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You may know me from so don't get confused. Anyways a bit about me:

My names Rachel, i go to highschool, i have a twin sister named Jessica, an older sister by 4 years named Erin and an older brother by 6 years named John.

My fav:

colour is purple, animal is an Elephant, word Awesomness, subject Media/cooking, I don't have any fav teachers, my fav teacher to annoy is Ms.Hage -we had sooo many screaming matches last year and the other day i gave her the finger, Bahahaha it was sooo funny-, my fav thing to do is muck around with my best-friends Jaiden and Kayla in class.

The story of me getting my nickname Rob: yr7 camp abseiling, the boys -i was the only girl with my friend Alice there- were like, 'so what your nickname?' and i was like 'Rach', and they're like 'Nah that's boring.' And then they're like 'whats with the spongebob t-shirt?' And i said 'Spongebobe is Awesome!' and then the the instructor was like 'so your names Rachel and you like spongebob, so your nickname can be Rachel-bob.' And i was like 'no, that sounds weird'. And he said to me. 'it's either Rachel-bob or Rob.' and i immediately went 'rob' and he was like 'ok'.

And then the story to the rest of my nickname Rob the wedgie girl, is becasue ok this is gonna sound gross, but if you just start abseiling you can get a massive wedgie. And i was trying to be funny and they're like 'is rob ok?' teasing me and i'm like 'Rob's got a wedgie,' and then Justice and Andrew two of the boys started calling me Rob the Wedgie girl and so thats me. And then at camp everyone started calling me Rob. And that's been my nickname ever since.

Anyways enough with the weird stories.

So yeah back to my fav things: Books, Vampire, Fey, Were-creatures (Apart fom werewolves), angels, CHOCOLATE!, peoples, MUSIC, PARAMORE, HAYLEY WILLIAMS, (Things in capitals are massive likes).

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Chroma by Alora The Sleepy reviews
Oh, yes. Nate Rochester was someone you could fall in love with at first sight. I might have, had he not ruined the moment with, "There's a difference between people-watching and stalking, you know." Inspired by Something Corporate's 'Konstantine'. /REMOVED/
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She's a ballerina grappling with life now that she's no longer taking the stage. He's a hockey player better known for his right hook than his NHL achievements. Together, they're finding that an unlikely friendship is enough to change everything. NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.
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Courting Chaos by thenifoundfivedollars reviews
Her sister is getting married to her ex, her brother's sexual escapades are making headlines, her mother is going crazy, and her father's not speaking to any of them. But perhaps strangest of all, her coworker and archrival has offered to be her date for the wedding. Because bringing home a fake boyfriend always works out... right? NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.
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Second Glimpse by HummingtoMyself reviews
All Lexie wanted was a peaceful summer. Instead she finds herself caged in a house with the most infuriating guy on the planet Josh McGregor. Could this summer get more complicated? Lexie's about to learn the hard way...
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The Dark Side of the Moon by likelemondrops reviews
-"You know people think we're dating?" "What's wrong with that?" I shut up, my heart seemingly MIA. "In fact," he steps closer and takes the textbooks out of my hands, only to drop them so that they slap obnoxiously against the linoleum, "why don't we?"
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Instincts by Elaina McKenzie Sharpe reviews
COMPLETELY REWRITTEN. This book no longer follows the plot of the Coven series, but you can still read it if you want I guess. Vampires and stuff.
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A Gift of Ghosts by Wyndes reviews
Some people would call it a gift, but for Akira Malone, seeing ghosts had always been more of a nightmare.
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Chloe is a shy and naive senior in high school who is about to experience her first kiss ever... with her hot BOSS? Curiosity soon drives her to experience more NEW things. But can she continue without compromising her one rule?
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Dear You, Love Me by beenleftbehind reviews
Holly lost her life, her mother, her father and her brother. She is who she is to survive; no one is willing to get in her way. When she finds herself suddenly adopted in her last year of "childhood" years she makes it her mission to get through the nex
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The Savior by LightasAir reviews
"The Savior killed another teen mom last night!" She exclaimed. "Oh?" I said, sipping from my coffee cup. A slight smile rose to my lips which I hid. "I wish I knew who it was. She's a modern day super hero." Why thank you, I thought. The Savior agrees.
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Mia has to move to Cali. What more could a girl ask for? Well Mia has a whole list and #1 is her boyfriend. And to make matters worse she has to live next door to the pretentious slimball,Jessie. Can she possibly warm up to him without getting burned? R&R
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Safyre: The Price of Royalty by Mona Ellentry reviews
Being mistaken for someone else is annoying--what with the strange stares and confused glances, it's gonna be tiring! But being mistaken for someone can also be dangerous. And Samantha Stone is about to find out just how much. Mythical creatures from the
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Annabelle by Amy Townsend reviews
Annabelle Moore is a Personal Assistant to the CEO of a modelling agency. She works purely behind the scenes. So what happens when an emergency calls and she needs to step out of her comfort zone? Why, Lincoln Bishop does.
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Dance with the Devil by Rajiya reviews
Elizabeth only ever wanted to live normal life; however, nothing ever goes the way she wants. A point proven once again as a mysterious man comes to lay claim. “You’re my mate, and I’m here to claim you.”
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Of Necks and Hickeys by Ravina reviews
ONE-SHOT! "OH MY GOD!" I shouted. "What? What's wrong?" he demanded, appearing at my side. "You...you...youyouyou..." I sputtered. "YOU GAVE ME A HICKEY!" "Really? Let's see it." Riordan tilted my chin up. "It looks pretty good actually," he said smugly.
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All I wanted was one last peaceful summer before I finished college. Needless to say, I hadn't expected my brother's best friend to climb through my window every night...or that it'd be so hard to turn him away. Judge's Pick for SKOW's Best Cliche Round 7
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Rich Kids by chewyy the moofin reviews
He stepped back, and I finally figured out who he was. And finally, I said something; "Uh oh." And seriously, uh oh.
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Does This Make You Uncomfortable? by DancingChaChaFruit reviews
She stuck her hand in the back pocket of his jeans. "Does this make you uncomfortable?" He smiled and slid his own hand into the back pocket of the shorts she was wearing. "You'll have to try harder than that." It's funny what games become. -Oneshot-
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Loved Forever by Niccy reviews
Having just broken up with her boyfriend, Caelyn Fields is expecting a relaxing, funfilled holiday... what she doesn't expect though, is to meet a gorgeous seventeen year old movie star... it's going to be one hell of a summer.
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From Heart Bleeder to Body by LobsterDevil reviews
Alex has lost what it means to be human, though she is one. Working for vamps and werewolves she waits for the one who has claim on her. Once claimed we join her journey to escape his clutches and regain her humanity before it is truly taken FIN
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Made To Dance Together by Pretend Jane reviews
STORY REMOVED: She wants to be a dancer. Her parents want to control her. She finally takes control. Only to find her life out of her hands once again...
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I Won't Be There by NehemiaH reviews
Hailey Harrison is convinced her life is over when she's expelled from her high school. Forced to move three hours away and live with her mother's friend and her son, whom Hailey isn't too fond of, life is going to change.
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Silver Demons and Black Angels: Unknown Living by Starry Sweet87 reviews
One friend, hateful perfect sister and parents who love perfection; Scarlet White suffers at home. No where to go, no one to care. She is accepted out of nowhere to Dimensia Academy; school of demons+vampires. Scarlet must learn to accept her new past...
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