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Hi!! I suppose you came to this page to see about me. If you did, well then, you're awesome. :D

I'm typically a writer of many words (as my story just came out as 52 pages on MSWord) and, I'm not sure if it averages out to excellent. I always have to go back and edit a few parts here and there, and, well, I imagine every writer does. I love writing mostly mystery/action fics, because, well, I watch a lot of Law Enforcement based shows, so those are really the only ones you're gonna see from me. All original, of course. If I have an idea, I'm going to write it down, may it be short or 1,000 pages (that's never happened). I have a cycle of characters, about 200 so, yeah, you're not gonna see the same name twice anytime soon. My inspiration comes from watching TV, school, family, and just everyday life in general. I'll take an idea and mix it up so much that it's like dang, I didn't need that thought anyway. I'm probably making no sense, I do that a lot, too, which is why I need this site. I need criticism other than from my family (Which is always somewhere along the lines of "That was good," "keep up the good work" "I liked it" "You spelled *insert word here* wrong" ...yeah, that'll help my future career as a writer). If you're going to criticize, be as rude as nicely as possible. I want to know where I'm going wrong. I mean, let's face it, I won't get anywhere with "I loved it."
What the heck did you love about it?

Yeah, that's half of my story, anyway. I like putting humor in stories, because the ones I'm writing now are, quite frankly, violent and serious. But I have one or two characters that are there to lighten the mood for each "novel," if you will.

I'm currently typing up a sequel, just got done with the first book, but improvising needs to be made (I skipped a couple of paragraphs just to get it over with), a LOT of improvising. I get stuck, so don't be surprised if I take a while to update, or I may just be re-writing a chapter. I think, when I was writing this story, I accidentally made it "Fiction Press"able. I didn't have any chapters or anything, just line breakes that split paragraphs, and that was it, pretty much.

"KiwiHunch?" Really?

Yeah, unique, right? Well, me and my friends were sitting at the table during lunch, and we started to give each other nick-names. Somewhere along the lines, Kiwi happened to cross the table and, soon enough, almost half of the school (or at least people I know) are calling me "Kiwi". Not sure what reference it has to my real name, but, whatevz. I kinda liked it, and so it stuck. The "Hunch" part happened when I was in gym sitting in the bleachers and we were discussing my present-nickname, and somehow, the Hunchback of Notredame came up, and thus, KiwiHunch was born. It was originally Kiwi Crunch, but after most protesting and a small argument, KiwiHunch was there to stay. :D

Do you really want to know anything else?

If you do, well, then...I like action/mystery fics, I love reading them because I have a thing for detectives, interrogations, things like that. I can't stand it when there's a majority of the same idea flowing out from everyone's keyboards. It's like taking an apple and just stabbing it in a random place so you can call it different. It's not going to work. I like to think that most of my ideas are original, I try my best to mix them up and what not so it looks like it fell from the sky, and will leave you with "Where the crap did she think of this from?" but in a good way. :D (And if you couldn't tell, the ":D" face is my favorite one.) :D

I get soooo bored.

I like to really think out all of my characters before I actually get to writing, sometimes I write full blown family trees and histories, jail records (if any) friends, aunts, uncles, people they hated in high school, people they dated in high school, what college they went to, where they were born, what their parents did, ect. Why? Well, 1) Who wouldn't? 2) Sometimes, if I have to write a scene where they're looking up personal history or something, then I won't have to pull out random stuff from the top of my head (because, frankly, the top of my head is quite empty most days.) 3) When I'm bored... 4) I like to know everything about a character when I can. I'd bore you with a 5), but yeah, that'd take forever. If you're still reading this, then I congratulate you.


Nigella00 She's so awesome and she knows it. :D Her stories are very unpredictable and unique, her characters have lots of feeling and emotion--heck, might as well plug up the TV and watch them, they're so darn good. :)

x Obsessed with Spencer Check out her story Obsolete Minds (has a nice ring to it, eh? XD ) with Cassandra, the awesome FBI agent solving a suicide/murder case. It's so grawesomeful, you know you wanna read it, and she such a dang good author, and...well, why still read? Click the link, darn you! XD

Animaester.of.the.Islands Loved his story The Only Truth, he's still writing it, so go check it out, go read about High-Schooler John Wolfe as he deciphers cases faster than an actual detective! And read his other case files! :DDD

BookAddiction Make sure you keep up to date with her!! Not sure when the next story's comin', but read the current one! Leaves you on the edge of your seat for, like, hours!!! Read, dang it, read!!! :D EDIT: READ "Human" IT'S AWESOME!!!!! READ, DARN YOU, READ!!!!

x krime-rider Read. Frozen. Lead. Just read it, it tells you everything. :D

Josephine Grace You should like, all seriousness check out--scratch that, read her story Hope and Despair--and anything else she writes! It's so beautiful and almost enough to make me cry, but it has awesome meaning behind it with a sci-fi background and...well, go read it darn you, I can't explain all of it in words. :D



After FOREVER I finally posted my story!! Yay me!! Please, read&review if you get the chance! :D



Okay, I know I am taking forever and a half to update, and I am terribly sorry. I do not want you guys to be reading a horrible chapter 4 of Mission: Omission. I really don't. Because right now, it is horrible. That and I've had some major changes done to the plot, the set up, thanks to InflictedDemise and of course the *lovely* Lynn K. Hollander. It's actually going to be better, and I thank them both for the wake-up call. I am going to be fixing all of the chapters, dissecting them down to the core, just an all-out operation, because as much a I'd like to believe I'm "fantastical" at writing stories...I'm okay, I guess. It's funny how a year can change you, isn't it? I will update as soon as I love and have profounded (yes, I made that word up, and if you're looking at this Lynn, I know it probably doesn't make sense, no need to PM me but thanks for the insight) Chapter 4 to death and so your eyes will not bleed to death while reading it. Oh, and if you didn't notice, Mission: Omission starts out with a "1"...Who's ready for sequels?!


Hey. No, I have not died. To those of you who still love me (I seriously don't blame you if you hate me now) Chapter four will hopefully be up tomorrow, if it is deemed worthy enough to be passed out of the revising/edit mode. It's a little lengthy. I'd also like you to know that 2012 me tended to lie a lot. I'll continue it. Chapter 5 and all the rest will be quick to come, as I've figured out and planned and dissected a plot line and all of that. So R&R if you get the chance...if you want to.

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