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Finding a Bible in an Abandoned Cabin

Under dust plush as a moth's wing,
the book's leather cover still darkly shown,
and everywhere else but this spot was sodden
beneath the roof's unraveling shingles.
There was that back-of-the-neck lick of chill
and then, from my index finger, the book

opened like a blasted bird. In its box
of familiar and miraculous inks,
a construction of filaments and dust,
thoroughfares of worms, and a silage
of silverfish husks: in the autumn light,
eight hundred pages of perfect wordless lace.

- Robert Wrigley

WELCOME all who dare tread on my profile. ^^ Of course my name's not Natalie Field really, but I just liked that name so I decided to make it my username or "pen name" as fictionpress puts it. Please note that you are by no means required to read this whole long boring profile.

I Firmly Believe That on a site such as this one, when you receive a review from somebody, it is important to visit their profile and drop a review on one of their stories. So I try to do that to the best of my ability.

About My Superspecialawesome Stories/Poems

White Line:

It's a story I wrote after being on a long car ride and remembering something my mom told me. After that I sat at the computer and just wrote. I can't tell you why. I'd love to hear what you have to say about it, though. It's a curious little thing and I don't know in exactly what genre it should be put in.


A story that you won't find on my profile because I'm writing it with another person (someone I know outside of fictionpress). It is posted on their profile. I have it favorited though, so you can still find it easily. We wanted to write a story that was K+ without watering anything down. It's about the struggles of a girl after her parents have divorced. While it is K, we want to make it enjoyable for older people as well. I'd love for you to read it and give a review.

Rated K: There's nothing bad here, although there are some more "mature" themes considering the main's parents divorced.

I Raised Them:

This would be a series of disconnected flash fiction or "drabbles" as some people might put it. Flash fiction, however, is whole story in 500 words or less. Some people say flash is 1,000 words or less but I feel 500 words or less can pack a whole lot more punch, even though it's harder to do. The stories you'll find here are not full of stereotyped characters for the most part and not all about school and romance and teenagers. They're about feeling small, insignificant, about different perspectives on life, about feeling awkwardly out of place... Though there is a story about someone in school and there probably will be one with some romance. I try to update it whenever I feel inspired to write a flash fiction story, which I try to do at least one a week. No promises. Reviews are appreciated.

Rated T: I rated this T because, yes, there is some foul language on occasion and some of the themes are on the mature side. Please keep in mind that my worldview is not the same as that of my characters.

Inside My Closet:

A series of actual drabbles about a girl who is remembering her high school days. I try here to break certain stereotypes eventually. The church kid, the geek, the mainstream bubblegum girl, the mean girl, the gays and lesbians? I try and add some depth to them. At least a little. It's a bit of a challenge. Do read and review.

Rated T: I rated this T because there are definitely mature themes and definitely foul language (although I did censor some it it), although it's mostly in the later chapters. I wondered if I should rate this M because I'm paranoid, but it's not like I'm putting in detailed sexual content (or anything like that)... it's just there are some serious mature themes going on and I encourage you to be careful before reading this if you've just hit 13 or so. I'm just paranoid though. And yes, keep in mind that my worldview may not be the same as some of my characters.


A poem about a storm, but I tried to break it from the norm and use lots of images. I encourage you to read it and give it a try, even if poetry is not your thing. And I LOVE reviews.

Rated K: There's absolutely nothing bad here. ^^

A Spring Night:

Another random nature poem. What can I say? I like nature. A lot. Not that I'm a serious go-green person, but I do care about the environment. Anyway, this is another poem that focuses on images and I tried to break it from the norm. This one I do not think is as good as "Storm", but I like it anyway. Reviews are most certainly appreciated.

Rated K: Nothing bad here either. ^^

About ME, the Superspecialawesome Author:

Quick Facts:

I am female and have been so all my life.

I am a reader, a writer, a composer, a high school student, and most importantly a sparkly vampire. Wait. Scratch that last one.

I am sixteen years old and still do not have a permit. Sigh.

I love weather. Seriously. Thunderstorms, lightning, clouds, the sky, mountains, nature, snow, rain, tornadoes, hurricanes... the list goes on.

And I love music. To. Death. Music to me is over writing any day and I will always put learning music and playing piano over my writing.

And I also love the smell of rain, old wobbly door nobs, the smell of clothes after they've been in a wooden dresser, crinkly packaging paper, piano keys, a clear moonless night when you can see the Milky Way, grass under my feet, ticking clocks, autumn, that moment when the sun is hidden behind a tall cloud but you can see the rays of it splash everywhere, sunsets, sunrises, early morning mist, Ravel and Debussy, alternative music, and pretty much any genre of music out there.

I dislike New Age music, Twilight, heat and humidity, slow internet connection, midterms and finals, bad grammar, nails on the chalkboard, accidentally chewing the top of my pen... the list goes on.

My hobbies are composed of reading, writing, composing, swimming for fun, clogging (though I did Irish dance for 5 years), singing in the shower.

What do you write? So I used to live and breathe and write everything fantasy. But now in the last couple of years, I've fallen in love with real-life fiction. Stuff that could actually happen, you know? I mainly do short stories, and I've especially fallen in love with flash fiction. By flash fiction I don't just mean less than 1,000 words. I mean 300-500 words. Yeah. A whole story in 300-500 words. I love it.

Do you think you're good? Not necessarily. Not yet. I have a ton I have to work on. A very long way to go. I think I've gotten better though and I must thank my Fiction Writing teacher for that.

So where do you live? In Virginia in the middle of nowhere on a farm. I'm serious. ^^ I live with chickens, pigs, an older brother and a younger sister, and a wonderful mom and dad. I love them all and they're all very encouraging.

My Random Views of Random Topics That I Must Mention

Stereotypes: I'm not fond of them. Sure they're useful on occasion to group people. But in books, I hate to read about a stereotypical character. The mean girl, the gay guy, the strong willed girl, the Christian who is seriously judgmental and, not to mention, has horrible theology, the misunderstood girl in a high school setting.

I'm kind of tired of them all.

Because most of the time, while sometimes people are like this, most people have a little more depth than the stereotype suggests.

Foul Language in Stories: I try to avoid using foul language in stories unless I know that the character I've made would use a curse word. A lot of people use a heck of a ton of swear words because

a) they can and feel good doing it and say they're trying to be realistic but you can tell they're not because

b) they're using a stereotypical character with no depth.

K, K, T, M... A lot of people have written T-rated stories that have some serious stuff in it that makes me think it should be rated M. Also, I noticed that on fictionpress, to get a story rated M you just have a lot of sexual content in your story. I see that a lot. And in the descriptions, people will say, "Rated M. ;)".

It kind of annoys me. I feel like having that in your story shouldn't be just to read it to feel good inside or seek pleasure but it should always be to point something out, to teach people something, to be realistic perhaps...

But I feel that writing stories like that simply because you crave things like that for pure pleasure or something to that effect is wrong. Maybe I seem snob-ish and possibly immature about these matters (omigosh, she can't take stuff like this, therefore she's immature)... that's not the case. I know. Sex isn't bad. It's not wrong. It can be a beautiful thing. This is simply my opinion on this matter.

Conflict: The best conflict is inner conflict. Otherwise it's a story that's all plot. Again, spare me. This doesn't mean that there can't be a cool plot, but I think that if you want the cool plot to work you've got to have both the cool plot and the inner conflict. Hint: to see this, read through the Harry Potter series. The characters through the course of the series get lots of depth. Oh yeah, and then you can go and read A Tale of Two Cities. Just keep your eye on Sydney Carton. And then there's any Hemingway book. I loved The Old Man and the Sea because it was short but it had a lot in it. Okay. I'll stop rambling now.

Breaking a certain stereotype: I'm a Christian (a presbyterian), but unlike some I do not hate gays or lesbians. I don't think it's right but I don't hate them. And I don't avoid them either. Just thought I'd break that little stereotype...

How I Rate My Stories:

In my K stories I'll just keep it light, I suppose.

In my K+ stories I'll keep it light, get into maybe some deep stuff but there shall be no foul language at all. Perhaps some violence (if I write a story with that in it).

In my T stories I'm going to get into some mature themes and there might be some foul language. I try to censor the really bad words. I only use it to be realistic and I don't use them often. The F-word might be mentioned once or twice. But I decided to warn you people that you're going to get this if you decide to read some of my T-rated stories.

M-Rated? There is one story that I have that I nearly rated M. If I were to write an M rated story, it would not be rated M because of sexual content, but probably the themes it has in it. But I would have to go way out into the deep zone to do that and I really feel that unnecessary at my age.

I highly doubt that I shall ever write an M-rated story. M rated stories generally have sexual content in them and I'm at the age where I don't feel comfortable writing about such things. I may mention some things, but I don't think I'd go into anything. My stories will probably be around K-T.

I'm saying this because I care that some thirteen year old or under is going to wander and read my stories without knowing what they're getting into. I feel like ratings on this sight are kind of underrated and not taken seriously. A lot of the times I have read T-rated stories that I think should be rated M. I think of my thirteen year old friends reading stuff like that and realize how bad that could be.

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