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I'm a 16 year old boy, black, overweight, autistic, and an avid reader and writer. Originally from east setauket, New York. Now living in Raleigh, North Carolina. Miss east setauket more than anything. I'm known throughout my high school as the fat kid with the very deep voice that everyone likes to laugh that. i don't really give a shit though. those jerks in in the middle of the four greatest years of they're lives and it's all downhill from there. I'm also a bit of a loner. Mainly because I've been picked on most of my school life. As a result I get angry very easily.

Here's some info about me

1. people think i'm weird because i listen to heavy metal, which i think is bullshit. just because i'm black means i can't listen to heavy metal?

2. in school, im hit and miss. i do great in english and social studies, science I'm ok at, but i absolutely suck at math, to the point where i'm in a 9th grade math class.

3. Will Bois IS my real name, unlike you cowards on fictionpress who won't give out your real name

4. My favorite book is Where the Wild Things Are. other favorites include Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and MORE

5. Music I like (In alphabetical order) 2Pac Adele Alcia Keys Corinne Bailey Rae Fugees Iron Maiden Jay-z John Legend Lauryn Hill Led Zeppelin Linkin Park Megadeth Metallica Michael Jackson Notorious B.I.G. Slayer

6. Authors on this site you should check out: Avery Brooke, Alice the Strange, Penelope Atkins, Katalina Tomas, and Maddiecat

7. i blog a lot on my tumblr. check it out http://

UPDATE, 9/20/12: Sorry for not being on here so lately. but that is going to change soon because i'm here to announce i will be participating in this year's NaNoWriMO. the story i'll be working on? i don't want to give it all away but what i will say is that it's based on a true experience that happened to me and people around me. see you guys soon!

Thanks for reading this and please read and review my stories!

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