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Ashleigh D.J. Cutler, better known online as “AshWolf Forever”, is an author and artist from Ohio in the U.S.A. She began building the Realm of Crystal Prism at the tender age of three. Since then, she has fought to bring it to life in a fashion that can be shared with the world. The battlefield spanning from then to now is littered with the corpses of fallen drafts and the wreckage of abandoned plots. She won her first battle with the publication of Mask of the Dragon, her second with its sequel Path of the Dragon a year later.

Yet more battles remain. The Windwater Pack series will see its first successful skirmish this year with the release of its first installment, Spirit Brother. A short film, Rain and Thunder, which takes place during that story is in the works. Are more triumphant moments to come?

When asked, Ash had only two words to say: “Watch me.”

I've currently removed everything from this site for the moment. If you want to find me, search my author name as stated up there, you'll find my website. Thanks.

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