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(The top of the DP says "we've all go both" sadly it cut the top off :( but its a Harry Potter quote)

Okay here is my profile.. not sure what to say so here goes.

I am not much of a writer ( i tend to get major writers block and dont finish storys) so i may not be writing any stories soon, however i am an avid reader and will try to give infomative and helpful reviews :). I have the infurating habit of using "lol" alot and also using smiley faces, i really can't help it its just the kind of person i am.

my interests are: Reading (kinda why im on this site), shopping (if and when i have the money), talking in lessons when i really should be listening (i blame my already intelligent friends who would perfer to talk about boys and juicy gossip), watching flims, going to the local park, going to music concerts, and genrally hanging out with friends.

5 Things i wish i could do but don't have talent/guts:

1. Sing, im not asking to be the next whitney Houston but i would love to be able to sign in key lol.

2. Draw without people saying "what the hell is that suposed to be?!"

3. Play the piano, its something i always wanted to do since i was four but my mother took me to river dancing lessons instead... *instert confused and peed off look here*

4. Dance, my ballet and river dancing teachers both said i should quite while i am ahead. This crushed a little 8 year old me :'(

5. Be a laywer, okay i havent left school yet but if i had the confidence i would love to train to be a laywer. I mean i have the intrest in law and the arguing abilitys almost to the piont i can find a loop hole in almost anything i just have the unhelpful shyness that i seem to have inherited from my dad.

5 things i can do/ am:

1. Listen and give good advice. in my friendship group i am the go to girl when people need advice or need to get something off their chest.

2. Get good marks, not to seem big headed but im not unintelligent and i do get good grades.

3. I have imagntive ideas wether its for stories, design ideas or ways to get out of sticky situations

4. Never give up, i am way to stubborn for my own good and if i put my mind to something i will (most of the time) achive it

5. Be very open minded person

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