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Hi, so...

I'm Ryden Stewart, High Schooler Extraordinaire

I like chocolate, coffee, tea and sushi - I find these things extremely edible, along with the favourite COOKIES AND CREAM ICE CREAM *diesoftastebudorgasm*

-- awkward for anyone who could read that last bit O.O --

So about the stories...

Keely Han is shy and nerdy and bookish - the typical good girl. Griffin is the rich playboy who never does anything seriously. They meet in a club and immediately hit it off... but what happens when Keely's One-True-Love, his girlfriend, and a matchmaking bestie decide to get involved? Love triangles, virginity and assorted quotes of varying relevance are thrown into the mix for this not-so-typical-but-more-realistic story about love, friendship, and everything in between

This story was started because I hated reading about mindless heroines who were alll basically the same, oblivious, naïve, Mary-Sues with tragic backstories and gorgeous boyfriends, who stopped breathing whenever they looked at a guy and who were always making 'the right choice for everyone' which ended up making everyone miserable. I was also sick of antagonists who were so antagonistic - seriously, I've yet to meet a girl who acts like the bitches in movies, and if I did, I would ask her what the hell was up with her psychology and what is it in her life that makes her act that way? Ok, so maybe I don't understand but... Aish.

So yeah, I just wanted a story that was a bit different, a bit unexpected, and even if the character is a little bit like the aforementioned Mary-Sue, well, she's only human, and we're all similar in many respects. DNA people. History, culture, and peer pressure help too.

There are Two Sides to Every Story:
Taylor Sinclair has been best friends with Ryan Cummings since forever. They are neighbours and best friends who have grown up together. She's the quiet nerd who plays a multitude of instruments and is in the school marching band. He's the star of the soccer team, funny, popular, and of course, dead gorgeous. The only problem is the Queen Bitch who has her claws in him - Ryan's girlfriend Rory Bridges, a.k.a. Taylor's arch-nemesis since freshman year. Is it seriously so hard for Ryan to see that Rory is full of it and so not good enough for him? Can't he see that Taylor's the One? She can.

Rory Bridges is the reigning queen. Beautiful, intelligent, funny, and cheer captain to boot - so of course she snags the only guy around who can match her social status. It's not like that for Rory though - she really loves her boyfriend, but with peer pressure as it is, how can she be sure that he loves her back, or is just keeping up an image? It doesn't help that Taylor Sinclair is out to steal Ryan from under her very nose - talented, intelligent and beautiful (well, behind the glasses) Taylor is a rival to be wary of, but what if there was no competition from the start? What if Taylor had always had Ryan's heart?

When a hot-as-hell bad boy moves into town, trouble stirs for everyone. Misunderstandings run amok, hidden feelings, gossip, rumors and treachery - what else can one say but, "Ah, High School."

I read a story (you can find it on my favs list as 'You Belong With Me') about the song You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift written from the cheerleaders point of view. This got me thinking - what if not everything was as it seems? So the misunderstood and unduly wronged Rory Bridges was born. After that though, I felt that the nerd would be painted as the villain, and I didn't want that (well, not really, but I'm all for the underdog, and who do you think the underdog is here?) so I started writing Taylor Sinclair's point of view. VOILA! The true story of what the hell is going on.

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