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Hey, I'm xXDreamChaserXx.

Dreams are like stars; you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.

Formerly xXBornThisWayXx, in case you were wondering who the heck I am. I will probably change my name depending on my mood, so just a heads up about that. :)

My Bio:

Name: You can call me xXDreamChaserXx, Dreamer, or just Dream. I prefer not to give out my real name in public.

Age: Not telling! :)

Random Facts: I absolutely love the Earth. My favorite color is blue. I think dolphins are awesome. I am a Seddier. :D Oh, and I love to read and write. I sound like a nerd, don't I?

What I write: I usually write stories but never get to finishing them, which is an awful habit of mine. I promise I'll try to give my stories at least a good ending here. :)

I also write poetry. I don't have a real genre that I write my poetry on, so I guess I'll just call it mixed. Like fruit salad. Yeah, I'm weird like that. :)

I have happily been on this site for a few months now, so I'm proud to say that. Please feel free to leave constructive criticism in your review; I would choose that over a "Hey, I like your story. Update!" If you want to leave a review like that, please tell me why. This is just so that I can understand how the readers feel about the story, and how to make them better. Thanks!


Before you ask, yes, I do have a Fanfiction. I actually share it with two of my best friends, Thea and Artie. We write stories about Percy Jackson and the Olympians, so be sure to check us out if you're interested in that. Or even if you're not. :)

Click here to go to our Fanfiction

You could find more about me there, in my Demeter bio. You can call me that too, if you want.

Story Summaries:

Torn Apart at the Seams: This story is based on a real one, when my best friend moved away halfway across the world. It was really sudden and all hard on us, especially Madison because they had known each other for such a long time. So, this story is mainly about what we did, how we coped, and how we are afterward.

Don't Rain on my Parade: This is a story about a family with sort of, interesting names. It's based on a girl named Rain, who's just moved across the country and is starting the first day of seventh grade. She's been kind of an outsider, not just because of her name, so she wants to see what being popular feels like.

As you can see, most of my stories are about moving. I have no clue why... My best friend and partner-in-crime is Trish, (trishdablowfish). She's really awesome and hilarious, and she even helps me with some of my stories sometimes. Oh, weird memories... :D Check her out!

Please review my stories! It lets me know that someone is actually reading it and inspires me to write more! So, at the end of every chapter, press the button down there and tell me your thoughts.

Also, don't be afraid to PM me if you have any questions about my stories, or just anything at all. I don't bite. :)

Enjoy my stories!



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