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Age: 16

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Birthday: November 9th, 1994

Zodiac: Scorpio


FictionFiction - A place for my Naruto, L4D, TF2, Ass Creed and Pokemon stories.

DeviantArt - Drawings, paintings and the like, also has some short literature on there.

Tumblr - Art blog, mostly just sketches on it. Actually this is pretty useless lol.

Youtube - Basically a collection of songs I listen to for inspiration. Maybe they'll inspire you too!


Book of Hours

Chapters: N/A

Rating: T


Loosely based off the renaissance period with some steam-punk elements. It takes place during the 16th century where the renaissance is still in full effect, if not at its prime. When explorers and settlers alike from across Europe journey across the increasingly dangerous silk road to China. Some in search of better lives, escape from the law, or new discoveries.

Character art and Descriptions: here


MAY/21/11 - My what a dull apocalypse, huh? First chapter of BOH is out, Sooner than expected I might add. Many thanks to FancyAnAngel for editing it! Also two new Renard albums in practically a day, wow! Check them out here. What a wonderful day, I hope your Rapture day was as pleasant as mine.

MAY/19/11 - Going to be starting my first ever original story titled Book of Hours very soon. Still in the brainstorming process, been sketching the characters, storyboarding scenes and just overall fleshing it out. If my muse permits I should have a couple chapters soon, hard to put a date on it unfortunately. Look forward to it.

Book of Hours
It takes place in 16th century renaissance Britain. When explorers and settlers alike journey across the increasingly dangerous silk road to China. While our heroes hoped for peace upon arrival only devastation awaits. Can they stop it before it begins?
Fiction: Young Adult - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,355 - Favs: 1 - Published: 5/21/2011