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This is Hibisha.

Age: 15.

Date OF Birth: 01/01/1996

It’s a great art writing stories so I congratulate every single person who writes them.

Manga site I'm on (You'll find me as Hibisha)

1.) animelab.com

2.) mangafox.com

3.) mangahere.com

4.) mangatween.com

5.) myanimelist.com

6.) animenewsnetwork.com

Here are the OCs I’ll be using in all my stories:

Heather Bell:

Age: 16
Birthday: 25 December
Gender: female
Appearance: she has long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. 5 ft. 6". She loves wearing baggy. With her cap planted firmly on her head, her bulky jacket and baggy jeans, she is usually mistaken for a guy.
Likes: The colour blue. Icecream. blueberries.
Dislikes: qrange. oranges. emotional moments. cheerleaders.
Personality: Is a bit scary when wants to. Generally a really sweet girl.

With an attitude bigger than Mount. Everest and a shut-up-or-else look in her eyes, she scares the shit out of people. Although she resembles Elena, she is nothing like her. But despite her major differences, both girl are closer than ever.

Elena Carter

Age: 16
Gender: female
Birthday: 25 December
Appearance: she has long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. 5 ft. 6" With a real girl sense of fashions, usually dresses in short skirts and midriffs.
Likes: The colour orange, oranges. cheerleading
Dislikes: Blue. being unhappy. fights.
Personality: Is really stupid. feather head. called 'Canary' meaning yellow feather head.
Crush: Sorry...but her heart belongs to atsuya...and he is sick of it!
Other information: She has a really big crush where Atsuya is concerned. more like a crunch! She constantly jumps out of trees bushes and throws her arms around him...Typical fangirl...

Her love for ballet and classical music sets her apart from the rest. She is not concieted, only a bit wrapped in herself so she doesn't know what's happening around her.

Katie Bell:

Age : 6 years
Date of birth : 14/02
Appearance : A brunette, brown eyed cute girl. Usually dresses in purple.
Origins : The white dimension.
Fav. indoor activity : Music.
Fav. outdoor activity : Soccer

Katie is wise beyond years. She doesn’t stop amazing every one by her knowledge and wisdom. She is Heather’s little sister and is the reason of Heather’s existence. She has the powers of knowledge even though she's too young to have any powers.

Madison Harp:

Age : 16 years
Date of birth : 15/10
Appearance : A redhead with blue eyes. She’s a gorgeous girl who usually dresses in green.
Origins : The white dimension.
Fav. indoor activity : Tormenting Heather.
Fav. outdoor activity : Tennis/cheerleading

Madison is Heather’s much despised cousin. Madison knows exactly what to say and what to do to annoy Heather. She is much prettier than Heather and this drives Heather bananas! She has the powers of fire and hypnosis.

Xenon Krypton:

Age : 16 years
Date of birth : 23/06
Appearance : A blue-nette girl who has sapphire blue eyes. She loves to wear the colour purple.
Origins : The pink dimension.
Fav. indoor activity : Music.
Fav. outdoor activity : Boys.

Xenon Krypton is one of Heather’s very closest friends. She helps Heather countless of times and is really modest. she is super competitive where Heather is concerned and she also has the powers to control jealousy and electricity.

Neon Krypton:

Age: !8 years
Date of Birth: 01/04
Appearance: Turquoise haired kid with sapphire blue eyes
Origins: The pink dimension
Fav. indoor activity : Music.
Fav. outdoor activity : Soccer

Sakura Mitoshi:

Age : 16 years
Date of birth : 19/04
Appearance : A brunette with honey-brown eyes. Usually dresses in white.
Origins : The yellow dimension.
Fav. indoor activity : Writing.
Fav. outdoor activity : Tennis.

Sakura Mitoshi is also one of Heather’s closest friends. She may look kind of cold but she always pulls through for her friends. She has the powers of water and anger.

Peter Waters:

Age : 16 years
Date of birth : 18/05
Appearance : A raven haired kid with jade green eyes.
Origins : The white dimension.
Fav. indoor activity : Music.
Fav. outdoor activity : Tennis.

Peter is like a Friend everyone can always rely on. He knows how to make everyone laugh even though they’re about to cry. He has the power concerning earth and friendship.

Allen Bell:

Age: !8 years
Date of Birth: 12/04
Appearance: Brown hair with brown eyes
Origins: The White dimension
Fav. indoor activity : Video games
Fav. outdoor activity : Soccer

So You Think You're Strong Willed? here are some questions to see that whether you really are!
(By Madison)

Q.1 Could you pass your favourite clothes shop without popping in 'just to have a quick look around'?
A: Yes.
B: No.

Q.2 When you've been given something to do by a certain time, do you complete it by the dead line?
A: Not always.
B: Always.

Q.3 If you made a New Year's Resolution, have you managed to keep it?
A: Yes.
B: No.

Q.4 You've just started a diet when a friend invites you out to your favourite restaurant. You:-
A: Accept.
B: Politely refuse and explain why.

Q.5 You can't open a box of chocolate without finishing off at least half of them in one sitting. True or false?
A: True.
B: False.

Q.6 You've been told something in the strictest confidence about your best friend. Do you feel it as your duty to tell her?
A: Of course!
B: No.

Q.7 Do you always try to be at least five minutes early for appointments?
A: Yes.
B: No.

Q.8 When ever you receive a bill, you :-
A: Pay it on time.
B: Wait for a reminder.

Q.9 Do you ever lose your temper when things don't go the way you want?
A: Yes.
B: No.

Q.10 Do you attend toletters that require answering as soon as possible and promptly return the messages left on your voice mail?
A: Yes.
B: Not Always.

Q.11: Would you tackle an unpleasant and boring job before the one you like?
A: Yes.
B: No.

Q.12: You go to a party but have to get up early the next day. What do you do?
A: Stay late at the party.
B: Go home early.

Q.13: A birthday present has arrived a day early. What do you do?
A: Open it.
B: Save it for your big day.

Q.14: It is an open stretch of road with no other car or police car insight. What do you do?
A: Keep to the maximum speed allowed.
B: Feel it perfectly safe to exceed the speed limit.

Q.15: Are you always starting ambitious new projects around the house and neglecting your daily chores?
A: Yes.
B: No.


1. A
2. B
3. A
4. B
5. B
6. B
7. B
8. B
9. A
10. B
11. A
12. B
13. B
14. A
15. B

What does your score mean?

If you got 13-15 then:
You certainly have plenty of self discipline and are known for your determination, punctuality, meeting deadlines and generally for being in control of your life. Little wonder, then that others tend to rely on your dependability and consistency. You probably do not need to make any new years resolutions.

If you got 9-12 then:
You rarely succumb to the odd temptations and you know how to resist speeding sprees, emotional outbursts and other negative behaviors. You also do your best to deal with things as and when they turn up. You stand a good chance of keeping your new years resolution.

If you got 5-8 then:
You may think that you have all the self discipline you need, but in fact you often find it hard to resist strong temptations and tend to regret your actions afterwards. Set yourself attainable goals so that you may actually get there.

If you got 0-4 then:
How feeble can you get? You have picked up some very bad habits that need to be broken. Try occupying your mind with new interests and ambitions, anything to stop you from indulging into your weaknesses. New Year’s resolution? What New Year resolutions?

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