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Author has written 3 stories for Manga.

Updates on stories:

Guardians of the 4 districts: Well, so far i have finally put up chapter 3 it's been who knows how long and because of lazyness i haven't done it and i'm also drawing out the story, but it will be completely different from this one. Although i haven't even put it up yet because i haven't even finished the first chapter to the comic at all yet due to having other things to do too...more like sleeping XD Anyways so yeah, once this story gets long and more main/supporting/demons start coming in, i may even make a list of them on here, but just the main info on them, but all wrapped up in a bundle Hahaha! And for the comic info on the characters, they will have more info since i really wanted to make a comic of this story in the first place.

To grant a wish: I have been working on the next chapter and so far i have gotten half way through it. Also due to lazyness i haven't even bothered to try and finish the other half XD Also for this story i am making a comic and the characters are all drawn out and i have gotten through three panels so far and that's about it! XD So, i think that's it for this update on this story. OH! and for character info and all that good stuff will also be on here, but it will be only on mains, no supporting because they aren't the main focus or i might be nice and give them their own little section i don't know yet, but otherwise the mains in this story will be featured on my profile and will be given NORMAL character info from THIS story because the real stuff i want to happen will be in the comic.

Vampire Times: Well, i haven't even gotten to this one at all and i will soon because i have been thinking alot about it and trying to play out the story in my head so that it will go right. Otherwise, chapter 3 for this story should be coming soon if i get myself to do it. I NEED MOTIVATION TO DO SOMETHING INSTEAD OF WATCHING ANIME! This one may turn into a comic...not sure yet.

P.S. Quick note:

None of these stories are on hold nore have they been on hiatus. I'm just too F* Lazy and have been into anime and been reading fanfictions! XD

Update on comic stories in the making:

Guardians of the 4 districts: Italics so you know they are two different update sections. Anyways, for this comic here is what i have so far done.


Story for chapter 1...DONE!

Character Drawings...DONE!

Chapter cover...Almost done

Weapons...Not done at all

Have i started drawing it at all? NOPE! just written the comic story and did character drawings XD Gotta get to it though...

To Grant a wish: Special character info will be on the comic ONLY!!!

Story for chapter 1...DONE!

Character drawings...DONE!

Chapter cover...Haven't even started XD

Character special abailitys...Haven't even started eitherXD

Have i started drawing it at all? YES! BUT, i only done 3 panels so far, so yeah i gotta get to doing these comics XD

First friend i have ever made on the computer!


My Best friend made an account on here:


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