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Hello, here is the story of how I signed up for this site... (It's not that exciting, and pretty short.)

I made an account at in 2010, but didn't start using much until about May 2011, and I started working on my first fanfic

I was originally going to post my own story, not based on any other series, until I found out that this was the sister site for original stories.

So here I am! and I know my writing sucks, but the only way to get better is to practice.

Moving On...

Current Updates (September 16)

Well I totally forgot about my plan to work on new chapters for Kutie Pie... yes I'm lazy, so ignore what's below this..., But there is a new Jessica's misadventures chapter. I find it easier to write because it doesn't have to have as much plot as Kutie Pie does.

Okay guess what... NEW KUTIE PIE CHAPTERS STARTING JULY 2ND!!!! yes that is the date i have decided on

Here's the plan for Kutie Pie at the moment, I'm planning to start releasing new chapters around July. Instead of the one chapter at a time thing I've been doing which usually results in me writing a chapter, then not writing forever, I want to have several chapters finished. Doing that should help me stay more focused, and if I take a break from writing, I'll have some chapters in reserve

Ok, so it's been forever since I've updated any of my stories because i've been lazy

I do have plans for more kutie pie and jessica's misadventures, but murder high school, and shaniqua and kristal don't have have any future plans.

Sneak peek of Kutie Pie Chapter 16, which may get released once I get on my butt and finish the other half...

“Huuuughhhhahhhhhuguhuhuhh,” Aya groaned while she rolled around on the sidewalk. The group had made it to the park about a two minutes before the competition was due to start.

“Come on Aya we're almost to the bleachers!,” Opal urged to Aya.

“I think I'm gonna die from all that exercise,” Aya whined, but still managed to stand up.


Currently working on: Kutie Pie, Jessica's Misadventures (Well technically I still have plans to work on Kutie Pie even If I don't update it)

On Hiatus: Shaniqua and Crystal

Complete: Bob's Adventure

Canceled:Murder High School

Kutie Pie

My first story for the site. Before I give a description, since this was the first story I started on here, It has more chapters, and I am more attached to it than my other stories, so expect this story to get the most updates. It makes fun of Magical Girls, and nothing really important has happened so far besides the characters being idiots. First they must find all six Kutie's (Who are the magical girls), who's names correspond to the colors of the rainbow (Example: Kutie Red, Kutie Orange, etc.).

Shaniqua and Kristal

This story is horrible. Don't read it currently. I will announce when it is ready and I decided to rewrite/add a new chapter.

Bob's Adventure

A short story I wrote back in sixth grade. It is complete since it's pretty much just a one-shot.

Murder High School

My first attempt at horror. I can't really think of a description yet.

Jessica's Misadventures

A comedy about a girl named Jessica who always has the worst luck.

I'm having fun with the Kutie Pie story.

I try to update Kutie Pie before anything else.

Other Stuff that no one will ever read:

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite Drink: Water/Dr. Pepper

Favorite Singer: Lady Gaga (How can you not like her, with her extreme sense of fashion!)

Random Things That Have Happened on this site:

6/11/11- When I uploaded Kutie Pie Chapter 9, It had 1,560 words, but when I fixed some spacing problems, it changed it to around 1,700 words, which is kind of odd.

9/16/12- Wow a lot of time has passed since I joined here, sorry just felt like commenting on how time flies by...

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