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Alright, so hm...lets see what to tell...I'm always writing stuff (but never finishing it): but I'm hoping that I change that! Hahah!
I use faces a lot (not sure if that matters to anyone but eh) I'm a sucker for a good love story (so for the most part all my storys are about love)

Three facts about my writing, and or storys

1-I'm not sure if I like writing from the guys P.O.V more or the girls
2-I like to add little songs to the chapters, so yeah you'll probably see song names and who they're by in the storys
3-My storys always seem to have a lot of drama, which is funny because I don't really have any drama in my life xD (I like to keep it that way!)

I like knowing what people think of my storys, good or bad, it's always helpful :D
Most of the girl's in my storys act like me in some ways :P (the dorky ways) and the guys just act like I think good guys should? hahah!
Well, I hope you read my stories, and tell me what you think of them...

Right now I'm writing 2 storys: story number one, Got what I wished for (if you haven't read it you should) I'm a little slow on adding another chapter to it, mostly because I'm having a little writers block (darn it!) story number two, A Happy Ending. I've only just started this one, and I'm probably going to update it a little more then Got what I wished for just because its fresh and what not...hahah!

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I see you talking to her in the first row, gravitating towards each other like magnets. Whatever. It's your life. I'm just the girl who looks on in rapture.
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Ares has determined that he will have Bri this time, even if he has to lock her in the underworld to do it. But Bri's friends-especially Cupid-won't stand for this. Even Lena Watford wants to help out, despite the fact that she has love issues of her own.
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Pierced by Polished Gem reviews
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