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I'm just going to start my profile over. I know if you know me, it's apparent to you that I don't update anything. So I'm updating my profile. Happy?

I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Caecilia. I have a flute. Hence Caecilia's Flute. No, Caecilia isn't my real name. I'm not that stupid. Believe me.

I'm not going to tell you anything else. Really. Other than the fact that the only language I speak is English. I do know a little Latin but I can't have a conversation... I don't really know that much.

I'm a grammar Nazi. Just up front, I'm gonna put that out there. I will literally freak out if there are grammar errors in my writing, not to mention that I will most definitely make note of any in yours. Just letting you know. Fair warning. But no matter how Nazi-ish I am, I still write with a ton of fragments. I'm not such a Mary Sue that my writing is perfect and beautiful, because I spell things incorrectly (that's usually rectified with a little SpellCheck, thank you very much) and I do have grammar errors. I just notice them and fix them.

My stories... the stories in question being the only ones I update.

For the record: If the status says "COMPLETE," I am not going to update it. Because it's done.

The big one for me right now is Jewel Thieves: The Jade of Earth because I so totally know where I'm going with that one. But you never know when my plot is going to fizzle out and completely die.

Ah! I don't want to update anything else!


Okay. Well. If you have oneshot requests or anything... I'm game, but I really don't write much. I don't spend every waking moment typing. Just on the computer in general.

So! Thanks for looking at my beautiful profile!


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