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Hi there! I'm Nat...well not really but on here, I'm Nat :) I'm 19 years old, (almost 20...nooooo I wanna stay little!) and I've been writing since I was 8, but recently (like past 3 years recently) I've been brave enough to post my personal stuff here to get some feed back :)

Mischa and I share this account so if you PM us, make sure your specific about who you want to talk to or we'll get confused lol.


Hello! I am Mischa! I started writing last year with stories for my friend Nat (see above). We have written some stories from different characters point of view and we look forward to seeing what you think of them!

Have fun!

A little about our characters:

Come Back (Finished)/Reflections of a Soldiers Wife

Ryan Keller- mid 20s at the beginning of the story, around 30 when the current events are happening. Hes tall, about 6 and a half feet. He's not a tall and lanky type guy, rather he looks like a bouncer from a night club, but personality wise, he's a teddy bear. Blonde, blue eyed, hair that would curl, if he didn't keep it so short. Worked as a teacher before he was drafted into the army. Currently legally dead in Come Back.

Melanie Finnigan Keller- 17 when she meets Ryan, about 23/24 ish during the major events in Come Back. She's 5'5 with green eyes and light brown hair that grows in ringlets that make Shirley Temple jealous. She's devoted to Will and wants him to know about his father, even though it hurts her to talk about him. She was strong when Ryan was away, but now that he's dead she's having a rough time coping.

Will Keller- Mel and Ry's son. He's five, has green eyes and blonde floppy curls on his head. He's starting to realize that other kids have mommies and daddies, and he just has a mommy. His innocent question to Mel starts her remembering all the events that lead up to the present, and also sets in motion a chain reaction with unforeseen consequences.

Steve Donner- Ryan's best friend. a few years older, late 20s in the beginning, early 30s now. about 6 foot, brown hair and eyes, powerfully built with broad shoulders. He has a certain pinch to his eyebrows that gives him a constantly worried expression. Worked with Ryan as a teacher before the war. He was drafted about six months after Ryan and they saw each other regularly in combat, though they were never in the same unit.

LeighAnn Lancret Donner-18 in the beginning, now about 25. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and stands about 5 foot 8. Stood by Mel during the tough times, and would fight anything for Jack. She's got a fiery temper and likes to argue, especially when it involves her family. Sometimes this causes a strain on her relationship with Steve, but they manage to work it out.

Jack Donner- LeighAnn and Steve's baby boy. Also 5, Wills best friend in the whole wide world! (as he would say) he has his mommies blue eyes but the rest of him is all Steve. Dark hair, and even the pinched eyebrows. Doesn't really understand why Will is bothered by Ryan's absence. Both boys know that Ryan is Will's dad, and that he's dead, but they don't really understand much else yet.

Kevin Levi- Not a major character but one of Ryan and Steve's best friends.

Cowboys and Angels (Hiatus)

Anna May Strauss: nearly 19 years old. Came west on a caravan to take advantage of the business opportunity of a gold rush town. Now operates the Angels Saloon with Cassie and Grace. Anna is blonde with light blue eyes, her build is large for a girl so she's tall and strong. She's stubborn and very protective of people she loves. Her favorite color is blue.

Cassandra (Cassie) Jane Stone: nearly 18 years old. She's not unusually short, but hanging out with Anna and Grace usually makes her feel small. As the youngest she's still a bit innocent and naive to the ways of the world, but she doesn't let that stop her from being a successful part owner of the Angels Saloon. She has green eyes and 'Texas big' auburn hair. (Anna is jealous) Her favorite color is green.

Grace Emily Fisher: solidly between Anna and Cassie in age. Usually takes on a leader type role with the girls and their business and uses this to her advantage, she's clever and smart. Green eyes and blonde hair make her a good mix of Anna and Cassie in looks as well as personality. She's taller than Anna but built thinner like a reed. Her favorite color is purple.

Sheriff Levi McGuire: In his early 30s. New Sheriff of Pine River. He's worked his way to power and uses it to benefit the people he's in charge of. Basically he's a good guy. Brown hair that tends to grow fast and need to be cut often mixes with exotic green eyes. Usually he forgets to shave leading to a fair amount of scruff on his chin. He's rather short for a man about 5'10 but his big, strong and frankly, hot! (At least if you ask Grace...)

Deputy Zach Johnson: Levi's younger deputy, he's in his early 20s, just a few years older than the girls. He's the Cassie of the boys, young, a bit naive but determined. He sticks out visually from Levi and Josh not only because of his light coloring, but also because he stands head and shoulders over both of them. He's able to keep a level head in most situations but tends to get irrational when someone he cares about is in danger. (ie Cassie)

Deputy Josh Canfield: older of the two deputies, mid to late 20s. His brown hair and brown eyes make him easily missed, passed over for the other two in the group, but he's really sweet and loyal to his friends and people he cares about, which by the way has recently grown to include Anna. He's shorter than Levi, about 5'9. Body wise he's a brick wall. Solid arms and legs and a very nice torso, according to Anna. ;)

Aftermath (Finished)

Chelsea: She was a high school senior, before They came. Light brown hair and pretty green/blue eyes, average height for a girl. She's angry at Them for ruining Earth and the human civilization. Though she often has outbursts of her emotions, she is very smart and usually knows what shes getting into by opening her mouth. She wants to remember a time without them, but also knows that she can't change what has happened.

Kolle: one of Them. A soldier sent out on Collection to bring back pets to Their planet. Kolle is different from the rest of Them in that he seems to have no interest in having a pet of his own. He's a good soldier who knows that he is to follow his orders without question, until something comes along that makes his wonder if it could be different.

Surino: In command of the operations on Earth. He was the one who brought the intel to Their king and started he invasion. After declaring it a success he retired from the front lines and now spends most of his time with April and planning collections. He only goes away on collections when he fells like he's losing his edge and needs to be the hard warrior he was before he met April.

April: 19 years old, she was taken in the first round of collections just as earth was being invaded. Determined not to be made Their slave, she set out to be so unmanageable that They would just kill her and end her suffering. But Surino saw something in her that he liked and he saved her from herself. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and fights Surino every step of the way, but all it does is make him like her more.

Ryone: King of Their world. His first pet, Holly, was killed by Feline to try and weaken him through breaking the bond. He loved her and has refused to love again but is being forced to take another pet to produce an heir to his kingdom.

Violet: A servant in Surino's household with astonishing purple eyes. She looks down on April and Chelsea as pets and often ignores them.

Maggie (Kivali) and Eric (Rosteno): April and Surino's twins. Since he lost the argument about naming them in Their language, Surino has to settle for pet names. Kivali means 'little dark one' and Rosteno means 'my prince'

F.E.L.I.N.E: Technically an acronym for the leader of Their rival planet of cat like humanoids, Ryone named her this as a child and the name caught on. It means Female Emperor Lady Isn't Nice Exactly.

Sean, John and Amy: three young humans who come across Surino while he is on a collection. Amy trusts him, Sean does not and John is trying to mediate between his two friends.

Holly: Ryone's first pet who died. She became close to April very quickly when they were both taken and when she died it nearly killed Ryone too.

Aftermath: The Rebellion (W.I.P.)

May: April's little sister who leads the human rebellion on Their planet. She's 18 years old and has been fighting for over a year now, searching for April. The sisters look nothing alike, May has dark brown hair and brown eyes and is about 2 inches shorter than April.

Olive: Taken from her native Ireland at the beginning of the invasion, at 17 she is now one of May's top rebels and leads the team that discovered Sean, John and Amy in the palace. Olive's full name is Olivia, but she hates it. She's tiny, at 5 feet tall with wild red hair and green eyes.

Kanno: Was taken just like Olive, the two girls have much in common except for their backgrounds, Kanno is from Kyoto Japan and is 17. She is the leader of the team that Sean John and Amy are assigned to for their first mission. Along with Olive she is one of May's most trusted allies. She has blue/black hair that she normally wears pulled back in a bun and she's a smidgen taller than Olive.

Damon: The first human male to escape and make it to the rebellion alive. He's the only one May trusts more than Kanno and Olive. Damon is from Europe, but he won't say exactly where. He speaks Italian and Spanish and has obvious feelings for May. He is six feet tall with longish brown hair and dark eyes.

Nick: Olive's team partner who acts a bit like a jerk at times. He plays like he doesn't really care what happens to the rebellion, he's just glad to have gotten away from his captor before they bonded, (but he doesn't know it as bonding, all he knows is she tried to bite him) Nick was in the police academy when they attacked, and since joining the rebellion his hair has grown long enough that he pulls it back in a ponytail at the nape of his neck.

Ariadne: A rebel girl who was captured by Them while on a mission with Sean John and Amy. When April discovers that she's being held as a source of information, she hatches a plan to free her and find her sister. Ariadne has a secret relationship with Nick, but everyone knows about it.

Adam: A mysterious man who approaches Nick outside the rebel bunker with a proposition. He doesn't like Them either, why not work together. Nick doesn't really trust him, but decides to bring him to May for her decision.

Diana: Chelsea and Ryone's baby daughter.

Smugglers prize (W.I.P) (Finished, but I can't get Misha to post it! lol -Nat)

David Hunter: Captain of the Stout Heart, a smugglers ship in a futuristic world. He's close with Chris Lake and John Snow who were his only crew mates until Jane showed up a few months ago. He's a good captain and makes sure that the deliveries go in on schedule, but he has a few secrets when it comes to his ex Abigail.

Chris Lake: First mate of the Stout Heart, he's usually the most level headed of the three, but occasionally does something impulsive and stupid, (like punching a mob boss int he face in a bar...) He kind of likes Jane, but hasn't really come out to say it quite yet. He looks to Abigail as something of a little sister and misses her now that she's gone.

John Snow: Third crewman of the Stout Heart, pretty much if David or Chris don't do it, he will. He's a little immature especially when it comes to teasing Jane on the ship, but he has his own dark past that he won't share with anyone.

Jane: Newest (and only female) member of the crew, she signed on to be a mechanic, but once she found out about the real line of work, she wanted a cut. She respects David, has a crush on Chris and usually wants to smack John in the face or groin, which ever is closer. The Stout Heart is her home and she doesn't want anyone to mess with that dynamic.

Abigail: David's ex girlfriend. She's come back to try and get David to take her and a secret package to it's destination before she marries Jacob, her new fiance, but he knows something is up with her. She takes a dislike to Jane and the two fight almost constantly when the men aren't around.

Jacob: Abigail's new fiance. He's a big shot in the corporate world and she's written him off as a bit of an airhead, but he does care about her. He knows nothing of her past as a smuggler and she's determined to keep it that way.

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