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Hello! You can call me Vincent ;)

I have a passion for reading stories/poetries during my spare time, especially when it has romance but most likely anything else would probably do as long as it sparks my interests of course. Because of this though, I am that socially awkward person who prefers to live in solitude with heaps of fiction and fanfiction to keep said person company (and sane), also is very expressive with (extremely loud) violent reactions to relieve the stress when encountering exasperating stories/authors/certain characters just for fun.

hmmmm... I guess you could say that I'm a fiction/fanfiction obsessed hopeless romantic freak... Ehhh, you guys know how it is right?

Just like a cigarette to a smoker,

Drugs to an addict,

Sex to a prostitute,

PB&J... yeaaaahh, I think they get it Vincent...

shuush... you're disrupting my awesome talk!

... awesome my ass... AAND you do know that there are strangers who are probably reading this right now and are wondering what the fudge is going on when all of this is supposed to be only occurring in your HEAD. DAMNIT.

kroooo kroooooo

THAT'S IT. We're definitely screwed.

whoops? Hehehe...

Wow... uhm, what can I say? I do enjoy talking to myself. It makes me feel... sociable... well, at least as sociable as I could get I guess. *generally just shrugs the whole thing off ...meh*

I'm not really good at writing stories/poetries but excellent pieces and amazingly brilliant authors inspire me to struggle and cope with whatever how the mechanics of writing works so please bear with me :)

Thank you for your time and I hope that we all get to enjoy ourselves!

favorite stories cat. : stories that I liked which are complete/discontinued :'(


- A Rose and A Thorn - Eternity: Kiss X Kiss! - Forbidden - Truth or Dare - Ring around the Bed - Secrets

story alerts: stories that I like but are still in progress

A Rose and A Thorn by Lai Anderson reviews
A girl who doesn't mind being bullied at school with odd parents who make things worse. A set of bullies who stop at nothing and their leader who hides a secret that could ruin him. They meet. Who wins the cruel game of high school?
Fiction: Manga - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 24 - Words: 53,309 - Reviews: 140 - Favs: 51 - Follows: 51 - Updated: 6/26/2017 - Published: 1/25/2008
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