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It is I, The Mighty Grammar Defender, battling bravely, fighting fearsomely, and generally resisting the evil force of text-talk that has been oppressing the English language for so long. I be the super-hero alter-ego of Grammar Defender, denizen of ( I tend to be much more archaic, much braver and honorable, and much easier to aggravate when it comes to grammar. As my sister likes to say to annoy me, "I haz grammar."

I may also be called TMGD, Defender, Mighty Defender, Grammar, or possibly just plain Grammar Defender.

Grammar Defender wrote for me a storylet that does a fair job of describing me. It follows thusly:

~The Mighty Grammar Defender~

With my Sword of Learning held aloft in my right hand and my faithful dictionary in my left, I charge into the waiting mob of text talk. They eagerly set upon me, their deadly keyboards flashing in the bright sunlight. I slay an omg with a backhand sweep of my sword, then an lol with a quick thrust. Blocking the vicious attack of a rotfl with my dictionary, I scream my battle cry. FOR GRAMMAR!!!

On and on we fight. Days pass. Years pass. Still we battle on. Every so often I sink beneath the horde, borne down by weight of numbers. Yet every time I somehow manage to rise again. I fight what seems like an endless battle; a hopeless war. I fight for the English language, which for so long has been oppressed by text talk. We must only hope that I never fall.

'Tis my humble duty. I'm sure you understand.

There are a few thing that I would like to make abundantly clear - Firstly, this be not my main profile. My main profile is o'er at yonder link (see above). Most of the time, Grammar Defender keeps me at bay to prevent me from slaying people who say things like, "Updat plz!!!! 0_0 SO awzom!" so I don't get much time to update the profile. That means that there will not be any newsflashes on here.

Secondly, I will not post every story I write here. I write constantly, and don't always wish to share.

Thirdly, thou shalt not attack grammar. If you do, I shall defend it. Mightily. 'Tis what I do.

Fourthly, I hate my avatar. I like the idea, but it is so poorly executed as to be painful upon the eyes. Hey - I did it on Paint in four-foot waves (yes, I live on a boat). Give me a break! If you're curious, the shield reads, "FOR GRAMMAR!"

I have many opinions on many things. Here are some, for thy entertainment.

1. Twilight. In this day and age, most people have an opinion on Twilight. Here's mine: DIE! The collection of Mary and Gary Sues makes me shudder with loathing. The plot is predictable, overly-dramatic, WAY too soppy, disgusting, terrible, stupid, unnecessarily angsty... Dost thou get the picture?

2. Broccoli. Yum.

3. School. I admit it - I enjoy school quite a lot. I like math, science, language arts (the creative writing, anyway), drama, cross country (but not gym), and the long, quiet, thought-provoking walk back to my house from the bus. So yeah. School be wonderful.

4. Steampunk. Hmm... interesting. I can appreciate the aesthetic, but the basic premise seems flawed. Why would it have come about? I just can't get over that. Other than that, the genre is rather pleasing - almost more intriguing than medieval times.

5. Emoticons. I detest 'em. I see them as a way to avoid writing properly and expressively. While occasionally useful to convey sarcasm in an otherwise incomprehensible phrase, they are grossly overused, to say nothing of grammatical correctness. Also, they bug me because it took me /years/ to figure out what people meant by putting a colon and a right parenthesis next to each other. I finally realized that if I turned my head sideways, it made a smiley-face. They are an affront both to grammar and my honor, and I cannot stand them.

6. Mixing dialects. Often hilarious. How art yuz doing? Wherefore be y'all, dawg?

7. Rick Riordan's books. I am not a screaming fan. I find the writing style to be humorous (although sometimes at can jar one out of the intensity of a good scene), and the plots to be well put together. Unfortunately, the plots have recently become far too formulated. I may enjoy reading them, but I am not in love with them.

I love to write. My sister loves to draw. We both love to plot. So we are making a graphic novel together. I write, she draws, we both figure out what the story is about. We call it Latitudes; Legend of the Eastwalkers. The link is thus:


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