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Author has written 3 stories for Fantasy, Action, and Thriller.

My story Evangeline (New title: Kingdom of Nyte by Alexandria Cainlocke (Nyte series book 1)) is now published and available on amazon and other online retailers (B&N, etc.) Can also be found on the online library app- Libby -and read for free if you have a library card.

I'm not as active on social media as I should be, but I'm most active on my Facebook page and post updates here @AlexandriaCainlockeBooks

Thanks! :)

My Stories

(About them/condition:if it's finished or not)

One Bite, A Quick Fix - (Complete) A short vampire thriller I wrote for fun.

Evangeline (New title Kingdom of Nyte)- (Complete) Now available on amazon and other online retailers (B&N, etc.) as Kingdom of Nyte by Alexandria Cainlocke

Gunpowder and Love- (Complete) Just a random (really short) story I wrote on a whim in between chapters of Evangeline. Probably won't evolve into a full fledge novel.

Blog/ Story News

(10/31/23) - Decided to hop back on and write for fun in between books for the Nyte series, might post random stories here and there. Happy Halloween!

(9/02/19)- I'm still active! I've been working super hard on whipping Evangeline (new title is now Kingdom of Nyte) into shape. Won the awesome opportunity to work with an author these past few months and now the new, (I mean like completely new) manuscript will be posted to the write mentor page for the 2019 showcase to be viewed by agents! Super excited! If you want to learn more about this program (and want to apply your full manuscript) please feel free to message me on twitter and would love to share more details with you! :)

(11/30/17)- Almost done wrapping up w Evangeline! Just a few more chapters to go. The published version will be slightly different, but better! Thank you guys so much for reading!

(9/06/17)- So for those of you who don't know, Florida may potentially be hit by a category 5 hurricane, and considering I live near the Keys, I may have to evacuate. I will try to update by this Friday/Saturday but depending on the situation may not be able to. For those in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbeans, please stay safe, and for those in south FL I highly advise getting your family together and evacuating.

(8/01/17)- It's that time of year, back to school. :( Going back to college to finish off my last year so I won't be able to edit/post as often but the longest I plan to go between updates is two weeks, but ideally I want to keep posting once a week but we'll see how busy I get. Thanks again guys!

(7/19/17)- So I'm sorry guys I won't be able to upload the next chapter until next week because of a last minute family excersion we're doing this weekend but I will update as soon as I get back! Thanks again for all of the reviews and new followers and favorites, it means so much!

(7/01/17)-Can't believe it's already July! I'm about to upload chapter 8 but then I'll be going out of town tomorrow for a whole week so I won't be able to post anything until next Sunday at the earliest :( Hope the story is still engaging and interesting!

(6/16/17)-So I thought I was going out of town this weekend so I posted the next chapter a day early, but that's no longer the case, however I think since I have so many chapters I'm going to start posting twice a week. Hope you enjoy!

(6/08/17)- Hiya! Currently writing the final scenes of Evangeline (Last of the Nobles). Plan on updating every friday/saturday, that way it will give me time to revise and edit before posting each chapter. :)

(6/03/17)- Almost have the entire first book of Last of The Nobles done! Which by the way I am going to re title because it doesn't really fit with the entire theme of the book but I'm super excited! Plan on posting the prologue and the first chapter tonight or tomorrow. I hope everything flows and ties together!

(5/13/17)- So I've been doing a lot of editing on Last of The Nobles, mostly gutting a lot. Decided to change from first person to third person, so it's easier for the reader to understand the motives of everyone, which is hard to write just from Evangeline's perspective. First time doing third person so it's very weird for me.
A lot of changes so far:

Introduced some new characters that are very vital to the story

better character development, more realistic dialogue and settings

Major plot changes

Better pacing- spaced out major events with more description and insight into the world, plus adds more tension

And, most importantly, I tried to make Evangeline a stronger character.

As i was reading through my old work, I hated how I wrote the main character. In my opinion, she seemed too unrealistic and I hated how weak and easily manipulated i made her be when it came to her interaction with the men. It was my first time writing romance and I didn't execute the romantic scenes very well, and Evangeline's character suffered because of that. Still trying to improve, and plan to upload my new edited chapters after I have edited more-just have to make sure there won't be anymore plot changes I'll have to make. Thanks for reading!

(6/18/15)- Hey guys and welcome to the new year! Just wanted to let you know that I am still active and I've hit a huge road block with Last of The Nobles. I am so sorry for those who were really rooting for it and although I do plan on finishing it one day, I don't think it will be anytime soon. With that being said I think I am just going to work on a few short stories I started until the inspiration hits me again. I don't know for certain yet but I think I might even take down Last of The Nobles and edit and redo some of the story and repost it. And of course if I do end up doing that, for those of you who read it you can private messege me and I can let you know what plot changes I made so you won't have to re read it. The reason for this being that as I get deeper into the story I realize there are some plot holes that require major changes. But If I do decide to do this I will, as always, post on my profile. Again, thanks and sorry guys!

(10/06/14)- I swear I haven't forgotten about last of the nobles! To be honest I lost interest in it but that doesn't mean I plan on abandoning it altogether. I can't guarantee any solid work soon but I do plan on actively trying to finish this story even if it takes only a paragraph a day.

(3/20/14)- Unfortunately nothing to update on Last of The Nobles. I've written a few drafts of the latest chapter but nothing solid yet, kinda hit a writer's block. Have a friend who has currently started the editing process on the story so there is a slight chance that some of the plot may be changed but I will let you know if any major changes have been made. To be on the safe side the next chapter probably won't be posted until summer, hopefully I'll be over this writer's block by then.

(8/27/13)- Hey I'm sorry but I'm going to have to put Last of The Nobles on hold for now. Between maintaining a steady job, classes, and clubs it's just too much right now. I'll try to resume next month or so, or on my next extended break. I am sincerely sorry about this guys and thank you for your patience.

(8/12/13)- Have some of ch 18 typed up, can't say when it'll be ready though. Move in this thursday for college, so it may be awhile until the next update. I don't want to put the story on hold because I may update in between working and whatnot. But if school and work do get to be too much I will update my profile on whether or not I'm going to put it on hold. Oh and I'm also looking for someone who would be willing to proof read Last of The Nobles for grammar as well as better sentence structure and plot development. If your interested please pm me.

(8/8/13)- I'm almost done with Ch 17. I would've updated earlier but I got called into work. Hopefully I'll be able to update tonight after work, or Friday morning.

(8/3/13)- Well considering its Saturday night and I haven't written anything, its safe to say that I probably wont be able to upload the next chapter tomorrow. Im trying to get all my packing done before I move next week and I'm working the next few days but I will try to update this Thursday. Sorry and thanks for your patience!

(7/30/13)-I don't know how many hours im working this week yet but hopefully I will be able to upload ch 18 by Sunday at the latest.

(7/27/13)- Updated sooner than I thought. I'm not particularly sold on chapter 15 though. I originally had the meeting with the Council planned completely different so I don't know if I will keep it this way or not. I just felt the meeting was a bit brief and everything after that was kind of awkward. But maybe it's just me. Since im moving along faster than I thought the next chapter may be posted by Thursday at the latest. Please give me some feedback on this chapter, or just how the story is progressing. Thanks!

(7/26/13)- So I have about 500 words so far. I would say around either this wensday or Thursday, but if I have Tuesday off, I might be able to post then. I haven't posted the zombie story yet, still have to think of a good title and cover page. Maybe that will get done tonight.

(7/23/13)- So believe it or not, I sat down, forcing myself to write at least one page for the next chapter and about 5 hours later I have 3,000 words typed up. All in one sitting. It takes me that long because I'm such a perfectionist. I usually have 2 to 3 rough drafts of every chapter before I actually post it. The problem with this chapter is that the beginning kept sounding like a damned soap opera. You should've seen the first draft. So cheesy! Anywho, I don't know when the next update will be but I will post on my profile when I figure out a good date.

(7/22/13)- Sorry for the delay. You could say I've come down with a bad case of writers block. Well, at least for Last of The Nobles. I'm going to force myself to write at least a page a day so I can update it by this week. As for my other zombie story (haven't thought of a title for it yet) I'll probably post pretty soon. But don't worry, I haven't given up on Last of The Nobles!

(7/08/13)- Can't say when the next update will be. I have orientation this week and I'm also been working 40 hours a week. Let's say next fridayish? Give or take a few days. Sorry guys! Oh, and I also started to write another story, it may just be a short story rather than a novel. It has romantic scenes but it would primarily be adventure/ science fiction. Been watching one to many zombie movies! I might post it, depends if I really like it or not. It would be just for fun. Anyways, thanks for reading!

(7/07/13)- So i'm really sorry! The shit hit the fan in my real life, so Last of The Nobles has been getting neglected. I have today and tomorrow off from work so I'm going to try to finish the next chapter and update asap!

(6/28/13)- So I wasn't able to update today. Been really busy with work. I have some written so far and will try to update by Friday at the latest! Sorry guys!

(6/20/13)- Finally updated. I promise it will start getting interesting again soon! I fear this one is going to be a long novel. Like a series. I'm not even halfway through with it yet, so much I have to explain. I'm going to start typing Ch 13 tomorrow and will try updating before I leave to go out of town on the 28th. Thanks for your patience!

(6/9/13)- So hopefully by next week, I'll be able to post the next chapter. I've started it but haven't gotten around to finishing it. Family came in to town and I've been partying it up with some friends before they leave for summer classes. I'm also crammed with hours from work this week. This isn't set in stone, but I'm going to try to upload ch 12 next Friday at the latest. Again thanks for reading!

(6/1/13)- I graduate today! I'm happy to say I was able to get chapter 11 uploaded, but it might have to be edited later. I'm a little concerned about how the plot is progressing. I have the entire plot planned out, I am just worried that I might be rushing things too fast or if it's coming across as hard to understand. So please comment! I want this story to be the best it can be! Also I have another story I started years ago that I was contemplating on putting up. It would be a young adult fantasy though and would need a lot of editing considering that I wrote it as a younger version of me. Anyways will start writing chapter 12 tomorrow!

(5/23/13)- Long time, no see...a year later. I'm terribly sorry to my readers (if I even still have any) for it seemed I dropped off the face of the planet, well I guess I kinda did. Life took me by surprise and to be honest I haven't been able to write with other more pressing matters at hand. I still want to finish Last of The Nobles and plan on publishing it (needs a lot of work though). So to anyone out there who is still waiting for an update ( I find it hard to believe if there's anyone) or if you are a fellow fantasy lover, I just wanted to say that I am officially back and am currently working on the next chapter.

(2/16/12)- Happy late valentine's day! Okay sorry it's been awhile, these past few months I've just been slammed with so much work, not to mention my sats are coming up along with a few internal assesments all due in the next coming weeks, so it looks like the next chapter won't be till march and hopefully no later than that. I was also thinking about starting another story on the side. Don't know if it'll be another short story or if it'll be a novel but if it turns out to be a novel it probably won't be as long or in depth Last of The Nobles will be, but it'll definitely be an intense romance :). So sorry again! I will try to post as soon as possible!

(1/08/12)- Well, good news, I ended up finishing chapter 9, sooner then expected, all in one night to! I guess I broke my writer's block, but now I have midterms all next week and some papers to do so I'll try to write as much as I can! Please tell me how you think this change in the story is going! Since I'll be busy with upcoming tests and major papers I think my next update will either be, again, the end of january but at the latest the end of febuary, but I have two half days and a 4 day weekend next week so I'm hoping I can write chapter 10 then. Anyways thanks for reading and happy new year! 2012! Woot!

(12/25/11)- MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I was able to upload chapter 8 much quicker than I expected, and I am now planning on starting chapter 9. Something about chapter 8 bothers me though. It seemed as if everything almost happened to fast and as I should've slowed it down a bit with some more details or little fillers. For anyone who actually reads my novels and checks up on my profile for update, which is probably nobody, please comment on what you feel about chapter 8 and don't be afraid to tear it apart, just as long as you have good criticism to back it up. That was totally spelled wrong but oh well. My grammer sucks. I'm a writer and my grammer sucks, I know :( . Anywho I plan to have chapter 9 uploaded by the end of january and if not, hopefully by the end of febuary at the latest. I'm sorry I'm such a slow writer guys!

(12/20/11)- Okay I'm so sorry i haven't written any more, it's just I'm at sort of a writer's block and I've been busy with school work on top of that, but I do plan on writing more this month and hopefully I can have chapter 8 done by the end of january. I'm hoping!

(9/17/11)- Sorry guys, still haven't written any in Last of The Nobles, I literally had 6 hours of homework yesturday and now 4 hours today (Not kidding) so I've had no time to write and probably wont for awhile until maybe around the end of october or until i can get a break, which probably won't happen. The story is not done done, i do plan to continue it but i think for now I'm going to have to put it on hold until I can get a day off.

(9/04/11)-Chapter 8 is going to be awhile, sorry guys, it's just that school is kicking my arse, and I've rarely had any down time and when I do I just want to sleep. I will try to post sometime this month though, hopefully sooner. The story is not done just on pause for the moment :)

(8/19/11)- Sorry it's been awhile since my last post, I've been busy but I do plan on posting soon! Just have to type up chapter 7 and I'll post. I should have it posted before monday. I won't be posting often when school starts because I will be busy but I'll try to post as often as possible!

(8/08/11)-Vacation is over :( but I really needed a break! I'm editing ch. 6 now and plan on posting soon. I have ch. 7 written but i still have to type it up. Thanx for reading!!

(7/24/11)- Posted chapter 4, finally got that edited. Now onto chapter 5 :D. Since im leaving to go out of town next week I hope to post ch 5 before i leave since i'll be gone for a week. Cant wait to leave though, i need a vacation!

(7/14/11)-Trying to post Chapter 2 but for some odd reason its saying its an empty document when i've clicked on it and its not. So hopefully I can get that worked out. :/ ch. 7 is all done, now just have to type it up, yaay! It's getting juicy :D Sry I'm a bit of a slow writer (I get side tracked easily) so sry for my long delays in between but I do plan on publishing this story so even if i have to write a page a day i plan on finishing it...eventually :). Anyways thanks for reading

(7/07/11)-Almost done writing ch. 7 (or was it ch 8?). All my other chapters are typed up now i just have to go through and edit them as i upload them. I think i'm going to post one chapter week so it'll give me time to write up on my latest chapter. i'm posting the links to my other sites where my story is posted, there also good sites for writers who are looking for more viewers (Even though damn booksie still wont let me log in!!!) Well, enjoy ;D

(7/04/11)-Hello everyone! Going to post Peredia soon. I don't know what to title it yet, so i just named it Peredia for now since the first half of the book is based in the land of Peredia, but Peredia just doesnt stand out and doesnt rlly catch readers eyes so when i post a few chapters i might end up changing it. I'm kinda mad because i made an account on and posted my story but for some reason(aftr trying evrything) I still cant login so hopefully I'll be getting an email back on how to fix the problem (hopefully soon!!)

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