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Hey Ya'll! (Nope don't have an accent but it looks cool written, right?)

Love writing and reading even more, so I made this account mostly for following and reviewing and keeping track of stories. I probably won't be posting much, but I hope if I get a good Idea and do post that you will review, cuz ur awesome, right???

Things I Love

1. Blue


3. Reviews.

4. Solitude.

5. Food, and sleep?

Things I Hate

1. People who hate me.

2. Stereotypes

3. People who believe in stereotypes,.

4. Homework

5.Getting up early.

And that's all you really need know about me. If you pm me I will most likely check out your profile and probably read and review your stuff, just because I'm a curious person. I hate haters, too, so please only good messages and politely worded disagreements.

And one more thing, if you're not random, you're not my friend.