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I walk beyond all of eternity

Searching for the path meant for me

Waiting for the light to dawn upon me

And show me my true destiny

I wonder where I am

When I lose hope and courage

Battling inner darkness at every turn

My life is never empty

Except when I have lifeless eyes

Devoid of life I now walk

Hoping for something to enlighten me

And bring back what was lost

Will fate smile upon me

And restore what's rightfully mine?

For to this day I wander amidst the shadows

Trying to glean what little I can

From the various souls I encounter

In my journey towards the End

Greetings friends. Welcome to my humble abode and you are welcome to follow me in my pursuit of improvement in my yarn-spinning skill and repertoire!

Story Announcements and Things (Please check here regularly if you would like to know a story's status. And maybe a project in the works or two.)

I do have two stories in the works which I will be scrapping because I don't like where I'm going with them.

My planned stories are :- A rewritten version of the Earth's Gate , The Seven Seals of Avraham, The Rise of the Dragons:- Mystic Guardians of Terra , Lifeless Eyes :- Kaori's Legacy ( A series of short stories which revolve around Kaori) and The Fallen Empire :- The Lost Princess( Which has been inspired by the Winx Club)

I hope that you all enjoy these stories when I post them.

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Hilarie fits in with her high school about as well as a Satan worshipper at a Christian book club. Not only is she the sole middle class girl in a sea of rich kids, but—thanks to her ex's lies—everyone also thinks she's a slut. As a result, she's completely given up on her love life. Enter senior year—and rich, cocky, sexy Eric. Let the sparks fly... *Unedited*
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Izzy was thrown back into a world she forgotton and must save it. Two princes from different kingdoms fight for her love. One a dark prince wanting to control her the other a shifter upset to see her again. not good at summaries but please read. BW/WM
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It is 2450 and nuclear power and magic fuel the world. Aliyah Benston's whole life changes after she meets Sebastian as she enrols in Titans Academy, the elite combat school and finds she is a card summoner, but all is not what it seems and Aliyah uncovers secrets that could shake the world around her and it all seems to be related to Oslo the dark heir to Diamond Coperations
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5.1.14: Hi I'm not dead, neither is the story! Its been over a year since I posted a chapter :( . I am currently working on proof-reading what I have and fleshing out the story, as it was moving too quickly. So, when I start updating again (Soon I swear!), I will be re-updating the previously posted chapters as well. Thank you for your support and interest! - KT
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Last one sorry to see this go. It was my longest story so far, but I don't know if that's saying much at almost 19k words. It's been a good run guys! I'll consider reposting this if I'm a couple of chapters ahead (like ten!) For now, I'm taking a break from serious writing. Hopefully, if I do put this back up, it'll be the completed version.
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In a world where magic and science coexist, young and wealthy Stelmaria Acurrion lives a very comfortable life, but she longs for something better. When her world is shattered by a traumatic event, Stelmaria finds a new life in the mystic arts of the Arcane, an ancient race of magic users. Now, she must find her destiny as a new person. The powerful Black Mage: Raven Darkwater.
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Daughter of the Ocean by Mystogan reviews
Without knowing, my reality came crashing down. I looked up at his deep blue eyes and asked already knowing the answer to all this, "What-What am I?" The waves crashed into us again and he stood there staring down at me speechless. He cleared his throat and looked away, "You must first speak with the King." He pointed into the ocean. "How! I have freakin' fins and can't swim!"
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 13,899 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 10/1/2012 - Published: 8/25/2012
Jewel Thieves: The Jade of Earth by Caecilia's Flute reviews
When five orphaned girls, each around the same age, are summoned, they have no idea that they will have to combine their strenths to steal back a gem that controls the power of the Earth. They're from five different countries, but can they succeed?
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Ailani Jenkins thinks she rules the world. She the prettiest, smartest, most popular girl in school. She gets everything she wants, and no one can rival her...until SHE comes along. Some violence. Rated T, just to be safe. If you read, please review.
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Thrown into the Japanese Edo period, Riku used to be just a normal girl. When she discovers a dangerous power sealed within her, and spirits who wish to obtain it, she must go from a hormonal teenager into a sword-wielding warrior, while fooling everyone of her true identity. With the only ones knowing her secret an ex-thief and an Emperor, Riku must overcome impossible challenges
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In Sondilsanya, a school in the mystical world of Corsa there is a series of classes in which only those who score the highest on their enterence exams can enter. Many of these students have unusual powers, even for Corsa. What happens when the whole of the new first year class are Elementalists? Not to mention evil is brewing in Corsa... Rated for future Teenage-er-y.
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This is a story my friend wrote, and i promise you will like it! ON HIATUS!
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