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Hey, fictionpress! I'm Effinity, but everyone just calls me Effie. My Mum started it - love ya, Mum! - I swear she took my full name from a book or something. :( Bad move Mum.

Anyway, my full name is Effinity Amarantha Safiyyah Rees, but Effie to everyone but my grandpa. I'm seventeen years old and I want to be an author. I'm just hoping some of my stories on here will get noticed. :)

Mostly, I write what I know. Things like vampires and werewolves and other horror icons? I make them warm and fuzzy, and I'm not just talking about my writing. (My boyfriend thinks he's a vampire, people, so let's just indulge him in this fucked up fantasy he has...but the fangs ARE sexy!) Most of my ideas stem from my favourite authors when I read their books. I've got a thing for C.L. Bevill, F.E. Heaton and T.M. Nielson at the moment. Their books are awesome. I just downloaded them for my Kindle for something to read on the bus and now I am HOOKED!!

Anyway, it's gonna be mostly paranormal romance stuff from me and possibly some erotic poetry and pure erotica smuttyness. All of my stories had dedecations, most of which are for my lovely boyfriend Kai 'Dark Lord Vladimir' Rayne. (He thinks the name Vladimir is cool...its not. Just Vlad is though. Still call him Kai though.)


Me: Baby, Moonwolf's coming over! Should be here in five.

Kai: Why do we need to have that psychotic werewolf bitch over?

Me: Cause she's my best friend.

Kai: *pouts* I thought you only needed me.

Me: *opening door for Moonwolf* Hey, Wolfie babe!

Moonwolf: *hugs Effie* Hey, Effie. Loves ya!

Me: Love you long time, wolfie.

Kai: Thanks, Effs.

Me: Love you loads, too!!!!

Moonwolf: What about me???

Kai: Butt out, Wolf.

Moonwolf: You butt out, vamp. Effie's my bitch.

Me: Hold it, I'm nobody's bitch...except Moonwolf's.

Kai: You're dumped.

Me: Don't suck my blood then.

Moonwolf: At least with me she only changes into a pretty grey wolf at the full moon. You suck her blood and leave massive slag tags on her neck.

Kai: Yipee. My girlfriend/bloodslave is a werewolf. Woo. Go me for picking someone that weird.

Me: Weird is good, Kai, hence why I'm screwing you and not Wesley Snipes as Blade.

Moonwolf: I'm gonna go grab my popcorn now.

Me: I'll have some, too.

Kai: Only if I get to sprinkle blood on it.

Moonwolf: Nope. Some non-leech-like people have to eat it, too.

Me: Hey, what about synthetic blood? You have some in the fridge, Kai.

Kai: Yeah, but its no good. It's past it's drain-by date, much like Moonwolf.

Moonwolf: Fine, I'll put some in a separate bowl for you. *mutters* One with Dracula written on it.

Kai: *snuggles to me* Kiss me, Effie.

Me: No. We have a guest.

Kai: If I didn't blow up after ten minutes in the sun, I'd be outta here right now.

Me: Nah, you'd be drinking a crack whore then.

Kai: Nope, I've got you, remember?

Moonwolf: Popcorn's ready!

Me: Yay! *cuts hand open and drizzles blood over bowl of popcorn* Here you go, Kai!

Moonwolf: ...Effie, that was our bowl. *holds up smaller bowl* This one was Kai's.

Kai: *grins* Effie's mistake, not mine.

Me: *laughing head off* OMG, I'm so sorry, Wolfie!!

Moonwolf: *grumbles* Stupid vampire thralls.