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Hello, everyone! =u=

So, uh, it says this account was made in 2011? @.@

Weird. I think they're counting my Fan Fiction account duration instead. I just took this account up this April, precisely the 16th of April, 2014.

So, a few things about me would be that, my name is Rin, I'm 13 years old and I live in Australia. I'm originally from Bangladesh, though. I currently reside in the sunshine state of Queensland, and attend year 9 at KGSC.

My hobbies include painting, reading, writing and the occasional craving for singing out loud. I don't say this out of modesty, I mostly suck at music. I don't think martial art is exactly a hobby of mine; it's more of a survival skill. Back in Bangladesh, bombings and crime rage; and it isn't a particularly safe place to be, e.e, so I took up Taekwondo, I was a red belt, but I haven't practiced in ages so even a yellow belt could probably take me out.

One of the co-curricular activities I do at school is debating; I suck when it comes to punctuality so I mostly do research roles (you basically write everyone's research and speeches, like the brain of the operation, you also run errands), as a penalty. It's one of the few things I'm good at.

I basically write all the time; poems for writing club, little stories for my friends, tiny epiphanic pieces I write down whenever I have a wave of self-enlightenment. English IS my second language, and I haven't been learning it for a long time, so please excuse the errors that I'm positive I'll make. ;_;

I'll mostly be writing short pieces; friendship, angst and the occasional romance. I adore the action genre, though. Alas, only the talented can craft that sort of literature. I do have a splendid multi-chapter fantasy plot roaming around in my mind.

I'll probably be mentioning my friends a lot. An apology in advance if you're reading this, guys!

(If you are, how did you know? Ailish, I'll kill you if you breath a word about this to you-know-who, and I don't mean Voldemort, you know my motto, grades before guys, shush :U).

My favorite genre's would be fantasy, adventure and mystery. Humor and Friendship are lovely too. In all honesty, all genres hold masterpieces, and I feel so talentless to know that there's no way I could pull off something like drama or Sci-fi. If YOU can, go you, you talented person.

Please keep an eye out for my stories, and review!

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