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Hey, there! My name is Ayumi Hino but I also answer to Ayu, Ayun, Yunayun, and Plate.

Though I'm not very confident in my skills, I love to write and hope to get published someday. I've got so many ideas but not much motivation to get them written. For now I've got 12 working plotbunnies on the go and 18 others in the dead plotbunny graveyard (or what I like to call 'the Nebula' because it's nicer). Some of them used to be k-pop fanfiction but have since developed into much more.

Just to give you fair warning: I LOVE yaoi, shounen-ai, BL, slash and any variant of the word. If you don't like then it'd be best to run away now while you still can!

I am deleting Shoutaijou, editing it and then it will be back up. It's something I do often when I lose motivation-- at least it's better than discontinuing it completely, no? Thanks to everyone who read the first nine chapters and gave me feedback. I now know what to work on. Your reviews will not be forgotten!!

Ayun returns reviews. She kind of expects the same from you.

That's basically it... I'll be back here once I get going on Shoutaijou again. I'm currently working on a BL Choose Your Own Adventure Story on my blog, which also covers insider material, news, updates and more. Checki it out on my livejournal (homepage), ne?

--Ayun, with love.

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