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Fake Name: Hikari (Call me Hika-chan or you shall suffer...*evil laugh*)

Co-author person: Kairyu-chan!! So cute!! *pinches cheeks*

I promise that I will try and update "The Sorcerer" every two weeks!! Whenever I'm feeling especially nice though, I'll try and organize with Kairyu-chan a special update! :D -Hikaru Kurokaze*

Age: 13

Appearance: Tall, thin, brown skin, white hair falling just below my shoulders, purple eyes...TELL THE TRUTH! Fine, fine the first three are true, but my hair is black and so are my eyes. T_T BY THE WAY, I IS A GIRL!

Specialty: Romance, humor, action, being stupid

Stuff I like: Reading, writing, drawing, getting hyped up on sugar, singing like an idiot, being an idiot overall, cats, ferrets, patamon, food, sleeping

Stuff I dislike: I DON'T REALLY KNOW

/Actual/Personality: Kinda crazy, can't be trusted with too much sugar, gets hyper easily, always says weird things at awkward times or at any time actually, will kill if needed *maniacal laughter, etc. etc. You pretty much get the picture. Oh, and I'm probably on the brink of losing my insanity. Actually, that might have happened a long time ago...






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