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My name is Bob.
Just kidding, it's Becca. The reason my pen name is Bebecca (Funny story) is because when Mrs. Carr, our principal, handed me my A Honor Roll certificate at the (Yeah, I know it's not really funny, you had to be there) end of the year assembly, instead of Rebecca it said Bebecca. Yeah, cool story, I know. Want me to tell it again? Just kidding.

They always made me be the mom.
I'm pretty sure that's why I hate playing house.

More About Me: (You can stop reading now if you want. Please do, I'm just making a fool of myself)
I started seriously writing about 3 or so years ago. I'll probably put all my old stories on here (If I can find them). I've written about 3 pretty seriously. In order of how long ago I wrote them, oldest to youngest, one was about immortals, the second was about different blood types (Not what you're thinking, trust me. There were Red Bloods (Regular people), Silver Bloods (Sort of like an upper-class dealio), and Golden Bloods (Which were really rare and there were only 5, but originally 6) and the Golden Bloods had to save the world. All of them of none of them.

Great, you got me off track.
I have a spunky personality, and the only word that really describes me is crazy. Or maybe hormonal, but aren't they the same thing?
For instance, I once (Translation: Just now) texted my best friend and said, and I quote, "Walk over to him and POKE. HIS. BALD SPOT." Good times, good times.
I enjoy candlelight dinners, thunderstorms, and long walks on the bea- Wait, this isn't eHarmony! Just kidding.
I just realized I barely said anything about myself. I'm 14 going on 15 (Or 16, depends on if hormones affect age), and I have 4 siblings, no joke. I'm the oldest, and I have 2 younger brother and 2 younger sisters. I share a room with the sisters, and let me tell you, it's no piece o' cake, mate (Had to let a little accent in there). The order of us is GIRL, GIRL, BOY, GIRL, BOY the oldest being 14 going on 15 (Or 16, depends if- I already said that, didn't I. It's not funny the first time, and just old the second time.) and the youngest being 3. Ish. I can never remember.

More boring old me, me, me. Mostly my accomplishments.
I feel so special. I never talk about myself this much at one time. I play the saxophone, mainly alto but I played the tenor for a year in jazz band. I'll be first chair first sax my freshman year. I'm trying out for All-State, but I doubt I'll make it. I've been to honor bands, blah blah blah so on and so forth.
I also sing. I went to one of those send-in-yer-voice-recordin' Honor Choirs last year, and it was really awesome. I hope I can go again this year. In show choir, I got honorable mention outstanding soloist as an eighth grader in a high school competition.
At track Bluegrass Conference, I received 3 gold medals and 1 silver (They're not real gold, it's such a ripoff.), gold in the 400 M Dash, Sprint Med, and 4x4 relay and silver in the high jump, where I was beat by my own teammate. She got silver in the 400 M Dash, so we were pretty even, haha.

To wrap it up...
Sounds like a mummy... Anyhoo, that's basically everything about me I can think of at this very moment. So, I hope you enjoyed reading about me. Please feel free to review my stories (Once I get them up). I think I'll like this site more than fanfic, because when I joined FanFiction I thought it was this but it wasn't... I was disappointed. Well, tata. Wait, I sound like a prostitute...

Rock on, (wo)man.
-Bebecca (Becca)

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