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“We are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, and we are kickin’ ass! “

- Copenhagen, May 21, 2011.

For me it’s a massive challenge to write something about my self, because I simply don’t know what the hell to say, what is relevant and what is not. So lets see, I am a thirty something woman, who never outgrew the horror genre, both literature, games & movies. I like to joke with my friends that I refuse to watch or play anything where there aren’t at least 10 people killed in creative ways. This is of course not true, but it sounds cool, and it has gotten me out of watching quite a few chickflicks, which I hate with a passion! To say that I loved the zombie genre best, would only be a half truth, because in fact I find the whole apocalypse idea so much more fascinating and scary. Which might explain my long-lasting love affair with “end of the world” movies.

Prior to writing this I sat down and had a long hard think about what I found truly frightening. And i recall watching the old 1968 version of Planet of the Apes as a kid, and I had nightmares for months after that. And as an adult I can analyse that fear, knowing it is rooted in “What if everything you know, is gone tomorrow?” What if you didn’t have to worry about bills, social status or getting the right kind of latté? What if everything was swept away by a huge tidal wave? (metaphorical of course). Plus I always found the human coping mechanism intriguing, we tend to stumble between raw survival instinct and apathy. And personally I find that people are much more scary than intergalactic monsters dwelling deep in the ocean. (Not that they aren’t scary though, because I’d hate to run into one.) My favorite thing about the zombie genre the theories as to why, why people suddenly get back up when they should be dead, and wants to feast on the flesh of the living. I have seen/read many an explanation to that. But my absolute personal favorite must be the “virus theory” Germs are like the adult version of the boogeyman, something you can’t see, can’t capture, and can’t really kill. You can only take precautions to avoid it. Be it a flashlight and your best teddy bear, or vaccinations and hand sanitizer.

I have been writing little short stories for as long as I remember, and fanfiction was a welcome chance for someone like me, a platform of readers who are ”easy” to please because the story is already a given, and the character development is shake’n write. My first love have always been original writing though, and it is a whole lot harder to reel in your reader because you have to do all the leg work yourself, no one cares about Jerry, like they would say, Legolas. But that is a part of the charm for me, and I always tell people that, your first and finest duty as an author is to make your shit believable, if people don’t believe your characters, and invest something in them, your story is rubbish. So even if I have not done something on this scale before, I don’t feel out of my element, but rather like I came home.

Now I just hope I can make it believable and unsettle you a little along the way.

~ Darling

- Adelaide, May 22, 2011.

I better do this before Darling comes over to kick my ass. Well, when I’m not writing about zombies, I am a married textile artist who is growing old disgracefully. Screw growing up, I am much happier reading comics, gaming, swearing and listening to annoying music. The long suffering husband is kind of disgraceful too, but that’s only because he wears Hawaiian shirts.

Way back in the dark ages, known to many of you as the 1970s, I used to spend most Sunday afternoons watching old movies. Usually it was Alfred Hitchcock, or one of those brilliant B monster flicks, like Plan 9 from Outer Space, but one week they showed White Zombie. There was no going back. As I got older, my love for sci-fi, suspense and horror never waned, it simply expanded to add in a love for post-apocalypse and dystopian stories into the mix.

I suppose what draws me to all these genres is the human element, that sense of how you would cope if confronted with these same situations, when so much is confronting you, and so much is on the line. And well, zombies, it doesn’t get much more on the line than hordes of dead, coming right at you.

~ Ellis

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