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Author has written 2 stories for Fantasy, and Fable.

Warning when reading beware of: Tigers, meatballs, flamingos, evil elves, griffins, little people, and purple bunnies.

I'm into fantasy and reject reality. With me, I like it when weird things happen.

Be prepared for my stories to give you a different way of thinking.

Some random stuff about me:

Pet: a chinchilla named Nibbles XD

Dream pets; Hippo, lion head bunny, giant lizard, gecko, capybara, cobra, penguin, turtle, marshmallow, seal, tiger, unicorn

Favorite books: Warriors, Fablehaven, Hungergames, Seekers, Mortal Instruments, 39 clues, Ranger's apprentice, Survivors, Beyonders, Maximum Ride, Wings of Fire, Marly and Me, Percy Jackson & the olympians, Heros of olympus, Kane chronicles, One for Sorrow, The Infernal Device, ect

Favorite Manga/Anime: Dn angel, Naruto, Black Butler, Avatar: the last airbender, Pandora hearts, Shugo Chara,
Wolf's Rain, Sword Art Online, Death Note, One piece, Bleach, No.6, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist; Brotherhood, Fairy Tail,

Favorite songs: Fireflies and On the wing -Owl City, Mean -Taylor Swift, Firework -Katy Perry

Favorite hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, being random, eating cookies, and using the force.

Awesome quotes:

real quote #1
Some people are like slinkies, not good for much, but bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.

real quote #2
We're all a little weird, and life's a little weird, and when we meet someone who's weirdness is compatible with ours, we join together in mutual weirdness, and call it love!

made up quote #1
Some worlds will need saving, others were born needing saving. Some people were born heroes, others learned it on the job. But all that matters in the end is that the world is saved and you looked awesome doing it. Living is a plus.

made up quote #2
I write a story, then look at it the next day and think: man, I was a bad writer back then.

made up quote #3
If anything is anything and nothing, and something is nothing, and nothing isn't anything, than anything and nothing is something, and something and anything is anything but nothing.

Languages: English, and I can speak a little Japanese, and I'm learning Chinese and French. (All at the same time!!!)

Goal: To have a really long profile like everyone else.

Favorite color: Black, purple, white.

Favorite vacation place: Hawaii or Narnia

Story I like to work on the most: The Dream Trilogy


FADING DARKNESS; A young boy named Max is an ordinary kid in a not so ordinary world. His people are raised to hunt down and kill demons. To do this, they combine their souls with a dragon, giving them incredible strength. They have the power of a single element, that runs through the family. But Max is slightly different. A knew element power born, and betrayal at every corner.

Soon To Be Posted:

FIVE STONES; There should only be one. One grand scarlet stone that rules all, having more power than any sole sorceress. But then it was divided. Five stones, merging into five souls. Five protecters, unaware of their own incredible power. Others know. Others want it. Can they escape now knowing the truth? Or forever stay hidden, lied to for eternity. A tale of five apprentices, destine to save or destroy the world.

THE BETRAYER; He lies! Hissed the voice in my mind. Do it! Do it now before he turns you! My hand moved faster then my find could process. Held in my grasp was the cold, heavy dagger I had kept hidden all this time. Before I could restrain myself, it dug deep into his chest.

S.O.S: 8 years ago, the world ended. It is now nothing but a deserted landscape, ending a way few expected. Jason is a lone survivor, beaten up and surviving on his own without any weapons or resources. For him, there is almost no purpose in living anymore. Isle is also a survivor, her only companion is a dog named Fang. She travels hoping to find the family she was separated from. But how can any dreams come true, in a land lost long ago? (no zombies included)

THE DREAM TRILOGY; My name is Raven. I'm a shape-shifter, of the dream world. Here, anything ever dreamed by children shows. I live in the Myth tribe, in the kingdom of Drainyn. The angles rule over all the kingdoms, keeping order and balance. But a threat is rising. Naira, one of the great five sorceresses, now turned rouge, has risen. But for me, this is no concern. Our people have nothing to do with the angel's troubles. At least, not until our village was attacked.

THE NIGHTMARE TRILOGY (PREQUEL TO THE DREAM TRILOGY); Before the five sorceresses that made the boundaries seperating the kingdoms, war raged. The angel empire was opposed at every corner. That is where I come in. My name is Ember, that last heir to the throne. I'm forbidden to leave the palace until I'm made queen in one month. But so much came change in that time. It's starts with a threat, and ends in betrayal.

KASIA THE DEMON LION; In a land long ago, there was always a treasure to be stolen. In this particular place, there happen to be a labyrinth, holding the greatest treasure of all. But it was guarded by a fearsome lion called Kasia. He was made so that he was never hungry, never needed to sleep, could never die, and had no fear. But of course, a price came with that. Kasia can never leave the labyrinth.

RAIN; For over 20 years, it has rained without stopping. People can now only live on higher land, preferably mountains. Every year the water rises, and an even vaster ocean appears. Ame lives alone with his grandmother, doing everything he can to survive. But then the weather changes for the first time in his life. The entire land freezes over, in a seemingly eternal winter. The question is, will it stay like the rain had, or turn into a cycle, throwing the world into more chaos.

KURO MOON; A high school girl named Kuro is different. More different than anyone could possibly imagine. She is an angel that betrayed her kind, and is now being hunted down, her wings no more than a mirage. While escaping from bounty hunters after her head, she meets a another girl named Lie. Together they must follow a path leading to a hidden secret, all while being chased by two hunters named Jake and Elizabeth. Will they ever reach their goal? Or perish along the way?

SORROWFUL TALES; This are short stories I made up. Warning; Some are extremely depressing. I get depressed just by writing them. Make sure to read something happy after!

POEMS OF SORROW; Many poems I have written. However, they tend to turn very sad. Please enjoy!
Some examples;

I'm Sorry

Scarlet now stains my being.

I know the truth will come,

no matter how I lie,

I will still be doomed.

I know now it could have changed.

But still,

You may never know,

I'm sorry.

Sorrowful Song

The wind is filled with the sounds of sadness,

notes of despair touching the ear.

Though the birdsong tries to hide it,

It makes it's way through,

being heard by all.

All will now know,

How sorrowful this world is.

For a single saddened song plays,

Alone in a world of lies.

Young Beast

With a whimper, it pleas,

It does not wish to die.

Yet we ignore the cries of help,

Like we always do.

It is truly sad what we have become,

When we can no longer hear those pleas.

To most, it is nothing but the howl of the wind.

But inside, we know why.

Because guilt rules us all.

A Single Hope

You are the only thing to save us.

You are our last pleading desire.

Please, save up from our pain,

Set us forever free.

Do not turn away from the pleading calls,

Do not hide you fear with lies,

Return to us,

Our hero.

The Raven

Doom follows you,

Hiding in those black feathers.

Do you know, what fear you cause?

Do you care for the world?

I wish I could follow your endless flight,

But alas, I stay here,

And watch you go.

Always calling for you to return,

The last soul that wants you,

Dear Raven.

Friendship Gone

Our hands tremble with rage.

Who knew betrayal would mean so much pain?

But I no longer care.

To me, I have simply set my soul free.

I say goodbye now,

To you, forever.

Though you may not agree,

It is best this way.

We were never friends.

Our whole life, has been a lie.

Also find me on www.fanfiction.com as Falconface.

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