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Other email: Maenoelle@ (to email Mae Noelle) To email Ducky, use email up there. *points up* Just had to say this, cause I want emails still, but, unfortunately, I can't exactly get them if no one knows my email...

Hello, Readers! We are actaully two seperate people but, we wanted to combine our accounts cause we plan on writing a lot of stories together. So here we will list which stories are written by one of use and which are by both We were formally known as The Duck and Mae Noelle so now everthing will be on this account.

(Mae Noelle) *looks down at lists and grumbles* I am number 2... oh well. Anyways, since I was the wonderful one who decided to give up my account so that Harpy (or Ducky - which do you go by now?? *looks up at Harpy/Ducky*) could have her reviews, I lost all mine. I do actually have a lot more reviews for my storys, but, they are on my MAE NOELLE account. SO, go there and see for youself how many there are. ^_^ I am just afraid that my stories will get lost in the updated pages cause no one will read them, cause they have no reviews and so many chapters, so people assume they suck. *cries* Anyway, I am talking all over the place, so I will shut up now!

List #1 Fics by The Duck
Dancing Shoes
Bellus Rose
I Drown
Happy Valentine's Day, Professor Snape

List #2 Fics by mae Noelle
I've Never - 63 reviews plus what is down there - A story about a game played in a circle, and when it is someones turn, the person says something they have never done. Anyone who has done that thing has to take a drink... of a specially specified drink. *looks pointedly* A little too much crude humor, but, hey. Thats what makes the story fun. Lots more interesting then I make it seem, since I kill things, and since there is magic involved... the posibilites are endless! Messing With History - WOOT!! Technically I have 273 reviews for this!! Woot! - In an evil accident, Hermione goes back into the time when Harry's parents, Sirius, Lupin, Pettigrew, and Snape are in their sixth year. But with a slight twist... Hermione can't remember a thing! ... Mostly slight romance and adventure-stuff... supposed to be fluffy and cute, and lots of lovers quarrels, but I will let the readers decide. (More romance coming up -- my main muse, ducky, inspired me, and so now there is this wonderful thing coming up, and I am itching to write it... Heeheee!! The readers will love it, siriusly!) If You Loved Me - 13 reviews plus what is down there - Another one of those cute cliche stories no one can live without. Hermione comes back to Hogwarts, seventh year, and something odd happens to Snape... turning him eighteen years old! He can barely remember a thing, but will he remember Hermione? A cute romance/angst/humor/whatever-it-wants-to-be story. Read and Review - you won't be sorry! ...Still early in the writing stage, working on chapter two currently, and lots of good stuff is coming up. The Curse That Binds Us -- Brand spankin' new, people. Hermione gets a rude awakening out of her perfect little world, into one a little bit more rough and tumbly then she would have expected. And who does she turn to for help? Why, the man with the same problem. I would explain more, but then I would give away the whole story. Another plot line by Ducky, my wonderful muse. *beams* and NONE OF YOU CAN HAVE HER. Some awesome Hermione/Remus things coming up, that I am sure any fan of the ship will love.

Coming soon* The Black Cat - Severus Snape gets stuck with a Black Cat and finds out a little too much about it's powers... hopefully shall be a romance/humor ficcy, but, you never know, these kinds of things tend to evolve themselves. Email me or something if you want to tell me how wonderful the idea is, or whatever. (Maenoelle@)

List#3 Fics by The Muses (Both of us)
1. A Shadow of the Past

Coming Soon: Riddle/Ginny fic Currently Untitled

WOOT!! Has anyone seen LOTR The Two Towers yet?? I have. Twice. 'but it just came out to-' you say. Well, that is just how much I love it. I saw it the first time with all the die hard fans. Midnight. The premier. Drove for an hour to get to the biggest theater in our state. Waited in line for an hour, but had my tickets since forever. Ran for good seats. Waited and watched those crappy preview things and 'Did you know' clips. By the way, did you know that every single hair on a hobbits feet is hand put in from the hairs on a yaks belly? Or that when Sam and Frodo are in the field in the first movie by the scarecrow, you can see a car drive by? I loved the movie -- Lego was as hot as ever, and I didn't approve of Aragorns flirting with that nothing peasant princessy girlie... did anyone besides me feel a certain... pull... towards the evil black dude with no eyebrows? He needed eyebrows. He cried a lot in the movie. Lego and Gimli seemed a bit... friendly with each other. Always riding together... watching that made me want to puke. Up and down and up and down... anyways... hope I am not scaring anyone away. LOL. Go read our stories now, pretty please!