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Ello, ello, ello, what's all this then? Someone's stumbled across my profile have they? I did not see that coming, no really I didn't, if I did that would mean I could see the future and if I could see the future I would have won the lotto by now. Anyway, enough of my pointless rambling and on with the show! Actually scratch that, show suggests this is exciting, how about; on with the page full of words! Doesn't have quite the same ring to it does it? Pity, I'd better get on with it anyway, I'll share some undoubtably thrilling information about myself and if you're lucky I might even talk about my stories.

So as you might have noticed on my profile, I live in sunny Australia, my place of residence is a treehouse built in a massive Gum Tree surrounded by endless desert. My day consists of: roll out of bed, fight giant spider hanging from the ceiling, step over the huge snake that crawled in from the garden, find my breakfast has been eaten by a horde of rabid wombats and eventually ride to school in a wheelbarrow pulled by two Kangaroos. Good, now put your hand up if you didn't believe a word of that, go on, I'll give you some time...ready? If you didn't believe a word of it you'd be absoflaminglutely right, my actual day to day life is a boring cesshole of endless madness where I live in an ordinary inland town. Certainly the bathroom is full of spiders but they are no larger than one might expect and the snakes have mostly stayed outside in the shed. The only reptile that has actually entered the house was a Blue Tongue Lizard that had taken up residence in the laundry, later forcibly evicted with a broomstick. Then there are the rats, the number of times we've ended up chasing rats around the house is unbelievable, there was this one time where we fought this rat for days on end. We used poison and rat traps but it somehow escaped death every time then simply vanished one day. Probably eaten by the stray cat that was lurking outside for months, maybe something worse got it, you never know around here.

I don't suppose you're overly interested in the various animals prowling about my residence however so I suppose I better get along to telling stuff more specifically related to me. It's not very interesting trust me, it's not going to amaze you or anything so don't get too excited. First thing I can say is somewhat obvious, I love to read, I just devour books, a few hundred pages? Just give me a couple hours. I can't remember what got me into reading or even what age I started to enjoy it, my memory is dodgy like that, but I've been like this for a very long time, almost as long as I can remember. I've sort of started hoarding my own personal library at the moment in my room, only around 150 books at the moment but I hope to expand on that figure as time goes on. As for what I specifically like to read; the Redwall books from Brian Jacques are without a doubt my favourite, I own every one of them. Other than that I mostly read single books because I get annoyed with starting a series then not being able to find the next book for sale.

The fact I like to write is another obvious one, I wouldn't have written anything if I didn't. I'm pretty sure my interest in writing started when I was around 10 years old. We had to write in a journal and as a 10 year old I ran out of anything real to write soon enough and just started writing about dragons, wizards, talking animals and hoverboard races. Unfortunately it was all an illiterate mess, I still have all the journals full of the stories and my eyes nearly burn out of their sockets when I read them.

What else can I say really? I drink excessive amounts of coffee,(not really, there's no such thing as excessive amounts!), stay up late watching whatever random movies or documentaries that take my interest and recently I've started the fantastic practice of waking up at the crack of dawn every morning. That's enough about me though, if you wanted to ask me anything else feel free to message me, timezones mean I'll probably be asleep but I'll probably get around to answering soon enough. On with discussing my writing, this will probably be updated every time I write something new or maybe it won't, I'm forgetful like that.

The Korlack: This is a bizarre one if I'm honest because it came right out of nowhere. I was idly clicking my way through a variety of websites to pass the time when BAM! I saw a picture of a rowboat on a lake and this strange feeling of inspiration hit me. I seriously got right out of my chair, stood in the middle of the lounge like a zombie deep in thought of 10-15 minutes then sat back down, opened a word document and wrote the Korlack. It just came out of nowhere so even I don't know much about it and I wrote the thing, one hand I think it's a standalone story but I'm getting this niggling idea lately of having a story where some paranormal investigators turn up and camp around the lake to investigate it. Not sure about anything yet, I'll see eventually.

Homeless: This is another one that just hit me out of nowhere, a combination of the summer heat and high levels of caffiene were keeping me tossing and turning all night. Eventually I gave up even trying to get to sleep and just started pacing about the house and what do you know? The idea for Homeless just writes itself in my head and I finally get to sleep. Then all I had to do was get out of bed in the morning and type it up, easy as that!

Camp Beechwood: Now Camp Beechwood was majorly inspired by my own rather poor camping experiences, while none of them ended up quite as nightmarish as the events of Camp Beechwood the three school camping trips I've been on have certainly been interesting. The thrilling events that occurred include: vandals breaking into the camp and getting drunk, leading a to kid who decided to sleep instead of going to dinner to wake up finding one of the hooligans staring at him through the window, someone's leg getting paralysed after something bit them while they were swimming, not one but two mysterious illnesses that affected a lot of people, including me, some bizarre creature I couldn't recognise prowling outside the window at night, a member of my cabin posing as a drop bear and throttling a kid outside, a raid from another cabin, strange dreams complete with animal roars and a snake roaming the campsite. That's barely even half of it, you can see I had a lot of material to work with.

Another interesting thing about Camp Beechwood is that so much of the story is actually left untold as James is such an unreliable narrator, not only did his antisocial behaviours lead to him being asleep or alone while things were going on but he is also a compulsive liar and tends to exaggerate things. If the story was told from another perspective the story would unfold in a different manner and some events would be completely unrecognisable. At the moment I have no plans to show the other sides of the story as one seems to be enough at the moment but that might change.

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