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Hi, my name's Chloe. I write Fantasy, Historical, Crime & Historial Fantasy. I hope to one day be a published author. I welcome criticism. :)

Seeing as fictionpress make it so that you can only write a short summary here is a longer 'blurb' or 'summary', depending on what you want to call it.

Lies and Secrets

Emily has a secret which she is desperate to keep. No matter what. When she is hired upon the foe turn, masquerading as a boy, she sinks deeper and deeper into her lies. Desperate to keep all of her secrets from everyone she does whatever it takes to make sure it stays that way. But what happens when she falls in love with her mentor? Can she bare to keep on lieing and keep her secrets? Or will everything be revealed?
From a pirate ship to the English Channel, can Emily keep herself afloat or will she drown in her lies?

Other stories I'm working on: I am also working on a trilogy, at the moment I only know what each book will be called. Resurrection (Book 1) It's the year 2013 and the economy has declined completely. Unemployment is at its worst, England is overpopulated and is in utter devastation. Then the Pope outlaws black and white magic, the second time since 1484. Everyone knows that magic doesn't exist and with the punishment for witches becoming more and more severe, it becomes clear the magic law is only in existence to use woman as scapegoats or is it? What does this mean for seventeen year old Abi? She has been with Ms. Grisham for two years but fears that she will be pushed from family to family again in the intervening months before she turns eighteen. She doesn't know anything about her parentage and when it becomes clear that she has it all wrong, she is pushed into the inner depths of criminality. In a time of absolute terror who will be England's saviour? In a trilogy like no other, watch as history repeats itself and the death toll climbs higher and higher, and one girl is set to become England's legendary heroine even though half the country want her dead.

Mad World

When transported to another world, lost and helpless, Abigail finds danger lurking in every corner. Who is that red eyed creature that seeks to kill her? Who is the blue eyed creature who comes to save her? Will she ever find home. Or will she be lost in a maddening world?

Gift? (Title subject to change)

At the age of sixteen, Willow finds out that she has an extraordinary gift. An uncontrollable one. She can travel back in time but she can't control where or when she goes. From Stalin's Russia to Nero's Rome, can she work why she has this gift or will she die; accused of heresy,witchcraft or fall into the hands of the Nazi concentration camps? (This obviously needs a lot of Historical research so will take me quite a long time)

Witchcraft & Stakes (Title subject to change)

When Aurelia discovers witchcraft, she knows she must use it for good. But witchcraft is seen as the antichrist and soon Aurelia finds herself not fighting just for Christ... but for her life. (This will be set during the century of witch-burnings and therefore needs a lot of research)


The year 2011 and two people meet at the Glastonbury festival. One is named Arthur, the other Guinevere. As their relationship develops they soon realize that they have a lot in common with the Arthurian Legend. Travelling across the Isles of Avalon, it soon becomes clear that they are doomed. Either at the hand of death or at the hand of lust. But is this enough to drive them apart? (This is going to take a few years as I will be looking at the ways that the story of Arthur and Guinevere as been told)

Untitled 2

Bearing the unnatural gift of seeing ghosts and watching them retell their deaths, Ruth keeps everything a secret; and lives in fear of someone finding out. For it will be an one way ticket to a psychiatrist. What will she do when she goes on a trip to Auschwitz? Death runs riot around her and soon the ghosts threaten her sanity. Can she stay sane or will she be declared mentally insane? (I will be doing research on hospitals, psychiatrists and psychology. So this will again take quite a bit of time)

If you are reading this then thank you. I am going to be honest. I only post my stories on here to get some criticism and help. I also do write to entertain and so far I've been told that I have achieved this. But what every writer wants is well constructed criticism. This does help and is greatly appreciated. I also do respond to reviews and I welcome any criticism. Whether it is something tiny or something huge, I welcome it.

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Book 1: Resurrection reviews
It's the year 2013 and the economy has declined completely. Unemployment is at its worst; England is overpopulated and is in utter devastation. Then the Pope outlaws black and white magic, the second time since 1484. What does this mean for Abi?
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