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Let's start with the simple introductions, shall we?

My real name is...well, my email's probably gonna reveal it to you so I'll just skip this part but my pen-name in this site is known as E.T.Novem.

Age: 22

I'm not exactly a good writer, but i hope my writing captures the attention of my dear readers, or even better, inspire them to write too. Light novels were what got me into writing stories similar to their styles since I like things simple. I suck at descriptive...so if there's anyone who can give me advice, please feel free to let me know!

Feel free to talk to me! I'm really an open kind of guy. I enjoy conversations with people!

Chapter update schedules:

I'm currently undergoing national service (yes, I'm sort of a conscripted military personnel) so updates usually depends on whether I have the time and energy to lift my (dying) laptop and hit the publish button. But nonetheless, I'm still passionately churning out new chapters for you guys! But do expect an update at least once or twice a month.

Any comments, suggestions about my story? You can reach me at eng.teck@live.com.sg

Feel free to visit for my wattpad profile too!

The Story that I'm working on so far:

はるはる! HaruHaru! [On LOONNNNG Hiatus]

Genre: Manga / Action / Drama / Fantasy / Slice-of-Life / Romance / High-School

Date of initiation: 31-May-2014

Current Volume: [Volume 3: Summer, Lion, Contracts]

Current Chapter: 30 - Summer Breeze

Completed Volume(s):

  • [Volume 1: Guardian and Master] on 04/10/14
  • [Volume 2: Incarnation] on 02/04/15
  • Status: Ongoing


    Daisuke Taiga, a second year of Tokyo High had only one goal -- and that's to finish his high school days smoothly without any high school adventures getting into his way. Who knew that on one of the fine days of Spring, Daisuke encountered a beautiful girl drenched in the rain and the moment he extended his hand to help her, his life began to take a turn...

    Ninety Nine

    Genre: Manga / Action / Dystopian / Tragedy / Sci-fi / Young-Adult

    Date of initiation: 03-April-2015

    Current Chapter: 1/ /03: We're all the same, yet so different

    Status: Ongoing


    The nuclear remains of the last war brought about a new race of humans known as Blights, or the Infected ones. In an effort to exterminate these rising threats, the United Nations Inspectorate was formed to protect the fate of mankind. Noah A. Nova, an Investigator of UNI will be put to the test as he's thrown into the crossfire of both Humans and Blights in an all out battle for supremacy.

    UPDATE LOG OF 2014*

  • 1/1/2014 - Here's wishing everyone a happy new year! 2013 has finally passed, and quite a lot of things happened. It was the year HaruHaru! was conceived and written as a series read by many and I'm really happy for that! It has been a month since my hiatus but fret not for i'll continue writing!
  • 13/1/2014 - And so, I've finally graduated from my basic military training. It was needless to say, fun yet tough, but with the camaraderie spirit hanging high within the brotherhood, it was a great experience all in all. You have no idea the criteria to graduate. First, we have to march a good 24km (It's actually more than that, I'd say its 28km) with 20kg worth of load on your back. Took about 8-9hours to march around my little island all the way to the graduation platform. A short 1hr break and there we start the graduation parade. I've enjoyed it much, it's like a surreal dream, fun yet sad that everyone's gonna go their separate ways after this. Wait, why am i nagging here. Well, That's all for now and wait, the latest chapter of HaruHaru! is out now!
  • 9/3/2014-A long two months hiatus...kinda unexpected but lots of things happened. That, and my aging 6 years old laptop is finally giving up on me (little by little). I would purchase a new one but they're pricey nowadays, hey that's technology after all. Currently the latest chapter (like finally) is under edit between both my beta reader and me. They'll be up most probably by this coming week! Oh yes, I'm currently thinking of rewriting HaruHaru...and most probably write a new story?!
  • 15/3/2014-I'm really sorry to all the readers/writers/fans out there for my sudden disappearance in the net! I'm pretty sure I owe a number of reviews to some of my favorite works and also messages that're left un-replied! There's so many things I need to sort out so i apologize again for missing you guys out! To my fans and supporters, I do hope you're still out there reading my work! Thank you all!
  • 22/3/2014- My oh my. I'm so busy working everyday that it dawned on me that my birthday is just around the corner. Seeing how people celebrate their 21st birthday in a big bang, I don't really find it necessary to do so...and given my rather dark background, I'd reckon to celebrate it alone...(and the cold wind blows) Well, I have three chapters written and beta-ed by Kilian so expect the chapters to be rollin' in pretty soon!
  • 30/4/2014- I'm thinking of a re-write of HaruHaru, so expect the work to be on a temporary hiatus, not that it wasn't to begin with...
  • 2/5/2014- Scratch the previous post. I'll be pushing on with the project, and I'll refine it when HaruHaru! Is completed! :) expect the latest chapter to be rolling out soon!
  • 11/5/2014- As of now, HaruHaru will be undergoing a minor Hiatus period while I do some research (and more research) on my characters and firm up the plot at the same time. Thank you all my loyal readers, fans and supporters for standing by me all these time with HaruHaru! Give me some time to sort it out and answer you all with a much better work! Expected reboot of HaruHaru! -- Late June/Early July Early-Mid June
  • 24/5/2014- I'm in the midst of cleaning up Volume 1, so you may expect an earlier release of my work! Of course, I'm still scouting for people to illustrate my work, hopefully able to use them as my cover art. If you're interested, feel free to approach me! I'm a super friendly guy (I hope I don't sound like a pedophile)
  • 31/5/2014- HaruHaru! revised is finally up, the first chapter i mean! Really excited to show the readers the world of HH! and the fantasy romance behind it! Interested readers do read it and give me your honest opinion!
  • 17/6/2014 - Chapter 4 is already up in less than a month! I have two of my beta readers to thank for though, namely ArowaRimu and Kilian Grey for their wonderful hard work in making my chapters come to life! I have as far as Chapter 10 planned out and believe it, it's gonna be a lot different than the once-popular story!
  • 27/6/2014-Finally, I'm back to civilization, and I'm glad to say I've officially graduated as a Sergeant in the army. Training has been tough, and it's even harder juggling writing novels and handling the stress in camp. But now that I've attained such a role in the army, hopefully things will go much smoother for me, and please wait while I churn out more chapters for you guys!
  • 2/8/2014- Late news, but I'm picked for the week in RAOSC! Honored to take centerstage and thank you all for reviewing my work!
  • 08/08/2014- Let's be patriotic a little since it's national day tomorrow in my little island/country. Anyways, sorting out my priorities now and..trying to churn out new chapters.
  • 21/09/2014- It's been a long time since I've updated. I knew this log would come in handy to see how far I've come as a writer. Everyone has their ups and downs, and life's like that so everyone's just gotta suck it up. But you don't just stop that. Once you've get that in your system, figure out what you want to do with it, the next step, and your motivation. That's something I should be saying to myself I guess. I'm on a temporary hiatus, but don't worry writing is my passion and hobby, and I'm not gonna give it up. Anyways, I do wish that whoever's reading this continues on until the end of the message. I have a beta reader, a penpal, a friend in the texas. He's been a great guy to talk to over FP and definitely my first friend from all the way across the globe. Please keep him in your prayers as he's going through a tough time recovering in the hospital. Thank you all.
  • 28/09/2014- OKAY! Hiatus is lifted and I'm back to the writing board! Got some fresh ideas for HaruHaru but hopefully there'll be people to read it, eh?
  • 04/10/2014- [Volume 1: Guardian and Master] is officially completed! What are you waiting for? Start reading it now!
  • 21/10/2014- After years, I've finally tried playing Steins; Gate and it's so...AWESOME! You guys should seriously go try it! In other news, writing is still ongoing...
  • 25/12/2014- MERRY XMAS EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF RELIGION AND WHATNOT! I do hope everyone's feeling well and it's not like anyone's reading this post...I guess updates have been slow and I apologize for that. Wow, I guess it's really an awesome idea to keep a data log here. Looking back, it feels like I've come a long way this year with lots of stuff going on. Hopefully 2015 will be a better year for us nah who am i kidding?!
  • UPDATE LOG OF 2015*

  • 30.01.15 - So it's been awhile. A month passed with tons of work piling in my life. Currently using my girlfriend's macbook typing this out. Initially, I wanted to scrape the log of 2014 but then I thought 'hey, why not keep it and see what tons of crazy shit I've been ranting when my future self decides to take a peek here?' I haven't been writing, or participating much in the forums to my regrets. This year marks the end of my army obligation and the start of my university so let's hope everything turns out well.
  • 07.03.15 - MIA for two long months isn't exactly the type of attitude I want to have as a writer...but i guess circumstances kinda gets in the way? But not to worry, HaruHaru! will still resume as normal so please be patient! In other news, I pray that I get into the university of my choice!
  • 08.03.15 - I have a strong urge to re-upload one of my older works inspired by SAO. Hmm, let's see how it goes?
  • 16.03.15 - And so chapter 25 is out and in just a while longer, Volume 2 of HH! will come to an end. In other news, my brithday is coming! (I need a new phone badly, oh and a laptop as well.)
  • 23.03.15 - I dedicate this post to the passing of my country's most influential, perhaps the biggest political giant, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Your dedication to our country will greatly be remembered in the years to come. RIP Mr Lee.
  • 02.04.15 - Mainstream me would wanna dedicate a log to my birthday but i was too depressed that day mourning for my country's founding father. Not that I'm patriotic, but credits to him for building our country to what it is today. Anyways, the latest chapter is finally out, bringing closure to yet another exciting adventure!
  • 05.04.15 - I am so glad to announce that my new project is out for all to read! No.99/ /Kyuu Hyaku Kuu is a dystopian world that's polar opposite of HaruHaru! Please support the work and let me know what you think!
  • 10.05.15 - Ninety Nine is currently blazing on smoothly and you'd be surprised to hear that Ninety Nine is on its way to completion!!
  • 25.07.15 - Looking back at my log, I realised I haven't been doing much in the site. In fact, I'm not doing anything at all even in my Wattpad community. However, I guess it's good for now since I'm focusing heavily on editing Ninety-Nine, and hopefully the first volume will be completed and released for my fans to read :)
  • 06.10.15 - Crap, it's been three months already? Not to worry though, Ninety-Nine is still undergoing edits - just that it'll take quite a while longer before I am confident enough to show you guys. Sides' that, I'm so overwhelmed by society and its conformist-idea (within my country I guess) that I'm struggling to keep up with what I wanna do. Anyways, I'm foreseeing the prologue to be out pretty soon, prolly end of this month!
  • 25.10.15 - YAY to midterms being over! As promised, I'm gonna drop in the prologue of Ninety-nine TODAY!
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