paused on the spot, glaring at him. "Are you going to punch anyone that's ever made me cry! Break anything that's ever hurt me!" It was silent for a second. "You might not let me, but I can give it a bloody good shot." Teacher/Student relationsh
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It's a real story. It happened to me a month ago. The names although, are not the real ones.
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Anna and Alex were doing their usual Satuday things...untill they got a mysterious letter they have yt to read themselves
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Zoe Jones and The Sorcerers by Nightshade29 reviews
Zoe has always loved the greek mythology. She never thought that her knowledge about those myths are going to be useful on her life. Her life has been weird, and it's getting even weirder when she founds out that she had a rare, ancient family blood
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Life after Death by LaCookie420 reviews
"We didn't mean to do this to you, Iliana," Hermes said quietly. "But you were the only one who passed the test." "Why me? I'm no-one special." "In life, maybe, but in death?"
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Sorry, this story isn't very good. I guess you can say that it's a draft. I'm going to make a much better version and it'll come soon. I promise! (The new version is just called Alice)
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Before she could scream, someone shoved some sort of material in her mouth effectively muffling the noise. A man straddled her midriff. He wore a ski-mask and gloves, all black. Jessica's life flashed before her eyes.
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You know the paranoid feeling of being watched? The prickly way your hair stands up on the back of your neck or the goosebumps rise on your arms for no apparent reason? Well … sometimes there's a reason. And Sam just found hers.
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There was a time when he warned me to guard my emotions. I remember how I watched him with adoration, and said, 'Yes father, I will.' At the time, I didn't understand. Now I do. Loveless. Emotionless. Those words are my life now.
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