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Hi there! You can call me Arashi. I am an aspiring mangaka (not very happy with my style at the moment, thinking of starting from scratch), although my commitment level issue. Most of the stories I post up here will be my ideas for my manga. Rarely will it not be, but it can happen. Please don't steal them (if you think they are worthy enough of being stolen, that is). It would be much appreciated if you would review my stories honestly, and maybe even suggest some things! Thank you!

*I rate T for Teen for my intention of audience, not necessarily because of content and just to be safe. Most will be rated teen, those that are above (M) usually are rated for content.*

I LOVE a good read. I've been into A LOT of supernatural romances at the moment (don't hate), majorly reading the ones with Werewolves. Vampires I'll take though, but I think I prefer wolves. (I'm not on team Edward, or team Jacob, I'm not even on team Twilight.) I've been craving for some good demon ones at the moment though.

Stories I've been REALLY looking forward to:(my opinion only, please don't take offense if your story is not up here, if it is, I LOVE YOUR WORK.

-Gypsy Tales by Thinwrist
-Mr Shark and Miss Butterfly by Papina
-Drop of Blood by Ray-Anne
-The Candy King by RYTwinDemon
-In the Shadow of the Wolf by anissa7188
-Reaper by Tie Clever
-Dragon Tamer by Avalido
-My Wolf Boy by ixMarionette
-Forever Waiting On Nothing At All by Cirya
-Forever Looking For What Was Lost by Cirya

Some of my all time favorite completed stories: (again, please don't take offense, go read them if you have the time!)

-"The Witch And The Wolf" by RYTwinDemon
-Three Night Stand Love is simple by InaLinger
-"My Oriental Mate" by ixMarionette
-Atropa Belladonna by ixMarionette
-"Your Type" by WrittenInTheSand
-"The Nice Guy Complex" by WrittenInTheSand
-"Mine" by WrittenInTheSand
-"Whipped By A Kiss" by jellybeancurd
-The Night's StarCrossed Story by Cirya
-"The Day I Stalked Him" by Vena Cava
-"Pussy" by Vena Cava

-Haunted by OneLastEndeavor
*Sure there's more but can't find them. ._.*

More detailed summaries of my stories below: (Planning on revamps, especially of Animus)

Animus: Some might pass them off for shadows, tricks of the light, or a mistaken glimpse and paranoia. But no, not to Suzuki Futaba. To him, they appeared as clear as day, and he knew exactly what they were, and they certainly did not belong in this world. On a daily basis, he would avert his eyes, avoiding contact, trying to act as if they didn't exist to him. Only one was an exception, a ghost by the name of Ryoko, who was bound to the roof of his school, his sanctuary. He had come to friendly terms with the girl, and revered her as his unofficial sister figure. Everything changes when he begins to feel nauseous, and a whirl of events pass by quickly; a fresh blooded alumni interns at Futaba's school, showing a keen interest in him; rumors of violent occurrences and instances of people being "spirited away" become whispered daily in the halls and came to be known as a legend, dubbed the tale of the Nightwalkers; and Ryoko begins to behave strangely. Can Futaba shake off the persistent teacher, absolve the feeling of lead in his stomach, stop the Nightwalkers and find out what is wrong with his ghost friend, especially when the spirits have been restless and he himself seems to be targeted by the Nightwalkers? Or will he fail, and lose Ryoko in the process?

*Just so you know, this is only the summary of the beginning arc. In the manga, I'm not planning it to be more than a volume, two max, but it doesn't seem appropriate to fill in on the summaries of the other arcs yet so for now, it's only the first arc until I've written far enough to make the general summary.*

Delusions From The Sky: "I'm home." I would say. Then I would walk the hall, inspecting each man carefully. "Who should I choose to serve me today? Flirty playboy? Dark and mysterious? Serious and cool? Mature and experienced? Or... young and mischievous?" All of them would await my answer eagerly, all the while staring at me with their passion filled eyes. And then I'd laugh and say, "How troublesome, it seems I can't choose again. Why not have all of you join me?"

All the men would smile and say, "As you wish, Sorami-sama." And then as if being washed away by a flood, the men would bring me to a room and-

"Hey, watch it you weirdo!"

My butt crashed into the floor as the contents of my bag spilled into the pathway. "Ow."

Sorami Abe is a nerd with a dream. That is, to create her very own beautiful boy harem! However, it may be a harder task than she first thought it to be, especially when her first target could be compared to a selfish, spoiled, puppy prince who has a big bark. But who could resist the idea of taming the selfish puppy and training him into a full-fledged prize-winning (not to mention very obedient and faithfully loyal) dog? This would be fun. Game start.

*As you can see, I mainly used text from the story itself for content. Haven't thought this story out too deeply. Hope this is detailed enough though.*

Lover Giant: Once upon a time, there lived a small girl who loved to run with the boys, play with the boys, and be with the boys. She was graced with two friends, the popular prince of the fourth grade whom she called "Kametarou", and the sheltered princess who lived in the locked tower, whom she called "Hime." During her eighth summer, the girl noticed something: she was in love with her best friend, Kametarou. When she relayed it to her other friend Hime, she persisted that they both meet, wanting her sheltered friend to gain a new one, and meet the one she held in her heart. What she didn't expect was for Kametarou to fall in love on first sight with the troubled Hime.

"No!" She cried desperately. "You can't be in love with Hime!"

Kametarou grew irritated instantly. "Why can't I? Give me a reason not to!" The Kametarou demanded angrily.

"Because I-"Kohaku halted in mid-sentence. She started over. "Because Hime...isn't who you think she is. She's not like other girls. You can't fall in love with Hime because...Hime is really...A BOY!"

Kametarou stared at her incredulously. "You shouldn't lie Kohaku. Didn't your parents ever teach you that lying is bad?" Kametarou scolded her. Tears stung at Kohaku's eyes, but she messily wiped them away.

"FINE! I hate you both! I hope you both die happily together, you HOMOS!" She screamed and ran off, leaving Hime and Kametarou alone.

That was the last she ever saw of the two in her childhood life. Soon after the fight, she moved away from town. It's been eight years. And now, she's finally coming back. But not as the old her... And she's out for revenge from the one that ruined it all for her.


S to M Marriage, the bonding between two individuals declaring their undying love for each other to the world. Marriage, the bond that was weakened and tore apart his family. Marriage, the new found love that turned his life upside down.

After a sudden call from his father overseas that he is getting remarried, Morinaga Takashi can't help but be a little skeptical at his father's "good" news. When he's informed that they will be living with them by the next day, it's about all he can do to not worry himself to death about the speedy, full throttle mode the relationship was taking. His fears are relieved as he discovers that the pair really are infatuated with each other, one that doesn't seem to be dying down soon I might add, but moving in with the new family members bring him new, unsettling fears that he just can't shake off. A new little sister, Rudy, comes along with the tow, and the way she calls him "onii-chan" is just a little too affectionate for his liking...

Will he be able to walk the line of sanity and morality? Or will he fall prey to Rudy's master plan?

"Why won't you just let go?!" I was really distressed by then.

She yanked me closer, her breath tickling my face as she whispered sweetly to me. "Because I came here to seduce you, onii-chan."

Un-Hero: It is Hero's job to take and fulfill the protagonist role in a cliché fantasy/action story line, where he will have to use the power of friendship, his super special awesome giant ass sword and his gravity defying hair to free the world against the Emperor of Evil who defies the land of any freedom! Riding on his white horse, he will gallantly slay dragons and evil demons and monsters and-"

Hero: "To hell with that! I'm not going to become a hero, and will absolutely not follow the ways of cliché! Just watch me!"

Revised* Join our hero Hero as he tries to defy his fate, but gets tumbled into it anyways with strange companions and his clichéd adventures!

*He's very fun to torture if I may add. A nonsensical story, follows a basic storyline but focuses more on me tormenting my (male) characters. Hero has quite a potty mouth on him, just warning.*

More stories will be coming later, my brain just can't seem to stop churning them out, even if a ton of them have been done over a million times. As I stated earlier, I'm not the most punctual person in the world, nor am I consistent, so don't get your hopes up on updates. Although reviews and comments really do help motivate, hint hint.

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Angel Burns held up a pale hand, silencing Headmaster Brown. His eyes had gone cold, with a determination. I knew, just as every other Gypsy in the room knew, nothing would stop him. Angel wanted me. He had chosen me. And you don't refuse a Witch...Please R&R!help me reach my goal of 120 reviews!
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