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So, I guess this is my profile. I have another account, but it won't let me sign in anymore, plus my stories sucked anyway. So I started a new one. I'm a girl.

My name is [Insert name here] and I live in [Insert country here]

Obviously, I'm a wuss. You can call me by Anonymous Giver, or The Red Dove, or [Insert old account name here, if you ever discover me and try to talk.

PS I do check my email a thousand times a day. That includes this. So odds are I will respond quickly.

I like anything not boring and I always like to try something new. If you want me to watch or read something, I'll try to find it (the internet makes it so easy nowadays)

I'm a sucker for scary stuff. If you are too, look up on youtube "Nightmare house remake" and then "Nightmare house 2"


People try to make things scary, most of the time they fail. Yes, I've watched Cloverfield and found it a waste of time. It takes a lot to scare me, and THIS DID IT!

I'm a quoter, I'm warning you. If my stories have what you would call "Rip off lines, you stole that from [Insert reference here]!", I'm sorry I don't have originality or creativity. If you're a Portal fan, you already found several here.

I was raised on Half Life. When I was pretty much 2, it came out, and I sat on my Dad's lap watching him shoot aliens and military people. I grew up waiting for a sequel, waiting for that sequel, Portal is in that universe, so I loved that, waited for Portal 2, and am STILL waiting for Half Life 2 Episode 3.

That game was supposed to be released by now. Then they keep changing the dates...

If you know any good stories on this site, please do tell me about them!

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