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I'm in my early twenties, and I've recently discovered (or maybe re-discovered) my desire to write.

From my childhood up until my early high school years, it was rare for me to pick up a book outside of the classroom. I eventually picked up Harry Potter, but it was my dirty little secret in middle school and junior high. To avoid teasing, I'd join them in saying, "Stupid book reports," and, "I hate reading!" And then I got a Playstation for Christmas, and 'The Goblet of Fire' seemed like too daunting of a task compared to mashing buttons on a controller

Fast forward. I'm a sophomore in high school, and we're writing short stories in English class. The assignment wasn't as painful and boring to me as my classmates felt it was, and I had a fleeting thought that maybe I actually liked writing. It's junior year, and we're touching on creative writing and doing a novel study on a classic. When my teacher tells us we will be writing short stories, I feel myself get excited and I don't know why. I hated exerting effort of any kind. I start reading books, not to increase my GPA, but for pleasure. It was appalling to my friends, but their opinions of my hobbies at the time didn't matter as much to as they did in middle school and junior high, and I brushed off their teasing with ease. Senior year came, and I became comfortable with the idea that I enjoyed reading and writing.

J.K. Rowling. Stephen King. Michael Chrichton. Orson Scott Card. Drew Karpyshyn. Mark Twain. George Orwell. Koushun Takami. Jeff Lindsay.

These are authors whose works I enjoyed reading. I don't know if they will influence my style, but my twelfth grade English teacher taught me, "You can only write what you know."

I'm just starting out. My only formal writing practice has been when I was required to write for school. I've yet to find my style, and if I have one, it's probably unrefined and full of bad habits. I think many writers begin developing their talents from a young age, in their teens at the latest, but I'm already an adult and I'm just beginning to write a serious story. Hey, maybe I'm just a late bloomer?

Constructive criticism is GREATLY appreciated, and more than needed. As a fledgling writer, I need to know my strengths and weaknesses and improve on polishing my flaws so I can become better. Once I get a little bit of experience and knowledge under my belt, I will not hesitate to share what I have with others, and hopefully help others the way you guys have helped me.

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