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Okay, so I see people found themselves to my profile. Better give a short introduction of my self then.

I do also have an FanFiction profile: Kajskk

Okay, so as you probably already figured out. Kajskk isn't my real name (duh) but I'll keep it her to for once have some anonymity just to be able to keep things as honest as I can. With a name it gets way to personal and I won't be able to publish anything where things might refer to stuff from my own life... Okay so back to the "interesting stuff". I'm currently studying in Australia and unfortunately it sounds way fancier than it really is. But I'll hang in there. I have a very poor social life therefore I find comfort here on the wild web. Cool...

So I figure it's time to wrap things up? Or rather maybe at least tell some of my interest. Since I'm even lurking around here on fanfiction.net I'd say it's pretty obvious that I like to read. In fact I prefer reading far above many things, but let us not ponder to much about that for now. Apart from reading I do enjoy writing and though I have yet to upload any master pieces I have quite a few unfinished work stored on the machine we call computer. What else... Humm, ehh. Well I like to draw and am a big fan of the website DeviantArt or DA for short. Who needs facebook when DA exists? I also enjoy watching movies and series, and as per below you can see some of my current or past favourites.

Music has a large influence on my and how proactive I am when it comes to creating. I don't listen very hard at the lyrics though I do tend to learn them after a while. I'm a person who's rather influenced of the melody of a song or the vocals used. With that said. I don't actually need to know what's said to appreciate music. It can be inspiring and it can be a way for me to relax, whichever I feel like that day.

The reason for me joining this page is because lately I have “discovered” the beauty with FanFic and really love sitting down and see how other people been writing. And I also love to give feedback and just in general comment the things I read. And since I have an interest of writing I was thinking of posting something here as well. But I have to warn you. My English is not the best. But if you do read something, some feedback would always be appreciated

With that said I think I'll wrap things up now.

Some of my favourite movies:
The Lion King (Disney), Underworld series, Gracie’s Choice, Serenity

As for Series:
Alias, Avatar The Airbender, Bones, Charmed, FireFly, Storm Hawks, Veronica Mars, Naruto (though much less than the others), Mai Hime/Mai Otome

This is of course just some of the shows I have followed and Movies I can watch over and over again. But these are the ones I can think of right now.

Well that was all for now. Have a good day and see you later on


List of Work

Genre - Mystical & Romance
Plot - A young sorceress is trapped in a realm in which she cannot contact the world of the living. One day she is approached by a young woman who seem to be able to sense her presence. Despite great trust issues the two women soon bond beyond what either would think possible.
Status - 2nd Chapter is up. 3rd will come shortly-ish

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