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Okay, I really don't know what I should put here, so I guess I'll just start with... Hi!

I'm SoulMaiden24, although I don't really plan to write really much of anything on here, because I'm not the best person to be original.

I absolutely love, so I thought that it wouldn't really hurt to get an account here as well, although I have no idea what I could write except for maybe some fluffy stories about middle school crushes and what it's like to feel invisible, because I'm pretty certain I'll be able to nail that topic down.

I never knew that I loved to write until about a year ago, which was when I started writing on fanfiction, which was really cool because that was just me creating my useless daydreams into something that I could share with people of common interest. Although I've heard from a bunch of people that my writing can be too long and therefore, flat line boring.

So, if my work does indeed, bore you to tears as per say, feel free to let me know, because I love criticism, but only if it's constructive. I personally hate online bullies who feel that they have the write to tear apart people's work in a simple bad mouthed review just because they didn't enjoy the story, or the author's writing style. My friend had once became a victim of being flamed multiple times because her work was apparently not "good enough" for fanfiction's standards. She is completely over it now, and is a better writer in the outcome, but I feel ashamed that someone thought it wouldn't affect her feelings to tell her to "burn her story in a bonfire on the far side of Pluto"

Oh, but don't worry! I'm not all business and seriousness, at times, I can be quite perky and fun-loving, although of late I haven't been up to my best. Probably because I'm always worrying about my future and if I fail a quiz, what will the outcome be 10 years from where I stand now?

I absolutely love to laugh, and therefore surround myself with people who I consider my best friends, who no matter what, will always be able to get my frown to tug upwards into a grin. And actually, a fellow author who I converse on fanfiction always brightens up my mood, if I receive a review, message, or just another chapter of her fabulous writing, my day could become almost instantly better.

One thing that I truly loathe is copycats, who follow others in their own means to become creative. Whenever I see plagiarism, is breaks my heart, because even if the person's motive was unintentional to offending the original author, it just seems wrong.

Some people are copycats without even realizing it, even I myself are not completely guilt-free of the crime. I will always follow my friends and what they believe is best, take their advice, follow the same trends, read the same books, watch the same shows, the list goes on and on. But, I also follow what my heart and mind tell me is the best thing to do. If there is a party, but I have to study for a test, I don't care if I receive a cold shoulder for a couple of days, because I still need to look out for me.

The first addiction that I've ever had in my life was pokemon, which was a phase that lasted about 2 years, seeing that I'm not a serious "hard-core-memorize-every-single-pokemon-existing" fan anymore, but that may be because I've had a new addiction starting summer vacation last year.

It was that summer when I had picked up my very first manga book, which was called "The Time Guardian" as I recall, and it was a very short series with only two volumes, but that was when my friend had taught me how to read manga books.

About a month later from that, I visited a library out of state where my parents dropped my brother and I there for about two hours, which left me to hopelessly wander the teen section for a book to peek my interest. It was there where I had found a small manga section containing only a few series, but out of all of them, the one that seemed to be the most interesting was called D.N. Angel.

I sat down and read the first two books, but by then I was utterly confused by the storyline and placed them back in the bookshelf, leaving the library for that day. But a couple days afterword, I had returned with about an hour and a half to kill, so I forced myself to reread the first two books, this time able to read the books properly instead of skipping panels like the first. When it was time to leave, I checked out all 10 volumes that the library had.

Later on, I watched the anime and was introduced into a brand new world, learning about new ones from my friends, the Funimation channel, and from voice actor Vic Mignogna.

I feel a great appreciation towards Vic, because when I watched D.N. Angel in English dub online, I couldn't help but think how perfect the voice of Dark Mousy was, who I then found out was Vic. I then felt forced to watch other animes where he played main roles to see what other kind of characters he was suited for, so Mr. Mignogna, I tip my otaku hat to you.

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