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HI, I'M GOODLIFE16: I'm a girl who love to write (duh)!

HOW TO REVIEW: I love reading other people's stories, and I always review the ones I read. If I review your story, I would appreciate if you could review one of mine as well. And of course, if you review a story of mine, I will definitely review something of yours. Also, when you leave a review, feel free to request a particular story for me to read, though I have to warn you that if it's already a really long story (like 20 chapters), I may read a different one instead!

MY AVATAR: Pretty self-explanatory, huh? Well, who doesn't love Harry Potter? And, most importantly, who doesn't love Snape?


The Sock Puppet Kid, The Green Wife, When Teens Go Wrong, Little Bros Before Little Hoes, and Once Upon a Blind Date - all five of these are short, one-shot stories that I wrote for a creative writing class I recently took. None of them are very long and they're all pretty much explained in their little summaries.

The Elemental Cave - a story that I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2010 (I won, but 50K was not nearly the end of my story). I'm in the process of editing this story and I will continue posting, slowly, as I edit. And when I finish editing the 50K words that I already wrote, I may continue to write the story - that is, if I don't give up on it by then. Basically, the story is about a girl named Cassidy Burke who, one day, wakes up in a place that is not her own home in front of people she does not know who tell her that she is an Elekin - someone who has the ability to control at least one, if not all, of the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and aether. Throughout the story, Cassidy continually leaves a safe haven for Elekins, called the Elemental Cave, with the stunning and always-right Olivia, the annoyingly stubborn Elliot, and most importantly the infuriating, constantly moody, powerful, handsome Chase. It becomes clear later on that Cassidy plays a part in a great prophecy that has forseen a war between the good Elekins and the evil Elekins who try to take over the world. The good news is that the prophecy predicts that the heroes will win. The bad news, however, is that if Cassidy chooses to help save the world, the prophecy has predicted that the war will not end until her death. I'm not the best at summaries, so if this sounds like it might interest you, feel free to read my story and leave a review!

On the Run - a story that I still have some ideas for, but I'm not sure when the next time I'll write more will be. It's about three fifteen-year-olds named Thalia, Riley, and Logan, who each have something wrong with their home lives: Thalia's little sister was stolen, Riley's mother disappeared, and Logan is living on the streets, fending for himself. These three kids suddenly find the urge to rob the same bank on the same day, each of them believing that stealing the money will solve all of their problems. When they get to the bank, they realize it is surprisingly easy to rob. Soon, they find themselves on the run from the law and they discover mysterious connections between themselves and their lives. As they attempt to evade the cops, the kids decide to pursue their pasts and eventually discover a fact that they would rather have left unsolved - that there may be someone, a higher power, who is controlling everything that happens in their lives. The three realize that their actions are not their own, and their thoughts might not be either. That's a tentative summary and if it seems interesting to you, please read and review!

Teenage Revolution of the Abandoned and Powerful - my newest story, and even though I might not post more soon (school is starting so I won't have much time), I'll still be working on it in my head. It's about nineteen teenagers who wake up one day completely alone, without adults or an authority figure of any kind, on an abandoned island. None of the kids have any recollection of how they arrived on the island. In fact, as it turns out they have some major gaps in their memory and even if they know their names and ages, they cannot remember many of the major events that occured throughout their lives. The kids explore the island and begin to realize that they each have their own superpower. The nineteen teenagers begin to form their own society and way of living, calling it the TRAP - the Teenage Revolution of the Abandoned and Powerful. Yet, when the twentieth teenager arrives on the island exactly one week later with a note, their life begins to change even more. The note contains a list of two teams of ten kids each, along with the words "only one half can survive". With the newly revealed information that only half of them can survive, the kids break up into their two teams and prepare to fight. Using their supernatural powers - which range from the powerful, stubbornly brave Maeve (who has the ability to make her every wish come true) and the mysteriously shy Remy (who can erase or control people's memories) to the deadly, dangerous Kyra (who can shoot deadly lasers out of her hands) and the dashing, reliable Noah (who has the power of invisibility) - the twenty teenagers begin to hunt down and kill the members of their opposite teams, all while a mysterious force continues to scratch a line on the original note through the names of the kids as they die, marking each death until only one team survives. I will probably redefine this summary as I continue to write, but if you like this idea please don't hesitate to read the story and don't forget to leave a review!

THANKS: Thanks in advance to every who has read and/or reviewed my stories. Every review means a great deal to me, and I thank you all!

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Teenage Revolution of the Abandoned and Powerful reviews
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